Playwright forces play cancellation for racist reasons

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Liberal bigot: A student production of a play was canceled just prior to its first public performance because the playwright didn’t like the ethnicity of the actors.

Marilouise Michel, Clarion University professor of theater and the play’s director, explains what she was told. “On Monday afternoon, I received an email from the playwright telling me that he demanded that we recast the show with Asian actors or shut down our production,” she said.

A lot easier said than done for the primarily white state university. “We don’t have a large population of Asian students at the university,” Michel said. “We opened our auditions to all of the students at the university.”



  • wodun

    Every time a comic book changes the race of one of the superheroes, from white to something else, our friends to the left cheer. Some fans get upset because it is framed as an assault against them. And the same is true when the race is changed to white. What the fans really want though, is new characters. I find it insulting that minorities don’t merit the creation of new superheros.

    But often time there is no controversy about the race of characters. Remember when we saw the black stormtrooper in the new Star Wars previews? Literally no one was upset but there were many articles about people being upset. They just made it up and created controversy where there was none.

    I bring these examples up because to be consistent, our friends to the left should support actors playing people of different races or changing the races of characters. But they don’t. Not in the example linked by our host nor in another recent example of a white person selected to play MLK.

    In every case our friends to the left are always anti-white. That is racism. They do rationalize it very well though.

  • My understanding of art is that artists want exposure. So we have an artist who wants exposure under very specific terms? SU (use your imagination). A prime example of a rhinectomy.

  • hondo

    Remember – this is a leftist play for a leftist audience. Sometimes its best just to stand back and watch the “show”.

    If your felling mischievous (as I often do), then “agree” – the student actors and faculty producers are in fact secret “racists” – and should be punished, expelled, fired etc. Leftist cannibalism can be fun to watch.

  • Patrick

    Racism can be a 2 way street Mr. Suh……..have a dose.

    You fancy yourself an actor, but I’m going out on a limb here and betting you probably are having a hard time making it in that field. Of course it has nothing to do with your actual talent or acting ability and everything to do with the fact that you are of Asian descent. You can get a fair shake because of the “savage” system.

    Never give up hope though. They may ultimately remake Bonanza one day in which case I’m absolutely certain you’d make the finest Hop-Sing ever.

    Right back at you beatch…………

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