Parker Solar Probe launch scrubbed two minutes prior to launch

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The launch of the Parker Solar Probe on a ULA Delta 4-Heavy rocket was scrubbed early this morning two minutes prior to launch.

[A] member of the launch team announced a gaseous helium regulator alarm at T-minus 1 minute, 55 seconds. There was not enough time remaining in the launch window Saturday to resolve the alarm, so launch managers declared a scrub for the day.

In a brief statement, ULA said the launch was scrubbed “due to a violation of a launch limit, resulting in a hold.”

No other information about the gaseous helium system alarm, or the other technical concerns during the countdown, were released by NASA or ULA.

They are going to try again tonight, at 3:31 am Eastern. You can watch it here. The launch window closes on August 23. If they do not launch by then, they will have to wait until May 2019.

The spacecraft will fly closer to the Sun then any spacecraft ever has in order to study the Sun’s corona.



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