Prosecutors focus on laptop contents in Democrat IT scandal

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Prosecutors have provided a copy of the contents of a laptop belonging to Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (that had been apparently purposely abandoned by former Democratic IT specialist Imran Awan), suggesting that they intend to use the contents as important evidence in their bank fraud case against Awan.

Imran entered a House office building the night of April 6, two months after he was banned by House authorities from touching its network, and placed the laptop, a copy of his ID, and letters to the US Attorney in a phone booth, according to a police report. There would be little reason to enter the phone booth, and it would be difficult to forget items there.

Imran also left in the phone booth a notebook that said “attorney client privilege,” which could be a reason why prosecutors gave Imran’s lawyer a copy of what could be Wasserman Schultz’s laptop. Prosecutors said they were giving him a copy under the legal process of discovery, in which defendants have a right to evidence being used against them.

…Immediately after prosecutors gave Imran a copy of the laptop, Imran’s wife, Hina Alvi, told prosecutors she would agree to return from Pakistan to face charges, seemingly indicating she has confidence that she won’t face serious punishment for theft or cyberviolations, despite authorities being in possession of massive quantities of invoices that were systematically altered to prevent the equipment from appearing in House inventories.

Overall, it appears, though I am being very optimistic here, that the prosecutors might be making a deal with the Awans in order to gather evidence on bigger fish.

Read the whole article at the link. It provides a good summary of the scandal, and shows why Wasserman Schultz and many Democrats in Congress might be very threatened by it.



  • Orion314

    IF there is any truth to the information on the laptop, and if history really is any indicator , I would expect some unexpected suicides to start popping up.

  • Rick

    I am not as optimistic as you.
    The FBI’s various excuses for Hillary. ( Not enough public interest? Give me a break)
    Lois Lerner, etc.Too many big names will come to light.
    This will die in obscurity.

  • Cotour

    “Rogue Operators”: Who is rogue and to what degree can and do they operate within existing governments, perhaps without the full or any knowledge of those in power? Are Lois Lerner or D.W. Shultz rogue operators executing what is known but unspoken leadership agenda? Or worse?

    “Perhaps the picture was more complex? Investigators considered whether a rogue faction of Cuba’s security forces had acted, possibly in combination with another country like Russia or North Korea.”

    The Cuban government appears to be genuinely perplexed about these what appear to be documented audio attacks on American diplomats. If this is in fact what went on in Cuba recently where there were actual personal physical injuries reported, what might go on in any government in either “dark” or “black” operations that are perpetrated by unsanctioned or arms length operators that provide leadership with deniability?

    Where might the line be drawn if the agenda identified is deemed, by whom ever, essential?

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