Pro-Trump hecklers shout down California attorney general

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Fascism: A Q&A at Whittier College with California’s attorney general was shouted down and cut off prematurely by pro-Trump demonstrators.

The event ended early after pro-Trump hecklers, upset about Becerra’s lawsuit against the Trump administration over DACA, continuously shouted slogans and insults at Becerra and Calderon. A group affiliated with the hecklers later boasted that the speakers were “SHOUTED DOWN BY FED-UP CALIFORNIANS” and that the “meeting became so raucous that it ended about a half hour early.”

The event, held in Whittier College’s Shannon Center theater, was free and open to members of the community, and featured introductions from both Whittier’s president and student body president. Becerra and Calderon were to have an hour-long question-and-answer session using audience questions randomly selected from a basket. As soon as they began the discussion, however, hecklers decked in “Make America Great Again” hats began a continuous and persistent chorus of boos, slogans, and insults.

I am not surprised that we are now seeing people on the right doing this sort of thing, having seen leftists do it repeatedly during the past year and getting away with it, every single time. They are angry and frustrated, and want to return the favor.

Having said that, however, I also firmly consider this terribly wrong and an example of fascist behavior. If the only way we are going to behave is screaming at each other, we will soon see that screaming descend into utter violence, a process that will do no one any good, and solve nothing.

These hecklers should have been escorted out of the room, and arrested if they resisted in the slightest. That they weren’t speaks poorly of the security at Whittier College.



  • Des

    Free speech is vital to a functioning democracy. Any attack on it from the left or right should be condemned and if any laws are broken the full force of the law should be used against whoever breaks the law. Students who disrupt free speech should face academic sanctions. The correct response to free speech you don’t like it’s more free speech, setting out why you believe it is wrong.

    Trump recently said that he thought that ‘someone’ should look into revoking NBC’S FCC license because he thought a story they released was lying about him. Every President thinks the press is full of lies about them. I don’t remember any past President attacking freedom of the press so openly before and this sets a very bad precedent for freedom of speech..

    Oliver Wendell Holmes said it very well “If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for attachment than any other, it is the principle of free thought — not free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for the thought we hate.”

  • Jamie Menzing

    The only way the administrators at these fascist universities will stop allowing the left to shut down conservatives is if conservatives shut down the left. Oh, they can’t have their view point silenced. The fascist administrators will be compelled to stop all suppression of speech. If not, turnabout is fair play. Sorry, this is one time I disagree with you.

  • Mike Borgelt

    Alinsky’s Rules for radicals number 4: Hold them to their own rules.
    That is all that is happening here. Turnabout is a bitch isn’t it?

  • Mike Borgelt

    The left are gutter fighters. The Right are ladies and gentlemen above that sort of thing, which is why they have been losing for decades.
    Sometimes you need to meet the enemy on their own turf.

  • Wayne

    Welcome to Ameritopia. A Post Constitutional Country.
    All bets are off. This is the way the Left wanted it, now they get it back.
    Turnabout is absolutely fair play.

    California’s AG needs to be arrested, rendered, and disappeared, with extreme prejudice and absolute malice aforethought, for his innumerable crimes against the people of California. In the Alternative Universe, he would have already been dragged from his sanctuary castle and executed in the gutter.

  • Cotour

    Related, I think it is instructive of how view what is going on in our politics in America. This information was sent to me by a lawyer friend who despises Trump and classifies himself as a “Libertarian”:

    I was sent this to review:


    My response: Before I review this information fully I will point out a couple of essential points.

    1. Any obstruction by the president (?) or any other assertions of bad acts will have to be decided by a political body and it will be based in politics and not in pedestrian law. (Manafort and Flynn will be taking the weight and I expect Trump to pardon them as best as he can)

    2. If Trump were to be removed from office that political action will serve as a focal point for a Conservative / Republican revolution that will essentially finally destroy the Leftist lead Democrat party leadership and the RINO Republican leadership. This is needed and it may well be on its way no matter what these political operators do, the Democrats are now between a rock and a hard place no matter their path, as is the Republican leadership. The people of America understand that the Democrat party has been dragged too far Left, they are now lead by Leftist minded politicians.

    Conclusion: I believe that the political decision will be arrived at that it would be too strategically dangerous to remove this president, if indeed there has been established a reason to do so, which I do not believe will appear.

    Trump either way will serve to lead a revolution, whether he is sacrificed on the political alter or whether he serves a full 8 year term. That’s how I read this.

    At that point I reasonably expect you to change your position and understand what in reality is underway. Your personal dislike for Trump and his qwerky style and ego mania is distorting your objectivity.

