Poll shows Hawaiians strongly favor TMT

A new poll shows that by a 2 to 1 margin Hawaiians are in favor of building the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT).

  • 89 percent of Hawaii Island residents agree there should be a way for science and Hawaiian culture to co-exist on Maunakea
  • 76 percent of Hawaii Island residents agree that TMT will help create good paying jobs and economic and educational benefits for those living on Hawaii Island
  • 70 percent of Hawaii Island residents agree that failure to move forward with TMT will hurt educational opportunities for Hawaii Island children with the termination of TMT’s annual $1 million contribution to the THINK Fund and workforce pipeline program
  • 69 percent of Hawaii Island residents agree that TMT has followed a lengthy approval process, so work should proceed

Based on what I’ve seen for the past forty years, this poll will mean nothing. The poll also found that the native Hawaiian population was much less supportive, with only 46 percent in support of the project and 45 percent opposed. And since the Democratic Party that runs Hawaii is a party that cares almost exclusively for the concerns of oppressed minorities over that of the non-native majority, you can bet they will do what the native population wants. The telescope will never get built in Hawaii, and the consortium building TMT had better face this reality and find another location.


  • Nick P

    Bob –

    I hope you’re wrong about the TMT never being approved and built there but suspect you’re not.

    When is the next decision on the permitting process?

  • Cotour

    This sounds much like radical Islam to me.

    A minority of extremists is allowed to dominate and force their extremist will upon the reasonable majority. The gutless leaders of the majority fear the noise that the minority will make so essentially the minority, just like in Islam, in the end runs the majority.

    How does this get changed? Actual real, fearless, compassionate and benevolent leadership that can choose the correct path and arrive and the reasonable resolution. Unfortunately that does not exist in OUR country any more.

    The minority leadership in our country who calls themselves Liberal Democrats who are actually philosophical Marxists and are focused on “fundamental change” in America actually are focused on fundamental change in America.

  • Nick asked, “When is the next decision on the permitting process?”

    No idea. My impression, based on recent stories that I posted on BtB, is that the state government is slow-walking the process, stalling unnecessarily.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z–

    Are the TMT people actually constructing the mirror-segments, while all this extraneous siting stuff is going on, or what?

  • Wayne asked, “Are the TMT people actually constructing the mirror-segments, while all this extraneous siting stuff is going on, or what?”

    Yes. Construction of instruments and mirror segments is on-going. They need to start construction at a location soon or the costs for the telescope will go up a lot.

  • Localfluff

    The primitives’ opposition to scientific exploration is a great opportunity to populate the detention centers!

  • Phill O

    Bob, you seem overly pessimistic! Welcome to the club!

    You mentioned a democratic party; I have been informed it is the Democrat Party because there is nothing democratic about it; as your posts of the Wikileaks show.

  • wayne

    –I can’t tell sometimes, when you being entertaining or acting the agent-provocateur!
    (Don’t make me fly over there and face-slap you, academically…of course!– that’s a joke.)

    As long as you specify, it’s the democrat-party, that has a history of populating the detention-center’s with whatever scapegoat is handy, –we’re ok. I cannot however advocate for detention-center’s — I just want all their SNAP cards invalidated & their Free-Phones turned off.

    In all seriousness-ness however, this whole Affair is sad and illustrates in a sick way, how insane a segment of the population has become.
    “It’s a telescope for gods-sake, how much “greener” can it get?!”

    I reiterate my Plan: They should figuratively “empty the warehouse, pack up everything, and flee in the middle of the night, to a more welcoming location.”

    (And then send the Hawaiian Department of Economic Development, weekly video updates, showing construction progress & happily employed workers & busily occupied scientific-researchers.

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