Pollster: Elitists still refusing to listen

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Link here. Key quote:

Elites simply don’t understand these voters and find their voting behavior unfathomable because they rarely really interact with them, socialize with them, and, most important, listen to them. And people know it. To quote one voter’s attitude toward elites: “They think that because they’re [so] smart, that their opinion matters more than yours, because you’re not as smart as them.”

Frankly, Washington ought to remember that there is an America west of the Hudson and east of the San Andreas Fault, and for people there, dealing with getting by paycheck to paycheck is a bigger priority than the political spat of the week or the latest media preoccupation.

People’s views of elites isn’t a passing fad. It is an existential threat to government, political parties, the media and even business and academia, because people are fundamentally questioning the motivations and usefulness of so-called experts.

He calls the experts “elites”, but that implies a superior status that the power structure in Washington and modern academic circles no longer deserve. I prefer “elitists,” which instead describes someone who thinks they are superior but are really quite inferior to everyone else. This conclusion is based on forty years of interacting with them. See for example my conclusions after visiting a Washington think-tank conference in 2016:

Nor has Trump’s success as a candidate made them wonder or question their assumptions. Instead, his name was generally mentioned with derision or contempt (most often by Republican Senator Graham), followed by scattered laughter from the audience.

While I might actually agree with many of Graham’s conclusions about Trump, unlike Graham I also recognize that Trump is no fool, that he has proposed some worthwhile policy proposals, and that the reason he won the Republican nomination is because the public is very unhappy with many of the policy decisions being made by the very people at this conference. The public is aware of the wider issues, and wants their government to consider them.

Rather than ask why Trump has been successful, however, this crowd was ready to dismiss him, and the people who voted for him. To give another example, consider the first panel, “The Case for Inclusivity”, where four national security leaders expounded the importance of guaranteeing gender equality in the workforce, even on the battlefield. At one point one of the panelists noted that some of the gender policies that Hillary Clinton created in the State Department during her tenure as Secretary of State are now permanent and will never go away, no matter who gets elected in the future. Neither the rest of the panel nor the audience saw anything worrisome about this statement. In fact, it appeared to me that they clearly supported it.

So much for democracy and following the wishes of the electorate.

The elitists in power today are close-minded, refuse to consider other points of view, and routinely dismiss anyone who dissents from their generally liberal mindset. And their contempt for ordinary people not of their ilk is often awe-inspiring, especially because they have so little self-awareness of it.

The worst part is that they have shown absolutely no effort to reexamine their assumptions, even now almost two years after Trump was elected. If anything, the leftist elitists in politics and academia have doubled down, becoming even more hostile and close-minded to other perspectives.

If something doesn’t change soon, some very bad things are going to happen.



  • Cotour

    And who be the apex elitist representative?


    Robert Reich, listen to him and his words and his contempt he has for at least half the people in country.

    The people have voted, Democracy applied, but Reich insists they are wrong and he knows better and he and those who follow him are willing to erase Trump as the president.


    According to Reich government must be done as it has been done for the past 70 years or you must be removed because you are not a valid president. This is one little man that I have despised for the many years that I have known of his existence.

    The people have voted Mr. Reich and irrational and clearly growing insane fellow Democrats, suck it up. The next 6 years are going to be very rough for you and your elite associates. Blue wave? I think not., more like


    The only solution? WINNING! Period.

  • Cotour

    More elitist narrative, Trump does not do what “he is supposed to”.


    Trump and his difference is exactly what Washington needs, why I voted for him. He was bred and trained in the corrupt sewers of NYC and the world real estate markets and his difference is what makes him valuable and not his sameness.

    No one cares that Trump has not “Properly” honored McCain, they mutually hated and despised each other and Trump would be a bigger phony if he were to fawn over him in his death. As the president he said what he needed to say.

    And this “Long term Hero” label that is pasted on McCain is a bit much IMO. I honor and respect his service in the military, but his life as a politician especially as of the last couple of years is IMO highly suspect. But again, I honor his military service 110%. I salute you sir. But I learned to not like J. McCain. This is like “How dare you question the integrity of the FBI!”. Only complete fools would make such an absolute statement, the same regarding McCain.

    Make what you can of this while you can MSM elitists, your days are numbered from where I sit.

  • Max

    Not only do the elite refuse to listen, even the leftists who see the problem that they created cannot affect a change without criticism from their own coworkers and being threatened.

    When McCain was taken off life support, liberal NPR played nonstop tribute to him. Even those who left his campaign to join Obama gave him high praise. Chuck Schumer was dripping honey for his appreciation for John McCain, Nancy Peloise quickly wanted to upstage Chuck by suggesting naming the Senate office building after him (John McCain SOB)
    Today’s funeral was attended by rhinos and Democrats. The president wasn’t invited. Neither was Sarah Palin even though she only said good things about him.
    A very good article published by Rolling Stone telling the researched record of his life. A legend in his own mind.

    What do you think of the latest Clinton related murder that happened in D.C. Four weeks after this former cop presented evidence to Homeland security and the FBI.

