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Pushback: Chants of “Vote them out!” overwhelm school board meeting

Roxanne McDonald thinking she is in charge.
School board president Roxanne McDonald,
thinking she is in charge.

Bring a gun to a knife fight: A school board meeting in Dearborn, Michigan, had to be shut down when a mostly Muslim crowd of parents (with some Christians as well) became outraged by what appeared to be resistance by the school board to their demand that various books advocating the queer agenda be removed from the public school libraries.

As the meeting progressed, interruptions from the crowd became louder and increasingly frequent, despite calls from board members for decorum and respecting the right of others to speak.

Chants of “vote them out,” broke out when school board president Roxanne McDonald said a three-minute limit per speaker would be strictly enforced. The room was also far over its occupancy limit, and after the crowd ignored multiple orders for people to move into two overflow rooms, board members ended the meeting prior to the public comment period.

The video below shows the situation leading up to the board shutting down the meeting. Watch it and tell me if you do not think board president Roxanne McDonald is a self-righteous petty dictator who has utter contempt for the parents who are there.

Apparently the parents were mostly protesting the board’s policy for removing books that parents objected to. The policy allows anyone to request a removal, but it had previously left the decision up to the school’s staff. Due to rising complaints — probably because the schools were routinely dismissing parental objections — that policy had been revised allowing an appeal by the parents to “a committee comprised of community, parents, staff members, and students.”

This did not satisfy the parents, for good reason. Such a committee is a typical tactic of the left to block any protest to its policies. It seeds such committees with its allies (some innocent, some not) and almost always gets a decision it wants.

When no one in the crowd was willing to move into the overflow rooms, the board closed the meeting, citing fire marshal demands. It also claimed it would reconvene the meeting in a larger venue at a later date. It should not expect things to go much better then, based on its present actions.

Several points: First, this protest is another indication that parents of all stripes in America have had enough, and are no longer willing to go along with the college-educated leftists who have dominated politics at all levels, from school boards to the swamp in Washington, since the 1960s. There is an anger rising in the land, because that out-of-touch elitist community has finally chosen the wrong target to warp and destroy, the children of ordinary people.

Second, Dearborn’s Muslim population is large, and in fact it is one of the most Islamic cities in the United States. Such a population will not tolerate the queer agenda for more than two seconds, and it will be this issue that will quickly cause both Muslim and Christian parents to work together as allies.

Third, because of the domination of Islam in Dearborn, a victory here against the queer agenda in the schools will in some ways be a Pyrrhic victory for traditional American civilization. Islam’s goal is not merely religious, but political. It does not believe in the separation of church and state, but is designed to bring them together, under Islamic rule. While American Christians merely wish to get the schools focused only on reading, writing, and arithmetic, the leaders in the Islamic community will undoubtedly be thinking about a complete take over, at all political, cultural, and religious levels. We must be aware of this fact.

Third, the chant “Vote them out!” that closed the meeting is not merely a chant, it is a clear prediction. When next this school board comes up for election expect the large Muslim community of Dearborn to run its own slate, and expect that slate to win handily. Expect that victory to force major changes in the curriculum at the city’s public schools, including if necessary the removal of many administrators and staff.

For at least the short term, the focus of teaching in Dearborn’s public schools will return to the basics. And that is something we must celebrate.

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  • Con

    The more political and less science-based this website becomes, the less and less I come here.

    I don’t care politics and I certainly don’t care about your personal political opinions. This is garbage that I can read on Facebook or Twitter. Why does EVERYONE today feel the need to bloviate about politics? Can you not just stay in your lane? Almost every reputable person that I know in science stays away.

    Why are you driving a political agenda?

  • Con: If you don’t like what I write, then you are free to go elsewhere.

    I was blacklisted merely because of my opinions. I also despise it when others are blacklisted for merely having opinions. In a free society everyone should be outraged by this. That you are not and wish to put your head in the sand is your choice. I as a free citizen will not.

    I also note that I write one political column per day, always based entirely on facts. Any opinions I express are in response to those facts. You want to ignore facts is your choice as well.

    Finally, practically everything else on BtB is about space, which by the way is the vast bulk of what I write and am interested in. Seems to me if you don’t like the political posts it is very easy to avoid them.

    That you still complain suggests to me that your goal is really to get me to shut up. Sorry, buddy, but I won’t do that.

  • sippin_bourbon

    As someone who is not on face/twit, I appreciate you posting these.
    You have linked a few that I would not have read about otherwise.

    The other factor here is that face/twit will block, limit or otherwise impact commentary.

    Like substack, you provide an open platform. That by itself is commendable.

  • Alton

    –‘That you still complain suggests to me that your goal is really to get me to shut up. Sorry, buddy, but I won’t do that.”–

    Three Cheer’s Sir!!!
    ? ? ?

  • John

    Based on some of the FBI whistleblowers many of those parents now have open ended counterterrorism investigations on them by the stasi I mean FBI. Unlike criminal cases no charges have to filed, the accused have no idea a file was opened on them, no warrants have to be obtained, and arguably no realistic probable cause is needed to start the file. They’re not rounding up deplorables (yet) but they are abusing counterterrorism powers.

    Nobody cares that this is being done to generate statistics for the imagined white nationalist threat, maybe the fact that many of these parents are Muslims will cause some outrage. Who am I kidding, the stasi will just ignore them. Yup, woke up in Russia this morning.

  • Blackgriffin

    Mr. Zimmerman:
    I actually appreciate your political articles more than any of the others, although I like everything your post. I want to know what’s happening around me for my family’s sake and the sake of my country. Thank you for your help in keeping us informed with the facts.