    If not Trump then who? Or what? Do you propose to continue Obama’s path? Hillary’s path? You have some thinking to do.

    The response: I am not interested in speculation or uninformed opinions.
    Brookings is a non-partisan think tank that presents facts and law.
    If you read the report objectively, you can form your own conclusions.

    My response:
    I once again point out to you…………this is not about Pedestrian law as you assert, its about how the political realm chooses to interpret the “facts” listed and how the public through its feed back mechanism interacts with that political realm. As long as the public still has its power (The vote / feed back mech.) and politicians have the need to pander to it then these issues are not about logic they are about visceral and intuitive human / public sentiment and politics. Trump in many ways plugs into that in an intuitive way and has set off a particular kind of political revolution, no matter if he is removed from office or not.

    America is not about “logic” it is about choice and force of will driven by plainly identified truths about human nature as it relates to the exercise of power and how that nature to abuse power is counter balanced.

    A think tank can list an unlimited number of facts about any situation and interpret them in an as objective a way as can possibly interpreted and still the question remains…..How will the political realm choose to interpret and apply it related to THEIR political agenda and their concern about their pandering to the public?

    I watched this Democracy Now interview with a prominent psychiatrist the other night, he is totally on board with your thinking and he throws “Climate change” in with the Trump mix. Apparently we are all on the precipice of existence according to Dr. Lifton.

    These things being discussed, competence, impeachment, climate change are all supposedly about logic and facts and law, incorrect. This is about the American Zeitgeist and where they see where we have to be generally going. When logic and politically interpreted facts via “informed” Think Tanks are executed sans the feed back of the the public then we get what we have had for the last 30 years in America and that condition has delivered us to where we are today, on the edge of political if not physical revolution.

    When the political realm delivers a bit too much “do as I say and not as I do” the people eventually will get their fill and at that point things will begin to happen. We are there!

  • Phill O

    Let us consider the outcomes of first, the proper treatment of those who shut down a speaker. If it were done to the right in this instance and never done to left (which is the reality) it would be wrong for freedom of speech. Do I agree with the tactic of shouting down a speaker: NO. However, suing the tactics against them (the left) seems the only logical alternative IMO.

    Let us consider the idea Trump proposed for the NBC organization: Did they print a lie? Right now I would have to say yes! A news organization should not be permitted to print lies. Did NBC cover up the truth about Harvey? Sure looks that way. Should a company say like Granite Gap, be permitted to continue to defraud people. NO NO NO. At some point there needs to be a referee (unbiased).

    In Canada, there is a consumer protection system that seems not to be in the USA. Under this system, con-artists (like those from Granite Gap) would be exposed much more rapidly. BTW it looks like jail time will be forthcoming from that Ponzi type scheme.

    True freedom of speech comes with constraints. The left has removed those constraints and subverted freedom of speech.

  • wodun


    don’t remember any past President attacking freedom of the press so openly before

    Obama not only rhetorically attacked media he didn’t like but also spied on them, hacked their computers, pressured executives to stop reporters, colluded with friendly media to create propaganda, cut off access to media he didn’t like, and enlisted the help of media to bully the media he didn’t like.

    Since most of the media functions as a wing of the DNC, I can’t see how responding to them as such is out of bounds. Creating a rule where it is OK for the DNC media to say whatever they want about Trump as being OK while any response is illegal, is a BS standard.

  • wodun

    The Tea Party saw how effective protesting was for Democrats and were attacked by several different organizations for trying to organize like the Democrats. But they weren’t just attacked by federal agencies but also state and local ones. Every conceivable road block was thrown up. They had to get permits, security, and provide bathrooms.

    OWS took over public and private property and had to jump through zero hoops and were even aided by federal, state, and local governments.

    I much prefer that protesters on the right act better than Democrats do. There are ways to protest events without shutting them down. We also have to have rules that apply to everyone. If rules only apply to non-Democrats, then they aren’t really rules. But since Democrats wont punish themselves, I don’t know how we can get them to change their behavior. Rewarding their endless mob bullying and violence will only lead to more of it.

  • ken anthony

    Some people prefer an honest fight to being manipulated. We are now seeing a reaction in general, very similar to the MGTOW reaction. It will only get worse. Open riots are the next stage with both sides escalating their weapons.

  • Alex Andrite

    I did not read all of the above.
    It is obvious, for the most part, that we have now lost all reason.
    How can we expect our current administration, and past number of same, to be a solution to our ‘problems’ ?
    We cannot.
    They are but a symptom of same. They are THE Symptom of that which we read, hear, and shouted from the streets in killing violence.
    It is up to us to bring gentle loving kindness, respect, common sense and reason, to our neighbor, our friends, to ourselves. To our souls.

