Palestinian condemnation, from a Saudi Arabian

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Link here. The story is about a Saudi Arabian video blogger who posted a two minute rant condemning the Palestinians as forcefully as can be imagined.

“You are the ugliest page in our history – like a bad memory that we’d like to forget. We want to tear this page out of [our history] and get rid of it completely, now and forever.

We’ve had to sacrifice having ties with Israel – the most advanced country in the Middle East because of you and your problems and your use of our religion, language, and the fact that you’re Arabs. [emphasis mine]

This quote is only a small part of the rant. I highlight it specifically because it reveals a recognition in Saudi Arabia of the reality that Israel is a far better ally for the Saudis than the Palestinians. For an Arab to say kind words about Israel in a public forum is quite astonishing, considering the history of the past sixty years. Furthermore, this blogger would not be saying it if he did not know that his government approves. There is no free speech in Saudi Arabia.

This is one more indication that a major shift is about to occur in the Middle East, with certain countries possibly abandoning the Palestinians as their leadership is presently constituted, two corrupt terrorist organizations with no interest in living in peace with their neighbors.



  • Localfluff

    Arab regimes have rational interest in picking their friends carefully for peace and development. For how long the crazy Saudi royal family has rational leadership remains to be seen. And I wonder what the people think of it. Elections throughout the region have shown that islamist fundamentalists are in a majority, even in constitutionally secular Turkey. The people requires eternal war and they don’t want to live without it.

  • ken anthony

    Everybody in Saudi Arabia is a prince hoping to get the throne. A friend at the FAA that worked in S.A. told me some amazing stories. When driving they won’t line up at a stoplight. Instead they all try to come abreast at the light. They have radio chatter of a pilot trying to get help from the copilot to pull up the planes nose but he was too busy praying before his death. In a traffic accident a long line will form to send messages to dead relatives while the ambulance drivers wait to see if the messages are going to be sent.

    Then there’s one from my step dad who did some contract work there. With nothing else to do, he took to hiking in the mountains. He stopped doing that after the day he met a troop of baboons and there 3 inch fangs. They surprised each other and dad started waiving his arms and yelling causing the baboons enough confusion for him to get away. He was sure he was about to become dinner.

    The only good historical footnote for Obama is he brght the Saudis and Israelis together in common interests because neither trusted BHO.

  • Localfluff

    I think Trump has struck a deal with Saudi to help them crush the Iranian regime in exchange for Saudi supporting peace with Israel and the fight against terrorism. But Saudi, that spends more on the military than Russia does, has not been effective in the war on Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world with mainly 1950s weaponry. Even though Iran has neither air force nor navy to speak of, I’m afraid their army and their allied shia army in Iraq can march into the Saudi oil fields, inhabited by shia arabs, almost as easy as Saddam Hussein could. So the stability of the royal family and the lacking military competence are two weaknesses even if the king is rational.

  • pzatchok

    Its sad to say but the pallestinian people have been abused for hundreds of years at least.
    Just reciently their lands were given to the new Jewish state by their very own kings and leaders. they could either accept this or move out.
    Understandibly they tried to fight it. They subsiquently lost but refused to accept it because all their arab and muslim friends kept goading them into keeping the fight going and like idiots they fell for it.

    They could have begged for asilam and citicenship in any neighboring counrty but they did not. Or at least they have stopped.
    Its been 70 years and they have not found a way to purchace, beg, borrow, or even steal land in any of those nations to start a new pallistinian nation.
    Instead they have accepted the camps as all they could get and eventualy became the political slaves of their so called friends.

    Granted the jewish people of Israel have not been exactly equal and fair to the arab muslums living there but to a point I can understand why they were when that nation was started. But that had nothing to do with the Pallestinians living outside Israel.

  • ken anthony

    The pallestinian people have not nor have ever been a nation. Those that live in Israel benefit from living in a ‘western’ country. Racial hatred is at the core of Islam and the people are just pawns in the Koran’s destructive algorithm. Israel should not give back a millimeter of any land the attackers lose to them. This would be the one state solution. This would help those poor.

    Jew hatred is not the only target of Islam which could eventually attain it’s objective. The algorithm works.

  • Cotour

    Lots of “accidental” deaths going on in the world, and they all seem to be directly associated with power players in some way.

    Co founder of Hamas, while “cleaning” his gun shoots self in face and dies of his wounds. (Now who looks down the barrel of a loaded gun? Other than a murder victim or a violent criminal being “managed”?)

    I remember a story from the Bronx from years ago, someone in the private trash hauling business (If you know what I mean) was working on his truck in his yard and was found with his head decapitated by his own hydraulic system at the rear of his own garbage truck. Wups. Think about that for a moment.

    Is the power dynamic in the world under some kind of transformation? Maybe. Saudi Arabia shaking things up, Hams founder “accidently” shoots self in face. 2017 Haitian, Klaus Eberwein, IT specialist, about to testify about Clinton / Haitian involvement shoots self in head.

    Just the beginning?

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