Proposed $18.7 Billion NASA Budget Draws Early Fire from Capitol Hill

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The space war continues. Obama’s proposed $18.7 billion NASA budget has already drawn fire in Congress.

As I have said before, considering the dire state of the federal debt, I think NASA will be very lucky to survive with even this budget.


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  • larry


    On some issues I think you have a good handle, just like the rest of us. :)

    So on the budget shake up.. I’m wondering with all these social pushes we see around the planet. How can engineers push the good and remove the rot?

    As I believe we all should write our congress persons…

    I’m just an engineer. I really like it, building and seeing complex system working is very cool. But the logic chart of congress is a chaotic mess based on ego’s, greed, those striving to do good and so on. Perhaps that is good to a point.

    With Watson winning Jeporary, perhaps we can vote Watson from IBM to the senate? But would there be a serious conflict of interest for Watson with IBM interest :*).

    Hmm, or maybe Watson grandchild SkyNet. I hear it has potential.

    Regardless the next 10 years will be interesting…


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