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Pushback against blacklists: Harvard students relaunch conservative newspaper

Among some of Harvard's students, freedom of thought might still exist.
Among some of Harvard’s students, freedom of
thought might still exist.

In an effort to push back against the effort by leftist students at Harvard to silence and blackball conservatives, a group of students have revived the publication of a conservative college newspaper, The Salient, that had folded sometime around 2010.

Harvard student Jacob Cremers, spokesperson for the Salient, said in an email to The College Fix on Nov. 30 that the revival of the paper is meant “to fill the vacuum and to encourage diversity of opinion on Harvard’s campus.”

“The Salient has traditionally served as a source and platform of independent and contrarian thought at Harvard; it seemed to us a shame that it had vanished without leaving another newspaper to take its place,” Cremers said.

About 5,000 copies of the new edition were distributed, he said, including under the doors of every student dorm and over 800 faculty offices on campus. The November 2021 edition was titled: “Revising America: The Deconstruction of the American Commonwealth and the Patriot’s Reply.” It featured eight articles written by students using pseudonyms.

“Pseudonyms are used in order to encourage freedom of expression and attract contributors who would otherwise be too shy of public exposure. The pseudonyms also allow readers to focus on the ideas communicated, rather than the writer behind them,” Cremers told The College Fix. [emphasis mine]

The highlighted quote should be translated: “We allow authors to publish anonymously because we know the intolerant left that dominates Harvard will immediately move to destroy anyone who writes for us, once they find out who they are.”

Significantly, it appears this effort is being funded by alumni and “others” who apparently want to encourage freedom of speech at Harvard while working to break up its monolithic and oppressive leftist culture. After years of sleepy disinterest, it looks like those dedicated to free thought have finally decided to fight.

Right now the plan is to publish The Salient two to three times per year. When the next issue is distributed throughout the college, do not be surprised if the leftist thugs who run Harvard to have organized a plan to steal and destroy all copies. It is the left’s playbook to silence all debate and opposition.

The publishers of The Salient had better be prepared for such thuggery, and arrange the distribution in order to defeat it.

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  • Gary H

    It seems that we’ve gone full circle. Only, it’s no longer the British that are oppressive.

    Sorry, I must correct the statement.. The British government currently seems to prefer to suppress its own citizens. It allows the US government to suppress the rights of US citizens.

  • Greg the Geologist

    The thugs can destroy all the paper copies they want – could even burn them at the risk of Destroying the Planet. We have PDF now – I hope the editors have a plan to distribute electronic copies through their website or directly to students. Would it be too optimistic to suggest that if students get a whiff that they’re not supposed to read something, that something is being kept from them, it will make them want to see it? That the thuggery will accidentally pique some curiosity?

  • wayne

    How many students at Harvard? (and how many live on campus?)
    Is there an ‘official’ school-sponsored paper? what sort of circulation & how.
    What sort of format is The Salient?
    paper/size/page count?
    Any advertising?
    Is this free?

    IMHO– not knowing how much money they have– gotta increase the frequency to at least weekly and keep a grip on distribution of physical copies. You can’t necessarily put out bundles in the free-paper dispensers at the student center, for all the obvious reasons.
    These folks need to learn from every “underground” newspaper, comix, and/or fanzine ever printed. The Left spares no expense when they dominate culture, one-shots aren’t going to do it from our end.
    (not being critical per se, I wish them well, but they need to target the folks in the “middle” and saturate them with alternate views. )

  • Jeck Darsey

    This seems like fake news. I’m curious why anyone would even believe Harvard to be a liberal college? A large portion of the students are kids from wealthy families, which tend to be rather conservative. Almost half don’t qualify for financial aid, no small feat considering how expensive tuition there is. In ranking of how liberal a college is, its in the 200’s here:

    Seems like a silly distraction to get conservatives fired up.

  • Jeck Darsey: Please don’t multi-post. You are new here, and thus your comment went into moderation. You simply have to be patient.

  • Alton

    From the Google Turd:
    22,947 $tudents at Harvard 2021.

    Yale. 12,385

    Stanford. 16,914

    MIT. 11,396

    Princeton. 8,623

    UC La. 44,947

    Columbia. 31,455

    Dartmouth. 6,350

    William & Mary 8,617

    Washington & Lee. 2,160

    Georgetown. 5,365

    UVA. 21,985

    Of Course these “persons”
    She He or It……
    Are your Betters ;!)

    Just Call me an “IT”…

    JD “it” is based on the actions and output of the Colleges and the “persons” they send into USG service, Media and Politics.
    Just this week a Scholarship Fund was announced at William & Mary in the name of General Colin Powell. Three of his children earned Degrees from Thomas Jefferson’s school ’62, JD 1792.

  • Alton

    Sorry I managed to leave out one phrase in my post……so much for those Years of Academic training……

    Just Call me an “IT”…
    I did enjoy the Yule Log ceremony each year at the Wren Building Chapel.

  • Star Bird

    Any American Campus that Blocks Freedom of the Press should lose its Funding 100%

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