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Pro-abortion advocates threaten to storm the Supreme Court, burn it down, and murder justices

Real insurrection: According to a Homeland Security memo, pro-abortion protesters have been organizing to storm the Supreme Court, burn it down, and murder justices in protest should the court decide to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The threats also included attacking places of worship as well as anti-abortion clinics.

As is typical nowadays, Homeland Security tried to de-emphasize the seriousness of these threats of violence from the left by first hinting it was really a response to white supremacy and thus possibly justified, and then claiming such violence is really nothing more than constitutional protected speech. These two quotes from the memo from this Axios story illustrate this:

“Some racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists’ embrace of pro-life narratives may be linked to the perception of wanting to ‘save white children’ and ‘fight white genocide,'” the memo … says.

But the memo warns that this time, extremist acts could come from abortion-rights proponents as well. [However] “The mere advocacy of political or social positions, political activism, use of strong rhetoric, or generalized philosophic embrace of violent tactics does not constitute domestic violent extremism or illegal activity and is constitutionally protected.”

As always, our leftist government uses the premises of the left to excuse leftist violence. To them, the violence of the left is merely speech, while the speech of the right is violence, and must be silenced.

Should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, we should all be prepared for riots as bad or worse as those that occurred after George Floyd’s death. This memo is merely stating the obvious. Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016 the left has decided that the only democracy and law it accepts is one in which it gets its way, every single time.

We should also be prepared for our government to do nothing to stop it, and if any rioters are captured to arrange their release as quickly as possible. These protests are certainly intended as a weapon to warp the results of November’s election, in favor of Democrats. Remember, the violent leftist protesters are merely the storm-troopers of the Democratic Party, used to promote violence in order to make possible the reelection of its politicians, by hook or by crook.

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  • Phill O

    I am awaiting a copy of “For the Soul of the People”

    The actions of the current administrations both in Washington DC and Ottawa are so similar to those of the Nazi party, one would suspect the same spirit.

  • Joe

    I just don’t get the whole issue. A person has the right to body autonomy. In the case of abortion, while I personally think it is wrong, the government has no business regulating the medical procedure. It is not for the masses to determine the best course of action for the one. Freedom is the right to make decisions that are best for you, your family, your neighborhood, etc. It shouldn’t even be up for debate, much less a vote.

    Almost every other country where abortion is legal has set a threshold for restricting abortions. This is reasonable. To place a total ban on the process, even in the cases of incest or rape, is stupid. If it doesn’t impact your life, people should butt out.

  • Joe: Your comment suggests you think the Supreme Court will be banning abortion if it overturns Roe v. Wade. This is incorrect. All they will be doing is putting the legal responsibility where it always should have remained, with the state legislatures. Some will allow it entirely, others will impose some restrictions, and some will ban it. The law will then be based more closely on what the local voters actually want.

    This is how the Constitution was designed. Roe v. Wade was always a violation of that.

  • Robert Pratt

    Joe, nothing I say will be likely to convince you of a different opinion but just in case you sincerely meant that you don’t get the issue: A fetus, or developing baby, is completely a unique set of DNA, a distinct human being. Thus it’s not an issue of bodily autonomy as the baby, we believe, has the same right to live as all innocent human beings. It is not a mass of the mother’s tissue but a distinct person with unique DNA from both a father and mother. Many of us believe that it is unacceptable to kill a person for the convenience of those who helped create it. You may believe it not to be person until birth but nothing else in the universe can become a person accept that baby in the womb so I believe it obtains personhood at conception because that is when the unique DNA begins to carry forth with life growth.

  • wayne

    Tenth Amendment to the Constitution:
    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

  • wayne

    The Tenth Amendment
    Khan Academy

    “The National Government is not an all-powerful Body with general authority to do whatever it wants.”

  • Let me build on Robert Pratt’s post … aren’t we supposed to “follow the science”?

    The science tells us that egg and sperm are the “potential people” – left to themselves, apart from each other, there is no human life created.

