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Pushback: Black waitress sues NYC mayor over COVID shot mandate

Virginia Alleyne, blacklisted by the Democratic Party
Virginia Alleyne, blacklisted by
the Democratic Party

Don’t comply! A waitress who formerly worked at Yankee Stadium but lost her job because of the COVID shot mandate imposed by New York City mayor Eric Adams is now suing him and the city. Her suit is also fueled because of Adams’ arbitrary decision to cancel the mandate for wealthy athletes.

Virginia Alleyne’s Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit claims Hizzoner’s exemption for athletes and performers is “arbitrary and capricious” and an “abuse of discretion.”

“For him to allow millionaires to work and to punish the workers who are the lifeblood of this city is just horrendous,” Alleyne told The Post. “So many workers have lost their jobs, yet he’s rewarding the millionaires because he doesn’t want them coming after him,” she continued. “We are being punished by a blatant and egregious double standard.”

The 57-year-old Upper East Side single mom said she was placed on unpaid leave from her job as a waitress at the stadium’s high-end restaurant Legends Suite Club in September because she is unvaccinated.

This quote from her lawyer illustrates quite starkly how incredibly arbitrary and capricious Adams’ edict is:

“Today is opening day. Everyone will be back at Yankee Stadium except my client,” Mermigis told The Post. “Fifty thousand fans will be cheering in Yankee Stadium without regard to vaccination status but my client remains unemployed.”

Alleyne refuses to get the COVID jab for religious reasons. The instant she said this the edict should have been thrown out the window. New York City however is now a fascist state, ruled by edict by one man, whichever Democrat happens to be in charge at the moment. Adams thinks wealthy athletes and performers can’t get the Wuhan flu, but poor waitresses can. Therefore, only poor waitresses must get the jab or be prevented from working.

Worse, the COVID shots do nothing to protect anyone from the virus. Nothing. Nada. There is now even evidence the shots don’t even protect you much from the virus’s worse effects. Instead, the shots carry real risks, however small, while the COVID variants that presently exist appear completely harmless. The jab is a waste of time, except that it provides thugs like Democrat Eric Adams a tool for imposing his will on others.

New Yorkers however elected Adams. Despite decades of evidence that the Democratic Party in New York is a terrible party to rely on, New York voters still blindly vote Democrat. I wonder for example who Virginia Alleyne voted for. As a black woman it is almost certain she has voted Democrat her whole life, including voting for Eric Adams in last year’s election.

She, and her fellow New Yorkers, are thus only getting what they deserve. Until they wake up and vote this corrupt power-hungry party out of existence, their lives will only grow worse.

It appears however from her lawsuit that Alleyne herself might have finally woken up, and is no longer willing to take Democratic Party abuse. Good for her. Maybe she can set an example that will wake up the rest of the city.

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  • James Street

    Meanwhile in Seattle:

    Headline: “Two-thirds of Seattle voters polled have ‘actively considered’ leaving the city, according to survey”

    The article says the “voters” believe the problem is Seattle needs more leftist programs to solve crime. So they move to red states and spew their poison there.

    A few years ago at Christmas the family was joyfully opening their gifts and my leftist brother-in-law says “Ah… the joys of capitalism”. I said “Yeah, and if we were in a socialist country we would be eating the dog right now”. He replied “That’s because they didn’t implement it correctly’.

    These lunatics seriously believe that. Sadly I doubt Virginia Alleyne will change.

  • He replied “That’s because they didn’t implement it correctly’.

    My reply to his: it CAN’T be implemented correctly, Government’s human operatives lack the omniscience and infallibility to do that.

    Which is the fundamental flaw in any collectivist paradigm.

    No matter how much he stands on that Field of Dreams, it doesn’t come.

  • Edward

    James Street commented about his in-law: “He replied ‘That’s because they didn’t implement it correctly’.

    Jester Naybor then replied: “My reply to his: it CAN’T be implemented correctly, Government’s human operatives lack the omniscience and infallibility to do that.

    It makes me wonder what a correct implementation would be, and what the in-law thought it would be (perhaps two different things). How many countries, states, provinces, counties, and cities have implemented Marxism, socialism, or communism, and of those, which ones implemented it correctly? What does correct implementation look like?

    Capitalism, on the other hand, works well even when not implemented correctly or when implemented by people with the opposite economic philosophy, such as socialists and communists. The socialists of India and the communists of China merely moved in the direction of free market capitalism, without fully implementing it, and as a result a billion people came out of poverty within those two countries.

    Marxism fails even when the right people use it. Free market capitalism works (if only partially) even when the wrong people use it.

    Government’s human operatives lack the omniscience and infallibility to do that.

    In addition to a lack of omniscience and a lack of infallibility, the more centralized the control, the less it is able to adapt to local or individual conditions. National laws, regulations, and rules may apply well to one place or person’s circumstances but work poorly elsewhere or for other people. New York’s vaxxine mandate is a good example, where the millionaire baseball players get blanket exemptions but the poor worker cannot even get a religious exemption.*

    Differences in individual needs and locality conditions are why retirees tend to flock to the warmer states such as Florida and the desert states of the U.S.

