Protesters rampage against Kosher Cafe because owner supports Trump

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They are coming for you next: A Kosher cafe in Los Angeles has seen violent protests, including the throwing of feces against its windows, merely because the owner, an ordinary citizen, exercised his free speech prerogative to express support for President Trump.

What set the protest off is the local Chamber of Commerce, which was going to participate in the cafe’s grand opening. When this California organization, typical of fascist California, discovered the political leanings of the owner, however, it canceled his membership and backed out of the grand opening. It then apparently used its contacts in the community to whip up anger against the cafe itself.

“They really intensely protested and accosted all the visitors that came to our grand opening event,” said son David. “It was very scary,” said Shalom’s daughter Yael. “There was a lot of people protesting outside wearing masks […] and they threw a significant amount of feces at our windows.”

I wonder, maybe Californians might want to force these evil conservatives to wear gold stars, so they can be identified easily? Maybe they should all be tattooed, so that they can’t hide their evil political positions?

Why not? It now sure appears that if you dare express a dissenting opinion to the dominate leftist culture of California, they are going to send a mob after you, to threaten violence and to try to destroy you. Why not make it easy and gather up all these evil Republicans in one fell swoop? It would be such an easy and final solution.



  • Kevin R.

    Reading about these mobs is starting to make me feel actually physically nauseated.

    In America! I never would have believed it. When I was younger I was always so glad to be living in a civilized time. The Left has crossed a Rubicon.

  • Phill O

    Bob, it is coming soon!

    However, just think, it is the liberals who are not prolific to a large degree. They will leave that to those from the muslim countries.

  • Matt Ponas

    So their being anti Semitic? Where’s the ACLU? Where’s the Anti Defamation League? Oh, what was I thinking? They only go after conservatives and Christians…I wonder what they’d do if a Muslim shop owner showed support for our President?

  • Kyle

    The Left’s Moto: Its not Fascist when WE do it!

  • Cotour


    Occasio / Cortez speaking on the campaign trail and the fact that the Daily News has just laid off 50% of its editorial staff are great news for America. Both are Leftist ideology driven and both signs of the death of the Democrat party.

    Well done! Now lets have some more of these positive for America indicators.

    Numbers don’t lie, Capitalism is proven over and over again as the ultimate arbiter, equalizer and barometer of the American peoples thinking. You know who will not be reporting on this? All of the Liberal radio talk show hosts in America. Do you know why? Because they for the most part do not exist. One more indicator of the bankruptcy of the Left and their counter American and even anti American values.

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