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Pushback: Blacklisted doctors opposed to present Biden/CDC/FDA policies testify to Congress

Do not comply: A large group of highly qualified doctors and nurses, almost all of whom have been blacklisted, fired, suspended, or prevented from treating patients simply because either they opposed the COVID shot mandates or wished to treat their patients as they saw fit, testified on January 24, 2022 in Congress, describing in horrible detail the many times they were forced to watch as their patients died because their hospitals had forbidden them from providing the treatments they knew would work.

Below is a 38 minute-long video showing the most dramatic testimony during the five hour hearing. If you want to watch the full hearing, go here.

I beg my readers to at least watch the edited version above. It will tear your heart out. As Dr. Pierre Kory noted at one point in describing what the government health agencies have been doing in the last two years, “This is corruption, plain and simple, this is corruption.”

Another doctor described how the hospital personally forbid him from prescribing the very medicines he had found had consistently worked, so much so that his patient survival rate was 50% higher than his colleagues. “I had to stand by idly watching these people die.” He was subsequently fired.

Many of the doctors testifying have already been featured in my daily blacklist column. Most however have not. When asked by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), the organizer of the hearing, how many had “experienced censorship, intimidation, or professional reprisal, or damage,” almost every hand went up.

Not only were these doctors outraged and horrified by the decision of hospitals and the government to block treatments they knew were working, they described the absurdity of giving healthy children the experimental COVID shots, even though their chances of dying from the Wuhan virus were practically nil. They further noted the even greater idiocy of giving these risky shots to children who have already had COVID and thus had natural immunity. All the shot could accomplish at that point was to subject the child to the very real risk of an adverse reaction, including some actual cases cited at the hearing one of which that led quickly to death.

Will anyone listen? I guarantee to you that no one in the Biden administration, the CDC, or the FDA will. Nor will the various manufacturers of the COVID shots. Representatives from these entities were invited to this hearing. All refused to testify.

There is only one solution that will work. The voters need to fire every elected official who is supporting these bad policies, and then the new legislators must move to fire the bureaucrats. The immediate removal of the entire upper management at the CDC, NIH, FDA, and all other federal health agencies should then follow.

I emphasize the word “immediate” because too often legislators like to stall from of their typical fear of controversy, or because despite their campaign promises they are wholly captured by the bureaucratic establishment in government. Stalling is not acceptable at this point. If the Republicans take control of Congress in November and do not immediately move to make this happen, they will prove that they are no different than the corrupt Democratic Party. At that point our entire Constitutional system will have been shown to have failed, leaving the general public with chaos, anarchy, and violence as its only remaining option.

And that option is really not something anyone should want, especially those in charge in DC.

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  • Peter

    Robert, I think only the president can fire these people, as they work for the executive branch. Trump spectacularly failed to do this, which is why I am a DeSantis supporter. If we get a republican congress the best that can be done is to defund the agencies, which of course carries a large political risk and probably won’t change the culture there. People are policy as they say!
    I just don’t want to see a republican congress elected with the expectation that they can do what they have no authority to. When that happens our side is demoralized and feels there is no use participating. Forfeiting the game is the worst way to lose.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Bob – I like the aggressive idea of firing bureaucrats, but with the Biden Regime being in power through 2024, that is impossible.

    There is currently a ‘Fire Fauci Act’ Bill that reduces Dr. Fauci’s salary to $0 until a new NIAID Administrator is confirmed by the Senate. But it does not fire him, and that bill will die before the Republicans take over Congress.

    Since the federal bureaucracy is part of the Executive Branch, the Republicans in Congress can’t have much affect on it. The current congressional Democrats will control the budgeting process for the period of Oct 2022 through September 2023. Perhaps the Republicans in Congress could affect the budget for Federal bureaucracies starting in October 2023, but I don’t believe they could terminate individual government bureaucrats from the upper management at the CDC, NIH, and FDA.

