Protesters crash stage and threaten conservative speaker

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Brownshirts: Protesters (who were admitted Bernie Sanders supporters) crashed the stage, grabbed the mike, and threatened the speakers at a conservative event at DePaul University last night.

The security guards, required by the university and partly paid for by the people running the event, refused to do anything.

After an extended period of time, the crowd started to chant “Do your job” at security, who remained at the back of the venue for the entire event. When security refused to intervene, Yiannopoulos posed for pictures with fans in the audience, and ordered the crowd to follow him to the college president’s office.

More details, including video, at the link.



  • wodun

    It looks like Democrats on campus don’t think non-Democrats deserve safe places, or safety in general.

  • mivenho

    Investigative journalists should be fighting one another to do a story on why Security just sat there, including focused one-on-one interviews.

    I’m sorry – I was just daydreaming for a moment.

    Back to reality…journos and university admins are leftists.

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