    Or the revelation that Las Vegas shooters girlfriend worked for the FBI just like the Florida nightclub shooter’s father who sat behind Hillary during a Rally.
    And the comments on Reddit are fascinating.

  • Phill O

    Bob, you seem to have hit the nail on the head with this one.

    Without distracting from you note, let me add that Bill Ayers and his “Weather Underground” were near the start of this slippery slope. BHO’s coming out party at BA’s place places him in “the mix”: in fact, at the very heart of the mix. I find the tactics of the current far left to be a page from BA’s playbook. The fact that Bill Clinton gave him (BA) a pass, only places the problem deep within the left parties. This is not just an American thing but transcends country boundaries.

    I may have mentioned before that talking to a recent immigrant (to Canada) from Holland, he indicated that referendums have been banned (in Holland) because the leaders know what the people want and will not relent!

    Unless something happens in peoples minds (hearts) bad things will (are) happen(ing).

  • wayne

    Phill O;
    Good stuff. (I enjoy it when you hammer on the weather-underground et al, if we don’t know how we got to this point, we’ll never escape it.)

    Charles Murray:
    “Coming Apart: America’s Growing Cultural Divide”

    It’s my opinion, this all boils down to (conceptually/generically) “a distinct lack of mass shared cultural experiences.”
    Our overlord’s– they are disconnected & insulated against the vast majority of common ordinary life-events and demands, and they refuse to participate in anything “traditional,” and insist on subdividing everyone into endless and infinite oppressed groups.

  • Cotour


    First, how dare you question the intent and actions of the FBI! How dare you!

    And second, that is some very interesting information about Paddocks girl friend, very interesting in deed. I had not become aware of either the Clinton reporter dying or this Paddock girl friend development, thank you.

    Where is all of this plain to see treachery going? https://youtu.be/nWYdeozXBOc

    Trump will have to be extra careful if he dares to actually move in these very disturbing to the elite operators within our government who apparently are our keepers and the decision makers for all Americans. Institutional abuse of power that has been growing for at least the last 70 years.

    At least two years ago I stated that starting with the Trump presidency this is going to get so crazy and so confrontational because of what he threatens that no one has ever seen such in America before and that does appear to be where we are going. And that Trump has the opportunity to be seen as the leader of America’s in many ways second founding. An opportunity only available to a true leader, we wait.

    Anything for the acquisition of or the retention of power, anything.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson
    excerpt; “on Individualism and Collectivism”

  • Cotour

    A friend just sent me this from 1993:


    Another FBI involved controversy about what you can and can not know. These examples are all good examples of S.O.M., you think these agencies are working based in your morality model and interests, and what they are actually doing is acting in the interests of a strategy in protecting their accumulated power and the power of the powers that be. To the long term benefit of the country and the Constitution?

    We are not naive, but you tell me.

  • Cotour

    A president who dares to push back.


    This offensive move is very appropriate and called for, from the jump the Mueller special investigation is a set up and politically motivated assault on a duly elected president and the people who have supported him.

    What will these operators NOT do to retain their power? Stay tuned, every incident is now to be questioned and examined. MAGA

  • Cotour

    Politics makes very strange bed fellows, remember this guy, aspiring president, and how he butted heads with Trump?


    And now he needs Trump (And Trump needs him) and so Trump is stumping for him against a 40 year old Socialist / anti ICE Democrat candidate that Cruz is just 1 percentage point ahead of in the polls.

    You just can not make this stuff up.

  • Cotour


    Many in today’s America think we are a direct Democracy when in fact we are a Democratic Republic. Don’t understand why or the difference? This article in the Hill explains it and the Founders logic and why they crafted what they crafted.


    Thomas Jefferson: “Thomas Jefferson lamented that “a democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49.”

    When in doubt always revert to the wisdom and brilliance of the Founders. Some Americans and political players are constantly looking to reinvent our American system of governance, when what they are in fact doing is attempting to usurp the brilliance of the Founders wisdom.

    “End the electoral college !” they shout. Why? Because we can not win while it exists.

    While our system is the worst possible system of governance that there is, it is perverted and corrupt. Except for ALL other forms of governance that have ever been instituted by man in all of history.


  • Cotour

    Is it me?

    Am I missing something here?


    Why do these wealthy people, this one being a second generation billionare, need the government to pass a law and tax them? Why can they not just write a check to the governmnet with a number high enough to where they think will satisfy their guilt, white or otherwise? Or better yet, randomly adopt as many Americans as you wish and redistribute your wealth directly to them.

    Remember this? https://youtu.be/tL23mLBrOic

    Just rename the show / activity, “The Billionaire”, or even better, “The Trillionaire”, it could be an entirely new industry and pass time for the wealthy people who have such guilt. Or even better, start your own country somewhere and do what ever it is that you want to do. But stop annoying me.

    Charlie Mungers daughter worries about who is in their own houses during any random holiday. Where do these people come from?

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