    After the 2022 midterm elections, the Republicans will chair the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee, and they will use that for investigations.
    The Investigations would start in 2023 and likely focus hot topics like the origins of this COVID-19 pandemic, DOJ overreach, and the invasion of our southern border.
    And the most important investigations should expose how bureaucrats like Fauci created the biggest disaster in public health history and facilitated authoritarianism.

    My guess is that these investigations will give you cold comfort.
    As the Marines in Iraq often remarked – “Embrace the Suck”.

  • Peter: Though Congress can’t fire these people, it can quickly zero out their budget. The power of the purse was considered by the Founding Fathers the number source of power in government. And in writing the Constitution they specifically focused that power, and most other powers, with Congress.

    If the Republicans win big in November, and have solid majorities in both Houses, they will have more than enough power to defang these agencies. And if they don’t, no excuses will be acceptable.

  • Original Mark: See my comment to Peter.

  • dflatt

    Question, can someone tell me why these (fired or suspended) hospitals medical staff workers that refuses to get the COVID shots are being replaced by FEMA medical staff in the same hospitals or clinics?

    These same FEMA medical workers were the COVID shots are NOT mandatory for their employment?

    I guess the FEMA medical worked have a stronger Federated Workers Union than the hospitals/clinics OR is this a great way to backdoor for single payer health care at last (FEMA Medical workers => Federated Health Care in private clinics/hospitals).

    At least the hospitals bottom line looks better, the US Government is paying for the replacement team.

  • Cotour

    Its a new and improved, kind of Fascism:

    “Biden-appointed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said Silicon Valley tech companies have an “important role to play” in preventing the spread of alleged coronavirus “misinformation.” His comments came during an MSNBC interview that specifically mentioned Joe Rogan.

    Murthy made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC, in which host Mika Brzezinski asked Murthy what should be done about alleged misinformation from Joe Rogan and social media posts.”

  • Cotour

    And Mr. Murthy knows or should know (He knows) that there are other therapies and drugs that are without doubt proven to be effective against Covid in preventing a bad outcome, including death, such as Ivermectin which Joe Rogan talks about. But you, those in the Pedestrian realm are not allowed to talk about them or take them.

    “According to this comprehensive study, the regular use of ivermectin as a prophylactic agent was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death rates. The ivermectin non-users were two times more likely to die of COVID-19 than ivermectin users in the overall population analysis.”

    And like I said its a, kind of Fascism. Its *NEW* and *IMPROVED*.

    And what do I mean by that? The government closely working with big tech hand in hand and visa versa to censor and control a message that the government is committed to through an agenda established by them. Government is managing the Public like so many heads of cattle.

    Government working hand in hand with business to control the message and the people and their ability to make decisions in the interests of their own health of what is growing clearer and clearer is an agenda which is not concerned with the general welfare of the people but of proving a *NEW* technology to the exclusion of all other therapies or drugs and to establish some measure of a digital ID system and data base.

    Clearer and clearer.

    “Fauci Proposes Three Shot Series for Babies 6-Months-Old Up to Children 4-Years-Old ”

    Clearer and clearer.

  • Trump spectacularly failed to do this

    How far up the management chain does civil-service protection go … and therefore put firing most of the miscreants, perhaps even Fauci, out of Trump’s reach?

    And even the political appointees he could fire, conveniently had a Congress with the ability to undermine him in response – and this is not limited to the issue of WuFlu.

    Where was the GOP backing him up? I’d wager that many of them would join with the Dems to use a firing as an excuse to derail most of his agenda and even as grounds for impeachment.

    We simply do not give our Presidents dictatorial powers like that … frankly, it’s amazing in hindsight that Reagan got away with removing PATCO air-traffic controllers wholesale, and that would not likely happen today in this political environment.

    IMO Trump made the best of the hand he was dealt, by the DC establishment and Winnie the Flu. His respect for federalism instead of subjecting all 50 states to the full Cuomo is particularly remarkable in this day and age, and sets a precedent for future Presidents who actually give a rip about the ordinary citizen.

