Pastor Terry Jones imprisoned to prevent Detroit Koran protest

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Free speech alert: Pastor Terry Jones imprisoned by judge in Deerborn, Michigan to prevent him from protesting against Islam there.

As much as I think Jones is a publicity-seeking fool, his right to speak is sacrosanct. I hope he sues the judge and the city of Deerborn for everything he can get.



  • Given the economic situation in Dearborn, he ain’t gonna get much.

  • larry

    I would agree – except you would and other squeal like pigs if was a christian church.

  • LINO

    His argument is dampened by his preposterous moustache.
    He concedes he has never even opened a Koran, except to burn it.
    His rights to free speech are only protected inside our borders.
    He may want to rule out international travel for, oh, say, the rest of his natural life.

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