    The science says that, once conception occurs, the resultant life form is both human, and unique – and everything past that point is a CONTINUOUS development process of that HUMAN life.

    It is conception, that is the immutable discontinuity in the process between “potential people” and the creation of actual people. To move that line anywhere else sets the precedent to move it and/or replicate it … on the basis of the fickle human whims of those who will be left living after their “choice” is implemented . If the right to life is unalienable, it is not subject to human whim.

    Whim, such as assigning labels to different stages of this continuous cycle, and then using those to divide that life cycle into “tissue” and a life whose rights are to be respected, on the basis of one’s own socio-economic morality.

    And the above has far more basis in scientific fact, than the “science” some assert as justification for both the panic-demic and the Climate Change Cult.

    It is the legitimate role of the state to protect life as an unalienable right, even if one is not in a position to speak up in their own defense … be it the unborn child in the womb, or you or I on life support but with a brain still waving.

    In fact, securing such unalienable rights is the whole reason legitimate government exists.

    No, I don’t want the government in charge of pregnancy … but we’re not talking pregnancy, we’re talking forcing the death of an innocent life in the name of the convenience of those left living. And the utilitarian precedent set by this application of force can come back to bite each of us, if/when later in life we ourselves become “inconvenient” to family and/or society.

    In my view, the way to resolve this, is to Constitutionally define a human life as extending from its natural life-cycle endpoints – conception and brain death. Then let existing laws against murder – and those relevant to natural and accidental death – apply.

  • wayne

    The gruesome fact is; most all abortions are utilized for birth-control. Rape/Incest/health of mother issues account for less than 5% combined, ever, on a good day, with your thumb on the scale.

    As a longtime supporter of the Convention of States Project, [19 State Legislatures are on-board as of March 2022, we need 38 to act without Congress,] will all due respect, I don’t think Constitutionally defining life would ‘solve’ any of this.
    We live in a Federalist system, The separate & sovereign States of the Union created the Federal government, and the federal government only has those powers expressly granted to it by the Constitution.
    I’m in Michigan and abortion was always illegal here, except for incest/rape & imminent health of the mother. I suspect we would vote to make it illegal again, depending on who counts the vote.
    On the other hand, I’m convinced abortions will always be legal in any number of other States.

  • BLSinSC

    The MAIN REASON for the “official DEMOcrat UNSPOKEN Position” is an EARLY DEADLINE for abortions will diminish the supply of MATURE BABY PARTS for SALE! WHY are US TAXPAYERS responsible for the IRRESPONSIBLE?? WHY should WE have to PAY for the termination of a pregnancy by irresponsible persons? When SOMETHING COSTS NOTHING people don’t care! Each State can set it’s limits. Most will opt for what seems like “GLOBAL STANDARDS” of around TWELVE WEEKS. That’s THREE MONTHS for the post 70’s educated!! The main question going forward will be WHO PAYS????? I say NOT ME!!! Let the WOMAN and the SPERMER pay for it and cut out the INDIRECT FUNDING OF DEMOcrats!!

  • Deoxy

    “Almost every other country where abortion is legal has set a threshold for restricting abortions. This is reasonable. ”

    Absolutely! Which is why Roe has to go – so we can do that.

    You have been badly lied to, Joe. You have been propagandized. Go look at what Roe actually does, then look at what you are advocating for, and realize: to get what you think is correct, Roe has to go.

  • Cotour


    “I just don’t get the whole issue. A person has the right to body autonomy. In the case of abortion, while I personally think it is wrong, the government has no business regulating the medical procedure. ”

    No rational person would argue that in the 8th month, third week and 6th day of a pregnancy that a woman should have the absolute right to abort what can very reasonably argued is in fact a viable human being. Sorry but that argument related to an absolute Right to do so is not sustainable IMO. And that is where the extreme Lefts argument falls apart.

    If the government is going to be involved in this issue, and government is involved in the issue, what we are talking about is in fact a viable human being with all of the Rights that are granted to them by their creator and recognized under the Constitution. Born or not, they are a viable human being.