  • Note that prior to the 2020 election, Trump had issued an executive order that allowed the president much more leeway to fire federal employees, even those in the civil service. See:

    New Trump executive order suggests major house-cleaning should he win

    As far as I know, that order remains in force, but it seems the Biden administration either is unaware or doesn’t need it, since almost everyone in the civil service is pro-Democrat.

    Should a Republican ever regain the White House, this order should still be in effect. Even if it isn’t it can be re-established.

  • BLSinSC

    There is no time limit to bring MURDER CHARGES! This should be remembered! PREMEDITATED MURDER is the WORST form of murder (all are bad, but ORGANIZED MURDER is unforgivable)!! The “educated decisions” made by those in charge have resulted directly in the deaths of THOUSANDS. Those who made those decisions need to be held accountable. Put ME on a JURY and present the evidence that I have read just on THIS website! Also allow ME to pull the lever that sends each one of them on their way down to the depths of hell (with a short, temporary stop)! If the world does not back a “Nuremberg” style trial of those in charge then Heaven better help us because Man surely won’t!! I cannot believe I have seen all this take place in the United States of America! We MUST do better than this!

  • Bobby Hill

    I wholeheartedly agree with BLSinSC about bringing charges. People like these doctors, biased conservatives, and uneducated blog hosts who present themselves as experts for personal gain should be held accountable. I can’t wait for the day these folks are punished for spreading covid disinformation that has resulted in the loss of life and livelihood across the world.

  • Cotour


    You will seldom find the accountability within the politically empowered Political Realm and those arm’s length political agency appointees that you are looking for.

    Not unless those individuals become problematic in either what they overtly did that would clearly indicated that they were self-dealing, or they become a threat to the entrenched powers that be because they have had a come to Jesus’ moment and are willing to disgorge the stated and unstated agenda.

    And remember, those who are politically empowered are but temporary employees and those who are career players are the long-term players here.

    The black and white consequences that many look for are only for those that exist within the Pedestrian realm as a fairly solid rule of thumb.

    The only answer? Strong leadership that can lead in real terms in the interests of America and its people and the preservation of the Constitution and what it structures.

    And what the Constitution structures is exactly the reason that it is ALWAYS under threat.

    I know how frustrating it all is but that is the real reality of the thing. And somewhere in-between there is still optimism and hope but we in many respects are captured in this paradigm and the only real answer is the political warfare that the Constitution structures that must occur every day.

    Nothing worthwhile is easy.

  • Pearl

    Charlie Brown continues his quest to kick that darn football. But voters must not allow themselves to believe that there is any chance that Congress, under whatever leadership, will ever serve their constituents or defend the Constitution. It’s nothing short of delusional to think that after what we have seen. So let’s all understand that we are in a post constitutional America and without recourse to the rule of law.
    In other words, “our entire Constitutional system will have been shown to have failed, leaving the general public with chaos, anarchy, and violence as its only remaining option.”

  • Cotour


    That may in fact be what things have become and there is no reasonable way out, there are no guarantees.

  • Cotour

    And PS:

    The Left is using this condition to its maximum, the difference between the Political Realm and the Pedestrian Realm is now a political weapon like never before seen.

  • Edward

    I love how Bobby Hill conflates people who cite the experts with people like himself who present themselves as the experts. He and people like him think that they must be right, even though they can’t cite any other experts.

    Robert wrote: “Republicans take control of Congress in November and do not immediately move to make this happen, they will prove that they are no different than the corrupt Democratic Party.

    I have no hope of this. Republicans already proved that they are no different than the corrupt Democratic Party when they refused to repeal Obamacare, which is why we have this Great Oppression today over the Wuhan flu.

    As Peter noted, Trump was the wrong choice in 2016. The correct choice is not talking about running for president in 2024, but it does not matter anyway, since the Republican voters have caved into the corruption and chose lifelong Democrat Trump. Now many Trump voters wonder why he didn’t drain the swamp, but that was not his proclivity in the first place. The Republican voters had a choice between Trump and a guy who said he would drain the swamp but chose Trump instead. Draining the swamp was not a priority for Republican voters.

