Pentagon makes believe Iran isn’t using $1.7 billion for military

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Does this make you feel safer? General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress last week that the Pentagon does not believe Iran’s military development is being funded by the $1.7 billion given to them by the Obama administration.

“Intelligence assesses that the $1.7 billion transferred to Iran probably was allocated predominately to Iran’s economic sector, in accordance with Tehran’s stated emphasis on economic expansion, modernization, and diversification,” Dunford said in response to multiple questions from lawmakers, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and 17 other senators.

Lawmakers suspect that Iran has used this cash infusion to boost its military operations in the region, including in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.

However, Dunford maintained this is not the case. “Iran continues to seek improved missile systems and the replacement of aging military equipment, particularly aircraft and naval vessels,” he wrote. “However, there is a lack of information to suggest Iran is attempting to use the $1.7 billion towards these interests.”

Either this guy and everyone in the Pentagon is downright stupid, or they think everyone else is. The Obama administration handed Iran $1.7 billion, and almost immediately Iran announced it was going to spend $1.7 billion more on military development. And that means there is “a lack of information to suggest Iran is attempting to use the $1.7 billion” for military purposes?

I think this guy, and his cohorts at the Pentagon, should find work they are better qualified to do, such as serving burgers at McDonalds.



  • Cotour

    To say nothing of the $150 billion related to the Iran deal, isn’t this $1.7 billion due to a ransom that Obama chose to pay for hostages in addition to the $150 billion?

    If you did not get real and not phony BS concessions from your enemy and have fabricated a reason to enrich them by billions and billions of dollars I can only classify that as one thing, TREASON. No?

    There are consequences to elections, lets see the consequences of Trump reconciling Obama’s attempts to weaken America and strengthen Iran . There should be a reasoned and reasonable but ruthless, both within and outside the U.S government, and a take no prisoners re-balancing of things purposefully skewed against our country perpetrated by both party’s leaderships over the last 30 years.

    If it looks like a duck and qwacks like a duck its probably a duck that Obama is trying to tell you is a pigeon and the pigeon is Islamic and America is based in large part on Islam.

  • Mitch S

    One month to Mattis!
    Obama’s self-delusional obsession with the Iran deal is going to be the future subject of many articles and academic papers.

  • wayne

    Mitch S–
    Hate to go with those negative waves again…. but Trump isn’t going to unilaterally reject the non-treaty treaty. He’ll tweak it at best. Boeing already sold the jets to the Iranian’s.
    Mitch & Corker engineered the whole thing. It could not have happened unless Mitch wanted it to happen— for what reason would they help Trump get rid of something they like?

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