    The only rational argument is establishing at what point that that human being is 1. Viable and 2. At what point might they feel pain. And those metrics can be reasonably established. I personally and morally do like it, but there it is all the same.

    And when those on the extreme Left insist that this is a violation of all women’s Rights, that is disingenuous and fraudulent as most of the Lefts bright line party issues are, and you can include racism and illegal immigration in that line of extreme and irrational logic and reasoning. Bright line issue being an issue that those who are in either political party dare not cross. And this issue is used in exactly that manner, it is a tool of control and manipulation for a political party’s base.

    And that is the crux of this abortion issue.

    (Does everyone like that abortion is a choice some people, specifically woman will or must make at some time in their lives? No. Being a woman is a very special thing and they are to be listened to, respected and their position must be considered.)

    And the extreme Right is just as bad. The extreme Right says that there should be NO abortions ever. And that is just not a realistic position in the real world. And I will quote Bill Clinton here: Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.

    When government attempts to mandate morality one way or the other that is the road to hell. Why? Because government is amoral, government is not alive, it is an entity, a structure and a creation of man in order that there be some semblance of order and civilization specifically in America. A necessary evil.

    You’re a Right-wing religious zealot who would ban all abortions? You’re a Leftist Marxist Satanic nut that wants abortions right up to and even after birth? You are in government? You are an empowered politician that inhabits the Political Realm? Park most of your religiosity and most of your personal morality at the steps of the Congress or at your home and bring some degree of objectivity and common sense to your work in the context of your position of real power in governance in America.

    Row V Wade was a forced Liberal / Feminist driven modern interpretation by the Supreme Court regarding the Constitution and what they interpreted that it said. But what is missing? Law. A Congress with strong and rational leadership that can pass a law that somehow and some way accomplishes some degree of rational common-sense law / laws that applies to the real world and not the ideological world that is used as a bright line political weapon of manipulation and political advantage, whether that be Left or Right.

    I hope my interpretation helps you, this is how I see the issue.

    Please feel free to take what I said apart and dissect it and comment.

  • I want to add that the point of my post was not to argue the pros and cons of Roe v. Wade or abortion. The point was to illustrate the uncivilized, violent, and oppressive behavior coming from the pro-abortion and generally leftist community, led by the Democratic Party. It isn’t enough for them to debate this issue rationally. Either they get what they want, or they will take violent action against you.

    These are very dangerous people, and they are being backed and supported by most Democrats. This should influence your votes come November.

  • sippin_bourbon

    I have to say that the discussion so far seems very reasonable and calm, considering the topic.
    I hope Joe comes back and participates/interacts. He seems a reasonable fellow.

    One of the reasons why we are so divided on this topic is that it has been so useful for both political parties to mobilize voters. And the hotter more extreme the stance, the more it seems to get people riled. I have heard the argument made that the reason the major parties, when in the majority did nothing on abortion at the Federal level was 1) they feared the backlash and 2) they did not want to lose a core motivator for votes.

    With Roe appearing to be on the ropes, the Democrats tried to ram though a bill (which was like Roe on steroids for what it allowed) but found they only had 49 votes. If the announced finding holds to the leaked decision, then the shift of focus back to state legislatures is a good thing in my book.

  • sipping_bourbon: The reason that the discussion here on BtB has “so far seemed very reasonable and calm” is because I demand that from commenters. The result is that everyone else does as well, and you get a good example of how civilized people should behave.

    The hateful and irrational response of the left to this possible decision is instead an example of how uncivilized barbarians act. The difference must be recognized, and the civilized must act on it to stop the barbarians.

    And stopping them from being barbarians has nothing to do with whether we allow abortions or not.

  • Cotour

    “an example of how uncivilized barbarians act.”

    They are political manipulators first, using these bright line issues to draw those bright lines that must not be crossed.