    If an individual entrepreneur makes a mistake, he may suffer consequences or he may correct his company’s course to recover from that mistake, but if a centralized controlling body makes a mistake, some, many, or all of the population suffers consequences until that controlling body gets around to reviewing that policy again, which can take a long time, as they have many policies (prices, manufacturing quotas, quality requirements, etc.) to review, and distracting themselves back to any one mistake means that other mistakes cannot be corrected until even later. The individual entrepreneur only has to control what is in his own store or factory, but the central controlling body has to control what is in every store and every factory across the country.

    It is so complicated, no wonder Marxism fails everywhere it is tried. It is so simple, no wonder free market capitalism works even when the wrong people use it.

    * New York is now a city of men, where who you are determines what laws apply to you, not a city of laws, where the laws apply to all equally. In a city or nation of laws everyone is created equal. In a city or nation of men some are created with privileges not bestowed upon others. In New York, the millionaire, the baseball player, has privileges that the lowly worker, the mere waitress, does not have. Marxist, tyrannical, or centralized control allows for such corruption to favor some over others, perhaps because friends are being rewarded and enemies are punished, or perhaps it is just that some people are able to give the person(s) in control more than others are able to give. New York City’s vaxxine mandate seems to be the latter.

  • Edward: I think I have corrected the cut-and-paste error in your comment.

  • Edward

    Thank you.

  • Max

    Hope she’s successful in her lawsuit, if they don’t get government under control… New York will end up like this in Shanghai. An ultra modern city of 20 million screaming for food and to be released.

    Shanghai is not the only city being locked down due to infection rates. 160 thousand and climbing so far.
    Can you guess how many thousands of people have died?
    The Chinese economy is tanking, and the world economy is severely affected with not one person that has died yet from this variant. Whatever is going on, it has nothing to do with controlling a pandemic.

    Meanwhile at home, Biden wants to take the corn, during a world food crisis, and turn it into alcohol for cars.
    Yes the clowns are in charge.
    Alcohol has 1/2 the BTUs of gasoline… 1/2 of the power, and it’s distilled to 100 proof… Not 200 proof which means it’s 1/2 water. If you buy 20 gallons of gasoline at 10% alcohol, you’re buying a gallon of water at $4.50. Zero power in water which makes your mpg drop.
    But the alcohol causes emissions to go up which is got the greens frowning and cursing but trying not to be banned from Facebook. That will cause their social score to suffer… They’ve built a noose to control the world in which they themselves cannot escape…

    They believe renewable energy can save the world, a world that doesn’t need saving.
    I’ve been told that if 100% of the food grown in this country was converted to alcohol for fuel… It would provide less than 10% of the energy this country needs. But eventually you’ll provide 100% of our energy needs because everyone we’ll be dead due to starvation. You’ve already seen what these people are capable of, the cult believes that the ends justify the means. The only way to save the world… Is to destroy it.

  • wayne

    reference, the alcohol thing’:
    [always & forever a bad idea IMHO]

    -heard a (radio) news blub a few days ago that Biden is suspending a summertime EPA regulation on gasoline, to allow up to a 15% mix of alcohol.

    -anecdotally– SW Michigan shoreline, current price $3.659 the gallon.

  • Edward

    The way the federal government is treating Elon Musk, right now, shows us that we have become a nation of men, not of laws. Musk is now being investigated not because there is probable cause or because he is accused of doing something but in order to find something that he may have done. He angered someone within the government and now they are on a witch hunt to find a reason to officially persecute him, to punish their enemies. Recently they began investigating Tesla in order to find something to use to “get” Musk. Since Musk’s Twitter dealings are the most recent, I speculate that these dealings are what angered some unknown person in the federal government into enhancing this investigation. Who knew that we would have to defend our own freedom of speech rather than the government performing its duty to protect it for us? What good is government when we have to do its job?

    In a nation of laws, we do not hunt for reasons to persecute someone we are angry with but we must have probable cause in order to investigate. Musk is being treated like an enemy, and the resources of the federal government are bearing down on him. The same happened to President Trump before and while he was president. There are recent cases in which the government entrapped — set up — Americans for persecution.

    The pushback has to transition from these individual blacklisting cases to a more general campaign to reinstate our former government, in which the law applied equally to all, before the government rewarded the Democratic Party’s friends and punished its enemies. We the People of any country pay taxes so that government serves us, but tyrannies behave as though government is the important entity and its citizens exist only to serve it. Since government is made of people, it is the people of government who act and believe as though they are the special ones, an aristocracy. These tend to be the same people who advocate that the Unites States be more like Europe, which descended from aristocratic societies, rather than continue the successful model that we have had for the past half century: egalitarian. Being egalitarian has allowed the entire population of America, rather than just a limited few, to be creative, innovative, and successful. This is why America has made more advancements than the population of all of Europe, over the past few centuries. This is why Elon Musk has been so successful.

    But now that Musk is defending free speech rights, he has come under personal attack by a tyrannical government that believes that we are here merely to serve it.

    Welcome to Obamas’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

  • wayne

    yeah, obama’s amerika.

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