President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts

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President Barack Obama’s complete list of historic firsts.

Take some time to look at the list closely, including the links that back up each “first.” You might remain skeptical of some of the stories, but the weight of numbers is surely suggestive of the kind of president Obama really is.



  • Christine

    Mr. Zimmerman,

    You are bound to be struggling with lots of email after a brilliant Coast to Coast show Monday night, however I hope you and others will take notice of my comment. Many of the things that you touched on have been executed in the Urantia Book, which time is now ripe for those who are ready to understand certain truths. There aren’t very many controversial topics that aren’t fully revealed, and I was surprised when I stumbled upon it that I hadn’t heard of it before. It is truly a remarkable revelation of life itself presented with astounding detailed accounting of scientific and astrological information that we are just beginning to discover. If only more leaders would take the time to review the information, they wouldn’t be doing so many experiments. A perfect example is the particle accelerator mentioned, which the Urantia Book predicts that our scientists would be compelled to erect a structure in attempt to locate the 10th energy circuit, prior to an entire essay explaining this still unknown energy source and what its purpose is.

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