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Pro-life students attacked with eggs at the University of Arizona

Egg-splattered display and camera
The egg-splattered display and camera for pro-life advocates. Click for original.

They’re coming for you next: Because they were manning a display advocating against abortion on the campus of the University of Arizona, several pro-life students found themselves attacked with eggs and their displays vandalized by numerous pro-abortion students.

You can see video and pictures of the violence and vandalism here, here, here, and here.

“A large group of students threw dozens of eggs at our signs, and three volunteers, including my 72-year-old father, were hit with eggs. We were informed by a College Republicans United member that the students got the eggs from the campus pantry,” Singleton told LifeNews.

One video shows dozens of smashed eggs on the ground around the display. Several pro-life advocates can be seen sheltering behind the display as sounds of more eggs being thrown are heard. Toward the end of the footage, a police officer escorts a female away from the scene.

This incident occurred on April 12, 2023. The next day a barrier was set up to protect the display and two cops were assigned to protect it.

If you watch the videos the most disturbing aspect is the utter glee of the students who were throwing the eggs, and the generally positive response of the crowd. These college students don’t believe in free speech. They believe instead in oppression, censorship, and tyranny. They have been taught it is right and proper to close their minds to other opinions, and it is also right and proper to take any action necessary to prevent those other opinions from being expressed. Egg throwing might seem petty, but it is simply the first step. When it fails to work these young tyrants — once they move into the workforce and find positions of power — will find it very easy to advocate and make possible even more violent action, up to and including imprisonment, death camps, and genocide for anyone daring to disagree with them.

Don’t believe me? The article at the link ends with a list of numerous violent attacks against pro-life activists, numbering in the hundreds, all just since 2022 alone. Almost none of the perpetrators of these violent crimes have been prosecuted or punished. Instead, they find themselves well supported financially as well as publicly for their actions.

This support is illustrated by the videos of this event. Only one egg-throwing student is escorted away by the police, but only after a long time has passed. The campus police clearly took their time taking action, and when they did they did as little as possible. Other egg-throwers who can clearly be identified are left untouched.

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  • James Street

    Report on an 8-year-old-girl coming illegally to America who had been raped by at least 67 different men. The solution of American taxpayer funded NGOs’ who traffic human beings illegally into America is to provide condoms and abortion pills to the women and girls making the journey. There’s big money in human trafficking (slavery).

    Democrat Party-Approved: 8-Year-Old Girl at Border Found With 67 Different DNA Samples Inside Her [VIDEO]

    (I was at a family get-together this weekend and there were a couple girls around age 8. Knowing this story I almost broke down into tears watching them play. This is the evil we are up against.)

  • Col Beausabre

    Bob, Call them what they are – FASCISTS

  • John

    In a civilized society this behavior gets punished appropriately or at least has a negative connotation within society. The progressive society is uncivilized and the mob will become more brazen.

    Our words are violence but their violence is not violence. Got it.

  • Richard C. Moeur

    I graduated from that institution 35 years ago, and used to support it and its activities. But after organizing the network for students to spy on and report one another and the hiring of Chomsky, I could not in good faith support it anymore. This is just the latest affront. The Board of Regents has failed to take any action to correct any of this. And anyone who is still a fan of that university and its teams and programs is implicitly endorsing and enabling all of this.

  • Jeff Wright

    With the price of eggs, Soros will go broke soon. But it isn’t the bomb throwers I worry about. With Don and Tucker gone, we are left with rip-and-read Kilmeade and all the other drones with perfect hair and teeth who play it safe. That’s more worriesome to someone who loves a good dust-up. Tim Robbins was right about that chill wind.

  • Dave Hunter

    And of course the criminals were not arrested or disturbed in any way because the campus police were undoubtedly directed to stand down.

  • Grant Matson

    What are you going to do when they go from eggs to rocks to acid to bullets? When are the republican victims allowed to strike back and pummel their oppressors?

    The book “Field of Blood” is about the years leading up to the first American Civil War, and the Wigs (precursor to Republican party) were savaged by democrats, called dough-faced and puppy and rapscallion; these were words that landed you on the receiving end of participating in a gun duel. But the democrats were bullies in the 1850s as they are the bullies in 2023. Once the Wigs had enough, they started fighting back.

    America is on the EXACT same pattern of bullies and victims tiring of it. We are rapidly headed for a time where you throw and egg at someone they just might lob a full magazine back at you. In this climate of marxism vs the Civil Society, it’s really only a matter of time before modern pitchforks replace eggs, and you college-aged indoctrinated infants will be unable to cope with the world you will face from there.

  • BLSinSC

    Now REVERSE the egg throwing and see how quickly FEDERAL HATE CRIMES are charged!!!

    I’m really surprised that the LEFT has not taken up ARMS against people expressing their FREEDOM of SPEECH!

  • Abra (AWE-bruh) Singleton

    I’m the SW Regional Director for CBR. I was there that day because I was leading the event. It happened on April 12th, not 19th. I just wanted to clarify that.

  • Abra Singleton: Thank you for the correction. It is now fixed. I based the date on the report, but I probably misread it.

  • Star Bird

    Strand those intollerent Bolsheveks in the Amazon Jungle/Rain Forests with only the clothes on their backs lets see how they could survive

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