Pretend gun control!

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Now this is a great idea: Pretend gun control!

What we can do is pass a law banning a bunch of made-up things that sound scary, and many gun control proponents already have great ideas along this line. For instance, I read a column in which Howard Kurtz mentioned a ban on high-magazine clips — we can certainly do without something that nonsensical. And I’ve heard the press before mention armor-piercing hollow points and plastic guns (actually, I think we already banned that made-up weapon in the ’80s). And as long as the NRA and Wayne LaPierre go apoplectic about it (“This ban on sorcerer-enchanted guns is just a slippery slope toward eliminating all witch-hexed weaponry!”), gun control proponents won’t know the difference between this and actual gun control.

Considering the level of ignorance about guns exhibited by every one of the gun control advocates, both politicians and media pundits, I almost think we could get away with this.



  • JGL

    Real gun control, fake gun control, I heard two NY state senators being interviewed this morning

    and when the interviewer confronted them on the banning of high capacity magazines, assault

    weapons and the high capacity of hand guns and there ability to fire at will up to ten rounds

    their tap dancing around their pandering logic began to fall apart. Its a slippery slope, real or fake.

    When a citizen becomes elevated to elected office in government they become the enemy

    of the peoples freedoms. The Constitution is designed to create this counter balance

    and it is always under assault.

  • Publius 2

    I have been waiting for a public figure to state this, but so far I have not heard it. So, allow me: We can debate and discuss the gun-control issue ad nauseum, and demagoging politicians can propose all the legislation they wish — and our opportunistic president can sign whatever legislation arrives on his desk, or issue executive orders at his pleasure. But the guns are not going away, because the nation’s 40-million-plus gun owners are not going to surrender them. This has nothing to do with hunting, which is a state-controlled, licensed activity. It has everything to do with self-defense, including self-defense against a tyrannical government. That is what the founding fathers intended, and that is what serves as the insurmountable obstacle to a complete takeover of our liberty. Putting it as concisely as I can: Say what you wish, do what you wish, but you will not be taking guns from citizens. And if you try, may the consequences be upon your heads.

  • JGL

    When you think about it, the Constitution and the second amendment, if the One World / socialist /

    eutopian / Marixist / Obama type model is to be successful, must be destroyed.

    That is the miracle of the Constitution, it has pre calculated this assault on the individuals freedom

    over the collective and creates unassailable logic to counter balance it.

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