Palin wins first battle with NYTimes in her libel lawsuit

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This should be entertaining: A federal judge has ruled that the New York Times editorial writer who smeared Sarah Palin in an editorial will have to testify under oath about that editorial.

The editorial tried to blame Palin for the 2011 Tucson mass shooting by an insane man, even though the New York Times’ own reporting had previously shown without doubt that no such link existed. In order to avoid losing their case, the editorial writer is going to have to claim that he doesn’t read his own newspaper, and thus did not know about the Times own reporting on this story. Otherwise, it will appear that the editorial was malicious and a lie, and thus libelous.

Like I said, this should be entertaining. Either Palin wins the lawsuit hands down, or the New York Times will have to make itself look like a piece of junk. Which, by the way, it has mostly been for the past three decades.



  • wayne

    This is an excellent development! (and it WILL be highly entertaining, not to mention Educational!)
    (I’m liking this Don Surber quite a bit!)

    >Anytime you can get these people under Oath for discovery, is a gift from Heaven!!

    Haven’t had a chance to search yet— anyone have the link(s) handy to the actual Federal District Court PDF’s of the most current Ruling?? (I haven’t read the actual lawsuit from Palin as of yet either, if someone has that PDF handy….)

    I’m no Lawyer, but personally, I believe it’s best to read the actual documents to get a grip on the real legal-questions at hand, rather than personalities or manufactured narratives.

    Tangentially– this is what in-part (legally) prevents quasi-terror groups like CAIR (unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terror funding Case, btw) from suing folks like RUSH or LEVIN.
    They are subjected to discovery under-oath, and that’s when you dig deep for every incriminating email & text.

    I will pivot slightly, but only for educational-purposes, but I don’t want to detract from the main Thread:
    [CAIR, not to mention their best-friends-forever the editorial board of the NYT’s, have specifically targeted Palin on multiple occasions.]
    “Mark Levin responds to accusations from C.A.I.R.”
    (June 20 2016)

  • ken anthony

    This is why Trumps court appointments are so important. Once threads are pulled the entire corrupt enterprises gets exposed, but only if the left is denied from putting in their own people to investigate themselves. And the right should never voluntarily reuse themselves unless the rule of law can be trusted which isn’t today.

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