Police steal a citizen’s guns and ammo

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Theft by police: After securing a citizen’s home after a burglary, police then forced their way into a secure room to seize nine guns and the ammunition for them, all without a warrant.

Officers asked Mr. Bilzerian’s assistant and security guard for permission to break into the room but the aides declined, but the officers accessed it anyway, Mr. Bilzerian said. “They broke into our closet and took them after we were burglarized,” said Mr. Bilzerian’s assistant Jeremy Guymon. “It’s not like we were doing anything wrong.”

The responding officers confiscated nine firearms supposedly under the premise that they wanted to secure the home in case the burglars attempted a second break-in, Mr. Bilzerian said. But strangely, the officers left behind an arsenal of shotguns and a high-powered semiautomatic carbine rifle like the ones used by special operations troops. “The officers told my assistant that they took the handguns because they didn’t want the suspects to come back and get them on a second break-in even though they were unsuccessful at opening the steel reinforced door the first time,” Mr. Bilzerian said. “Essentially they were ‘trying to protect my property and people’s safety.’ This is hard to grasp, when they left my $21,000 FN SCAR17 with thermal optic and shotguns unsecured in that same room.”

After several months, the guns were finally returned but the ammo remains missing, essentially stolen by law enforcement. Read the whole article, as it describes a number of other examples of this kind of theft.



  • Phill O

    Where was this? Hope it was not NM or AZ.

  • pzatchok

    California LA specifically.

    But I have heard of it in other places.

    In some cases the weapons are turned into the playthings of the police department and pretty much ruined.
    Any ammo is used up by the the cops for fun.

    In one case a legal semi auto carbine was abused by the cops so much it failed and went full auto on them. The owner was then charged with possession of an illegal full auto weapon.
    I am not sure if the charges stuck but the weapon was never returned,

    Police departments represent and reflect the prosecutor. Make sure that if you have a chance to elect them that you elect trusted and reason able conservative ones. The same with judges.

  • Why don’t you click on the link, read the article, and find out?

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