    And like I stated earlier, no rational person is able to argue or justifying that aborting a baby at 8 months, 3 weeks and 6 days or even after birth is just not in any way a sustainable argument. And that being so the only conclusion is that it is but a political tool of manipulation and in their strategy they are barbaric. By any means necessary means by any means.

    Ask anyone, Democrat or Republican or from another planet the question: Do you believe that a baby should be terminated and removed from his or her mothers womb in the manner that you understand is standard and that is through dismemberment at 8 months, 3 weeks and 6 days or even after birth?

    Even the most ardent every day Democrat will at least attempt to draw a line of rationality. As uncomfortable as that may be.

    And point out to them if they are hesitant to answer because “there can not be that many late term abortions in America” (Is that something you want to wrap yourself in?). Point out that there were in fact aprox. 6000 late term abortions in America in 2018. And the majority of them occurred in NYS and NYC.

    And the Lefts barbarity lies in the fact that they are willing to use the most vulnerable, most helpless, the weakest among us as their political weapon of bright line manipulation. And THAT is the outrage of the Left and the extreme Left that hates this country and despises the Constitution.

  • Edward

    Robert Zimmerman,
    You wrote: “The reason that the discussion here on BtB has “so far seemed very reasonable and calm” is because I demand that from commenters. The result is that everyone else does as well, and you get a good example of how civilized people should behave. The hateful and irrational response of the left to this possible decision is instead an example of how uncivilized barbarians act. The difference must be recognized, and the civilized must act on it to stop the barbarians.

    Look at that. Years of herding us in the right direction is paying off on this hot topic. Heads are remaining calm on this site but not in the real world, where some people’s children were not taught good behavior. But then, what should we expect from the children of the hippy generation that thought protests were only effective if police cars were overturned and there was the fragrance of teargas in the air? (Yeah, they weren’t taught good behavior, either.)

    Martin Luther King and Gandhi were right. Good behavior during their protests paid off.

  • Star Bird

    Now we see the Liberals/Pro Murder side of the Abortionists Ugly, Vile and hate filled Bolsheveks just like BLM and Antifa sore losers who threaten violence and war

  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr Z.

    Quite familiar with the atmosphere you have here.

    But I also know that you are getting more visibility as you get tagged and linked to other sites.

    That can draw newbies that may not be as familiar.

  • sippin_bourbon: While it is true some new commenters don’t get it, I have been somewhat astonished how quickly most do. It appears that before commenting most people read the earlier comments, and this tends to give them a sense of what is expected. Thus we don’t get many trolls or snarks. Instead, those who comment generally understand there is a higher standard here they must meet.

  • Cotour

    People rise to expectations, set a rational and reasonable standard of behavior and insist that people adhere to it, and they do so.

    Low standards is no standards.

    And as we can all very clearly see the converse is also true.

    And that tearing down of all and any standards in the name of freedom or free speech, or “My body my choice” is being used as a political weapon of disruption, violence and distraction. (Except if you are talking about being forced or mandated by the government to have an experimental drug injected into your body that is. Then its perfectly acceptable that you have no choice)

    All in pursuit of the acquisition of or the retention of political power.

    Anything up to and including murder.

  • Cotour


    “Hillary Clinton Personally Approved Spreading Trump-Russia Disinformation To Media, Former Campaign Manager Testifies”

    Stay tuned on this. He apparently puts her in the room giving orders.

    “Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager testified Friday that the then-Democratic presidential nominee personally approved spreading material that claimed the Trump organization had a secret communications channel with a Russian bank to the media.”–~D

  • Cotour

    The high-level women of the Democrat party are taking some heavy incoming:

    ‘Danger to Her Own Soul She is Risking’ – San Francisco Archbishop Bars Pelosi From Holy Communion Due to Her Support of Abortion

    May certainly be a sign of what is to come in the midterms for sure.

  • Cotour

    SOOO CUTE, BUT DUMB AS PIZZA DOUGH (At least pizza dough serves a purpose)

    She is just not an educated or logical and clear-thinking person, an embarrassment.

    The most dangerous 118 lbs. in America.

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