Pawlenty calls for phasing out ethanol subsidies — in Iowa

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Republican Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty today called for phasing out ethanol subsidies — in Iowa.

We need more candidates like this, willing to say these kinds of things face-to-face with the very people who benefit from the funding.



  • jwing

    This is unconventional rhetoric coming from Pawlenty, and we need more of it. What’s called for is a direct assault on all fuzzy thinking, emotive-minded political rhetoric or this nation is doomed to decline. We need more reasoned, common sense statements from Pawlenty that cut through the 40 years of liberal indoctrination and social engineering of the far-left. This country can’t afford one more minute of living in the purple-hazed pipe dreams of the idealistic 60’s and 70’s flower power generation that pervades media, academia and pop-culture. Unfortulately, those in power are presicely this same generation with its wide-eyed, ecology minded, hands-across-the-world-zeitgeist that is ruining the american experiment. Wake up, Americal!

  • yes i was also impressed by mr. pawlenty’s call for an end to subsidies in iowa . yeh definately unconventional and a hopeful sign . i’m interested to see how this plays out!

  • Blair Ivey

    I listened to the Rush Limbaugh interview with Mr. Pawlenty and when he was asked about that speech, his response was “There wasn’t any applause.” The Dems will demogogue this type of rhetoric, but all the Republicans have to do is point out where we are (broke and going downhill fast), and the fact that we’re represented by a man whom, as Netenyahu, Sarkozy, and the Olympic committee demonstrated, no competent leader takes seriously.

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