Palin and NASA

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Sarah Palin comments on the Obama administration’s policies towards NASA.



  • Jim Wing

    How telling.. federally employed scientists and their cohort that populate the halls of NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) find Sara Palin obtuse and worthy of their contempt. My guess is that many in their GS pay scale are truly threatened by Palin’s plain talk and common sense approach to cutting the waste endemic to the vested-interest beauracracy that NASA has become (sadly). Don’t believe me… just ask NASA scientist and global warming expert Mr. Hansen.

  • G’day,

    The other day I posted the following comment on Rand Simberg’s blog:


    Here’s a modest suggestion to help change Republican thinking on such matters:

    Organize a small but high powered delegation of free market space entrepreneurs which might include a celebrity astronaut.

    Arrange a meeting with a certain well known Alaskan grandmother.

    First thing to say to her would be ” Just why the hell does your party act like a bunch of space socialists? ”

    Then explain- a) How a vigorous commercial space sector can help revitalize the American economy.

    b) How NASA is wasting billions of dollars on such projects as the HLLV
    c) The benefits to Alaska ie Kodiak Space Complex

    I think getting the redoubtable Sarah on side would be highly beneficial.



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