“Please take me off your list of hate.”

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“Please take me off your list of hate.”



  • Kelly Starks

    Liberals really take intolerance to a high level virtue.

  • Cotour

    How about something like this for a new psychological diagnosis: Constitutional disconnect delusion syndrome. (CDDS)

    A psychological condition where an individual is unable to draw a clear line of cause and effect between the proven nature of any government to abuse power and deprive individuals of their freedoms and the only proven counter balance to that nature and those abuses which is the American Constitution, unabridged.

    This condition is characterized by individuals being under the impression and operationally believe that because the Constitution is over 235 years old that it no longer apply’s. They believe that live in a time disconnected from reality where they are not to be concerned with their individual freedoms and they trust their government unconditionally.

    Talk about a mental condition.

  • Edward

    “A Psychologist Diagnoses the Tea Party-and other extremists threatening our world.”

    When did fiscal responsibility, freedom, and love of the Constitution become an extremist position? There was a time, just a couple of decades ago, when these were the norm. Everyone was clamoring for President Clinton to balance the budget, his attempt to turn our medical system into a totalitarian regime was rejected, and he didn’t seem to think that bypassing Congress was the way to preside over the country. Even President Bush was criticized for not balancing the budget, he didn’t even try for any totalitarianism, and he, too, didn’t bypass Congress.

    Now there is a suggestion that there is a “new normal,” and Kirk J. Schneider Ph.D. has fallen victim to it (not so hard, as the doctor’s Saybrook University is in San Francisco and the phone number for the publicist is in the Oakland/Berkeley California area — a navy blue part of that blue state). (Did I say navy blue? That part of the country is definitely anti-navy in a big way. San Francisco even renamed Army Street a few years ago.)

    “How does the Tea Party fit in? Many among its ranks have seen their lives profoundly upended by economic, social, and political trends beyond their control. They tend to be middle class people who are mired in debt and have seen a sharp decline in their living standard due to the shift to a service-industry economy. They often face stiff competition for low-wage jobs and when they land them they may be confined to dull, meaningless work day after day.”

    Well, gee. Dr. Schneider’s publicist just described *everyone* as belonging to the Tea Party.

  • Edward

    When I was at Berkeley, the liberals would pat themselves on the back for being intolerant only of intolerance. It turned out that they defined intolerance as any opinion that they disagreed with.

    But they knew that they couldn’t be wrong, because they were really smart people (otherwise they wouldn’t be at Berkeley), and smart people can’t be wrong. Right?

  • Cotour

    If you as a professional, especially a “doctor” or a “scientist”, are able to define “normal” and take your opponent and formerly put him in a box, especially a psychological box, outside that normal box then you can quantify your opponent and more easily explain to the public that values your opinion because you are a “professional” how bad and destructive your opponent and their thoughts are.

    We all will eventually be considered not normal and therefore are all not competent enough to own a gun, be a part of an “extreme” political organization, vote, etc, etc. They will not however have a problem with a person making a decision in regards to getting as many abortions as you want, all the way to the ninth month, smoking all the pot you please (they would love you to be as doped up as possible) or choose your own healthcare.

    That is “their” goal IMO.

    No one knows who “THEY” are but everyone quotes what they say, and people tend to generally believe it as gospel because they heard it on MSNBC or read it in the New York Times.

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