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Pro-Hamas lefty arrested for several arson attacks on UC-Berkeley campus

Casey Goonan, a pro-Hamas activist arrested for arson
Casey Goonan, a pro-Hamas activist
arrested for arson

If you want to know the mentality of the pro-Hamas movement across America and largely centered on many “elite” campuses, you need only look at the story of Casey Goonan. Goonan is a 34-year-old long time leftist activist who was previously arrested in September 2023 for “felony vandalism & resisting arrest” (he had used a hammer to destroy the sign of a hotel at the protest site).

He has now been arrested again as the prime suspect in a series of four arson attacks on the UC-Berkeley campus in the past three weeks.

On Monday evening [June 17], Cal Fire announced the arrest of 34-year-old Casey Robert Goonan “in connection with the firebombing attack of a UC Berkeley Police Department vehicle and three other arson attacks on UC Berkeley campus during the month of June.”

Goonan was arrested Monday “following a comprehensive investigation” by Cal Fire’s Office of the State Fire Marshal Arson and Bomb Unit, UC Berkeley police, the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Goonan is now facing multiple felony charges, authorities said, including “the possession and use of destructive devices and multiple counts of arson.” He is in custody at Santa Rita Jail with a bail of $1 million, according to Monday’s statement.

In all these arson attacks, the firebomber (allegedly Goonan) released anonymous statements claiming credit. The first such statement, proudly admitted to firebombing a UC-Berkeley police vehicle and concluded as follows:

Blessed is the flame that burns down the settler-plantation.
Blessed are the rockets that will free thousands of prisoners held captive by the zionist settler entity and US colonizer police state.
May the spirit of Revolutionary Anti-colonialism unearth the truth from beneath these occupied lands.

Our heart will forever be tied to the fate of Rafah

Knife to the throat of zionism

Death to amerikkka

Glory to the martyrs [emphasis mine]

In another announcement claiming credit for a different firebombing, the arsonist said this:


Whether or not Goonan is proven to be the firebomber who wrote these statements, that firebomber typifies the modern left. He hates dissent and is willing to violently attack anyone or anything he disagrees with. He is also willing to destroy property and do so in a way that could injure or even kill people, simply because he ain’t getting his way in all things.

Furthermore, he clearly is in favor of genocide when those being killed are those he dislikes. Not only does he think any Jew living in Israel is a non-person who should be eradicated entirely (that well known “final solution”), he also appears willing to extend that genocide to everyone in the United States.

And finally, Goonan has a PhD and still lives with his parents. How typical.

This same community of goons is now rallying in support of Goonan, quite willing to celebrate these arsonist attacks.

A thread of posts Monday night to X by the Escalate Network encouraged support for “someone” who was “accused of using improvised devices to start fires and damage property in retaliation for police brutality against Gaza solidarity encampments.”

The posts called the actions “logical,” saying that even if the arrested person was innocent, they should be supported “as if they truly did take bold and heroic actions to save millions of lives” and calling the deeds “something we should all aspire to, tactics aside: selfless and urgent action to stop the war.”

Nor is Goonan’s story an exception to the rule. All throughout the western world these days we are seeing similar violence from similar leftists, protesting violently for all kinds of leftist causes. For example, two members of the radical and violent activist group “Just Stop Oil” today sprayed Stonehenge with orange paint.

“Just Stop Oil” claimed the paint would wash off with the first rain, but park officials noted that it is likely going to harm the lichen on the stones, which in turn will harm the stones themselves. Furthermore, other similar attacks by this group didn’t wash off as claimed, requiring expensive repair work.

Goonan and these “Just Stop Oil” thugs are all of the same ilk, goons willing to do any violence to get their way. They are also ignorant fools, who know no history or science, and base their shallow slogan-based political stances on empty propaganda based on nothing but lies.

And these are the people we should turn to for advice and proper governance? Civilization is doomed if even one such person gains power, and right now, it appears a large number of them have succeeded in doing so.

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  • Col Beausabre


    As a conservative, I tend to agree with him, just not for the same reasons

  • Spectrum Shift

    Let’s hope, after the trial, Goonan won’t be living with his parents.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Ha ha! It’s like a Communist trying to burn down Communist Party headquarters!

  • Patrick Underwood

    Correction: Remove “It’s like” from that sentence.

  • pzatchok

    Why Stonehenge?

  • Stone henge is a symbol of…………..Capitalism?

    No, no, Stone Henge is a symbol of the white man and Colonialism!

    Thats got to be it.

  • pzatchok

    Maybe they just hate druids?

    Maybe they thought they heard ‘druish’ princes.

  • jd

    Death to amerikkka?
    Appears he does not like it here.
    Solution: Revoke citizenship and excommunicate (unfriend?) him to a place he likes.
    Oh, but jail him for arson first.

  • Gary

    On my first day as an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley I saw an arsonist trying to set fire to a note board on the side of the Bank of America on Telegraph Ave. This is the same location that eliminated windows after the People’s Park mess saw their glass destroyed. The old woman standing next to me told me that things hadn’t change since she graduated in the late 1930s. In 2024 the rioters at people’s park and those around them, including their children, now occupy positions of power.

  • Paul Revere

    UC Berkeley is in Alameda county and they elected a Soros district attorney, Pamela Clark. Clark is subject to a recall but the board of supervisors delayed it to the November election. I hope the investigating law enforcement charges him with a federal crime where they might hope to bring it to trial. Otherwise Clark will probably dismiss the charges or reduce them to misdemeanors.

  • Heltau

    Shoot him and then burn his body in pig fat.

  • Gary:

    I was living in San Francisco when we invaded Grenada. Immediately on hearing the news, I went to Berserkly, figuring there would be a demonstration. Not disappointed.

  • Jerry Greenwood

    How fortuitous for his parents.

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