    Trump made four promises that mattered: jail the serial felon Hillary Clinton, repeal Obamacare, build the wall, end sanctuary cities. He abandoned the Clinton promise two days after the election, abandoned the sanctuary cities two months after the inauguration and allowed an entire state to become a sanctuary, abandoned the repeal after the first time it failed in Congress, and only added a few miles of wall — explaining why the border was so porous on January 21st 2021.

    It isn’t just the elected Republicans that are as corrupt as the Democratic Party but it is the Republican voters, too, who keep voting for bad candidates, making the entire Republican Party just as corrupt.

  • Questioner


    To be honest, in November and December 2020 I defended Trump. But today I can’t see anything. Bring a 40 year old eater of communists instead.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    I tend to agree with you that new young nationalist politicians need to take up the fight.
    But there is still a lot of fight left in some MAGA graybeards.

    This is what Steve Bannon said on Jan 20th while unloading on Biden and the Democrats (Note – the term ‘WarRoom refers to Bannon’s listeners and viewers who are politically active).

    “The WarRoom is not here to unite the country; The WarRoom is here to fight your Cultural Marxism, your Globalism, your destruction of the middle class/the working class, and therefore the Constitutional Republic that’s been handed down from generations from time and memorial. That’s our thesis. That’s our theory of the case. And note to self, we’re winning and you’re losing.”

  • Cotour

    I hear you, but Trump runs the Republican party now and if he wants the nomination, he will have it.

    The proof of the pudding will be the midterm elections. Things will become clearer after that.

    And yes, Trump is traumatic to the political senses, no doubt.

    But in the end that is really what must take control if this country and its Constitution is to survive in a form close to what it was intended to be.

    Things are in a flux mode in America today. Why? Because the Left by necessity has pushed way, way too far to the Left and are being revealed for what they are anti and un–American Americans. You keep watching this story.


    A powerful and moving video, assassinated 22-year-old now detective Jason Revera’s funeral: 6 min.–~D

    And Jason Revera’s wife calls out “Progressive”, “Woke”, Leftist, NYC DA Alvin Bragg.

    Is this what George Soros and his “Progressive”, “Woke”, Leftist $1million dollars to the Alvin Bragg campaign has bought and accomplished?

    This is how George Soros and company intend to raze what *IS* in America including the Constitution and rebuild it in their *NEW* and *IMPROVED* *more better* and more “Equitable” way so no one is racist in America anymore? (BS.)

    The Leftists among us and the Democrat party machine that panders to them are shameful, now treasonous and they are a growing threat to everyone’s safety and good lives in America and the world.

    And that is what you have to look forward to if this is allowed to remain and is accepted. The police department in NYC today sent a powerful message to the Leftist powers that be. Take notice America.

    The people are just about at their limits.–~D

  • Questioner

    BtB’s Original Mark:

    What happened to Steve Bannon?
    He should definitely pay more attention to his appearance. He always looks like after a two-day drinking spree.

  • Questioner


    So many thousands on the street just in homage to the dead? Insanity!
    I haven’t heard anything about the matter.

  • Cotour

    Like I said the police department was clearly sending a very powerful message to those insane elected city and state politicos.

    I have never seen that much police blue in one place ever before like that.

    And what is the attitude of those in Leftist political power?

    “Unfortunately, this is what must sometimes happen in pursuit of our new and more just and equitable America.”

    And if they refuse to say it outright, its what they are thinking.

    The Left and the Democrats that pander to them are human disgraces and an insult to all.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Bannon’s rough unkempt look matches his political style which is an acquired taste. The Irish in America have long history of practicing bare knuckled politics and I have a ‘McCarthy’ in my heritage along with the more civilized German & Polish ancestry.

    I prefer Bannon’s WarRoom on video through Rumble-

    Or to listen to it, I use iHeart because they don’t have a culture of censorship. iHeart Podcast
    Link –

    Give it a try when in the car or otherwise traveling.

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