Portland parade cancelled because of threats by leftist fascists

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The fascists win: A family parade in Portland Oregon has been cancelled because of threats of violence from leftist protesters because the Republican Party was participating.

The participation by local political parties in these kinds of events has been a normal part of American life since the nation’s founding, all based on the first amendment and freedom of speech. To these left wing brown-shirted thugs, however, freedom of speech by their opponents is unacceptable, and requires the threat of violence to shut it down.



  • Cotour

    “Or else” needs to be met with the event going on as planned. (Or else what?)

    And there should be extreme police force numbers ready to deal with what ever needs to be dealt with. And if there is a problem all those “Anti Fascists” that are rounded up for THEIR Fascist activities and disrupting of a peaceful event need to spend some real quality time in jail for inciting to riot.

    The threat of “Or else” is all that is needed now for the petulant to get their way? BS.

  • My initial reaction is : good. Now there is an undeniable direct connection between the actions of Democratic Party factions and diminished quality-of-life for the community. A teachable moment, because anyone voting Democrat absolutely owns this.

  • jburn

    This is now Portland, Oregon. For the most part these fascist felons are tolerated — not too differently than Berkley. (I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the parents of these monstrous trustifarians are from the Bay Area — having recently migrated to escape the same.)

    It produces such strange politicians as Sen. Jeff Merkely (who created the “nuclear option, but is desperately distancing himself from it). Sen. Ron Wyden, effectively the third Senator for New York (wife, family, home — all in New York.)

  • Tom Billings

    “The threat of “Or else” is all that is needed now for the petulant to get their way? BS.”

    Not when the Oregon Oligarchy, formally known as “1,000 Friends of Oregon” are more radical than Antifa, and they are.

    It seems I’ve moved across the Columbia just in time!

    Just wish I’d been able to move a bit farther North.

  • mivenho

    I live in Portland. I believe that displaying the U.S. flag in a reverent manner remains an eloquent way of expressing one’s patriotism publicly. Driving around this city, I am disheartened by the virtual absence of flags flying outside of homes. As a patriot, I’m ashamed of this city’s fanatical desire to pressure its citizens to burn incense to its leftist, Marxist deities. I’m also dismayed at its unwillingness to recognize its own responsibility in the begetting and nurturing of a whole generation of hollow, materialistic destructors like the antifa thugs.

  • Chris

    I disagree with Cotour. The police should not have an overwhelming presence – they should be undercover. Then when the thugs come they are bold and open so that they are ALL found and can be arrested, charged, go to trial where they are convicted and then imprisoned for as long as the law will allow.

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