Protesters prevent minorities from attending class

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Fascists: In order to protest what they preceive as a hostile environment on campus for minorities, protesters blocked access to the school so that minorities could not attend classes.

Up to 50 students gathered and prevented foot traffic through the gate. On multiple occasions, students, including minorities, tried to break through so they could attend class. In response, the protesters violently attacked them. Three assaults were reported during the protest. The University of California Police Department (UCPD) at Berkeley did not take action against the protesters, despite the fact that they acknowledged that protesters were breaking the rules and potentially committed crimes.

You can’t make this stuff up. To highlight oppression these fascists impose oppression. According to the article, the protest only ended when students teamed up and “bull-rushed” the protesters in order to get to their classes.



  • wodun

    Had this been some other group rather than Democrat activists, they would have been run off by the school’s administration and the cops. Instead, the Democrat activists get to be above the law and when they get out of school, will still think they are above the law when it comes to political activism. Then we get things like what is going on with the EPA and IRS.

  • jburn

    The (serious) students tried to cross the line to attend class, and that was a demonstration of white privilege – because they ignored this nonsense demonstration/blockade? Strange. I’ve never seen a more privileged group, lost in self-worship, than these Berkley freaks.

  • “According to the article, the protest only ended when students teamed up and “bull-rushed” the protesters in order to get to their classes.”

    Then there is some reason for optimism. :)

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