Paul Ryan: No new gas taxes

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Unlike his Senate Republican cohorts, who were very quick after the election to scream for a tax increase, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) has now made it very clear that the House will pass no gas tax increases this year.

Good for Ryan. The article notes that large majorities strongly oppose any tax hike. The Republicans ran on a platform of shrinking government, not increasing the tax burden. For Senate Republicans to make a gas tax increase practically their first order of business after taking charge in 2015 is beyond disgusting.



  • Des

    Transport infrastructure has been massively underinvested in for decades, would raising the gas tax not be a good way to pay for improving infrastructure?

  • Robin Fox

    Do you mean roads and bridges or mass transportation? Approximately 25% of the Highway Trust Fund is spent on mass transportation rather than roads. How nice that our gas tax is going to subsidize ConRail and Amtrack.

  • Its not a funding problem, its a spending problem

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