    Peace, through superior firepower. Superior firepower. Superior.

    What are to be our weapons of choice ?
    Our Superior Weapons ?

    Viet Nam – ’68-’72.

  • Kevin

    There has to be a balance restored to the civil discourse in America , especially in the world of ” Academia “. The left has been pushing everyone else out of as many institutions as they can take over , and now feel emboldened to try the next step , making all disagreement with them impossible. This is why they hate the second amendment so much. We have reached the stage where they are now using violence. Sporadically , but more and more. Our only hope is that most Americans will see what is happening and vote accordingly. It’s a pity that so many Republican ” moderates” have to be replaced before any real effect restoration of the Constitution can happen.

  • Andrew

    Getting away with Every Single Time over the last YEAR?

    Why just the last year. I have been watching this crap since the so called “peace marches” of the 1960s! Conservatives sat in a corner until we had the chance to elect Ronald Regan. That kicked open the door for Rush Limbaugh who showed up on radio in 80s and began to echo their values for the first time in media history.

    Now we are maturing into a real politically active group. Now even millennials particularly millennial women are getting conservative. A few years ago I was hugely shocked by how many of the young, under 25 yr old women, who were complaining that they were tired of dating 20 – 30 year old “boys” and were looking for men, confident, somewhat bossy, truly capable MEN to date. Then there was the very popular Kelly Clarkson song “Walk Away” with it’s lyric lines
    “I’m looking for attention
    Not another question,
    Should you go, or should you stay!

    If you don’t have the answer
    Why are you still standing here!
    Walk away.”

    That was a while ago now, but that sentiment is growing. Chicks are starting to prefer men again, not baby boys. That will seriously enliven the conservative movement, because most of the “boys” are liberals. These girls are looking for that “toxic masculinity” the left is squeaking about.

  • wayne

    interesting take.

    (I would however, avoid using “chicks” as a general term of endearment, in preference to “young ladies.” But that’s just me.)
    And yes– if Reagan had not killed the Orwellian “Fairness Doctrine,” at the FCC, we’d have no conservative talk-radio.

    “Real Men Don’t Vote Bernie Sanders”
    Courtney Kirchoff (Louder with Crowder)
    (If you want to date Courtney, get a job & leave your prius at home.)

  • Edward

    Trump is a lifelong liberal Democrat who got Democrats to vote for him. It is hardly surprising that those same Democrats are bringing to bear their tried and true tactics in order to defend the man they voted for.

    On the other hand, I am appalled that so many people here believe that adapting their uncivil tactics can possibly be a good idea.

    wodun: Excellent points. However, using “their endless mob bullying and violence” is not so much rewarding it as it is validating it. It is as though Trump is approving the use of these tactics.

    Turnabout is fair play, guys? Does this not make us just as bad as them? What is next, death threats, violence, and injuries? Protesters getting run over by frightened drivers? Democrat Congressmen getting gunned down? Two wrongs suddenly make a right?

    If we corrupt the method of getting the idea across, then we have corrupted the idea, too. The methods and philosophy for attaining the idea will propagate throughout the implementation of the idea. It is like fighting for peace or raping for virginity.

    As Phill O said, “True freedom of speech comes with constraints.” One of those constraints is to allow people to speak.

    Interestingly, the Pro-Trumpsters allowed the actual speech but shouted down the Q&A session. This is not the same as freedom of speech, because freedom for a Q&A session is part of the freedom.

    As with Ben Shapiro’s recent speech at Berkeley, the appropriate place to protest is outside the venue, not within it.

    As the article noted, the heckling prevented the audience from questioning an elected official. This is a violation of yet another right that is protected by the First Amendment.

  • David

    Des & Edward – Excellent posts both.

  • Cotour

    Related: (Rush will certainly feature this in his show today)

    The University Of Michigan seems to be creating and empowering a “Brown shirt” type student organization that they are giving free room and board in order to spread their plainly Leftist doctrine disguised as “social justice”, which in reality means what ever an individual desires it to mean. Not a term of law but a term of emotion.

    This is how the term “Social justice” is defined in today’s world by the people of the Left, I.E. institutions of higher education. Sounds wonderful, sounds fair, sounds so caring, sounds like real concern for the oppressed, only one problem, it empowers them with subjective Fascist like powers. This is the actual Hitler corollary, and it is happening right here, right now in the universities of America.

    All of this talk and rhetoric is extremely childish, something that Leftist operatives must depend on, and it is also very dangerous. The fact that we are not speaking of this in the abstract but are discussing it in real and actual terms and actions being taken by real and actual universities is a testament to how the Left has been allowed to infiltrate these now sullied bastions of learning.

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