  • gnome

    Great! Goathumpers will rule the school board and a long-dead terrrorist will guide the philosophy of what is and is not permitted. Girls, start sewing your freedom sacks, because the scools’ dress codes won’t be exempted.

  • Milt

    Con makes a very interesting point, but probably not the one that he intended.

    Implicit in his comment is the idea that if someone like Robert “politicizes” his website, it is “bad,” but if anyone in the broader world of science or science journalism does exactly the same thing with a woke, left-leaning bias, it is seen as virtuous and progressive, and it is not supposed to be questioned, criticized, or — most important — even noticed. Think, for example, of the woke administrators at AAS or the virtue-signalling editors at Sky & Telescope. Or the general slant of the NOVA television series.

    This obvious double standard in which progressive / woke perspectives are assumed to be “normal” and normative lies at the very heart of the left’s ongoing agenda to redefine the nature of our reality. Their assertions are always put forward as “true” in an a priori sense, and we should no more question them than a fish might question the water in which it swims. Thus the endeavors of education and science are no longer to be properly understood as a “search for truth” (or to pass on mankind’s accumulated knowledge to the next generation) but as mere vehicles to “proclaim” the left’s Higher Truth..

    But if someone like Robert *does* begin to question the left’s narrative — or if parents at a school board meeting begin to object to CRT being taught as a substitute for conventional American history and/or the grooming / sexualization of their their kids by their teachers — well, whoa Nellie! — THAT’s politicizing things, and only those on the left are accorded this privilege.

    Thanks, Con, for reminding us of this.

  • Bruce E Warren

    Why are these petty dictators almost always morbidly obese, middle aged, upper middle class white l ladies?

    Rhetorical question only.

  • BLSinSC

    They accomplished NOTHING other than shutting down a meeting! Just SHUT UP – USE YOUR THREE MINUTES and present a UNITED FRONT against the INSANE positions taken by the LEFT! Shutting down the meeting just kept ANYTHING from being done – think “The FLOOR” had a problem with just packing up and going home?? Next time consider WHO and WHAT you are voting for!

  • Alton

    Question ❓
    I wonder WHO will be given access in full or part to the ever growing pile of Counterterrorism files of citizens?

    WE still do not know how many copies of the FBI’s RAW investigation files of Republicans for Clearences in Administrations previous to the Great Klintoons WhiteHouse Residency Exists or where they are other than the DNC Headquarters.
    Chappaqua? West Chester?
    Your Local State Democrat Campaign Operatives.?

    1,154 Persons at least were included in that Little Jewel.

  • Cotour


    This is how the Liberal, Leftist radical Democrats roll.

    They first cause the problem in the extreme and systemically, then they propose that we are not spending enough on the problem that they have caused and THAT is the solution.

    And you must be forced to be strapped with paying for it all by law and if you resist this perversion, YOU are immoral!

    A message from NYS “Progressive” / “Woke” Congress person (Who was knocked out of her office when she lost her primary), Alessandra Biagi sends me a message about the “horrid conditions that exist” now that there are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding into NYC, shipped here by the immoral Texas governor.

    She is following in her grandfather’s footsteps BUT her grandfather was a Conservative and I am certain rolls in his grave everyday his granddaughter expresses her perverted self.

    “Ultimately, the City and State must do more to invest in safe, affordable housing to alleviate the overburdened shelter system. Solving this crisis requires long-term solutions and investments into our housing system, and we cannot continue to put mere band aids on these issues. ”


    They also do it by using the Constitution as a weapon against itself also, that is their MO.

    Ultimately, they can confidently be classified as being evil, un and anti American when it is all sorted out. They have long ago forgot what America was about and they have grown to a point where they really threaten our country fundamentally. This is how they fight the political warfare that ensures our systems health and existence.

    They really are an American existential problem; they have a mental illness.

    God, November 9th morning is going to be another stark, ice cold come to Jesus, Ma Barker lost the presidency morning for the entire Democrat party machine.

    And that as Martha says, is a good thing.

  • Cotour

    I guess I should apologize to Con for primarily commenting on politics here on BTB?


    The French have a saying: If you don’t do politics, politics will be done to you.

  • Con

    Mr. Zimmerman: You’ve got it all wrong. You clearly feel very slighted politically, and I’m sure you have your reasons, but I have nothing do do with that. You clearly took my comment very, very personally, and while I was wholly expecting a reply in spirit of, “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to be here”, I was not prepared for your delusional, conspiratorial tirade.

    Pretend for just a minute that I’m not actually a “evil lib trying to shut you up” and simply loathe politics, and then re-read what you wrote so you can realize how deranged and idiotic you sound. Whatever respect I had for you is now gone, and it’s disappointing to learn this side of your character. I’m sorry that you’ve been “deplatformed”, but I didn’t know anything about that. I’m just an occasional reader who wants to learn about science, that’s it.

  • Con

    The reality is that there is nothing of real value in your post and in any of these exchanges or comments (including my own). This is pointless, political circle-jerking and no one is smarter or wiser for it (no matter who is doing it). I waste enough of my time as it is, and I can’t really think of a worse way of spending it by quibbling about politics on Otherwise will disagree, but I shall bid you adieu.

  • sippin_bourbon


    I too occasionally tire of politics. And when that happens, I simply scroll past the threads that are political, and look at the cool pics, or read about the latest launches.

    This is easy. The control is at YOUR fingertips. You can ignore such threads. Instead, you chose to complain about the presence of political postings.

    Surely you understand why your initial comment is taken as “you should not post your politics”:
    -You tell him to “stay in your lane?” but then claim he is feeling slighted.
    -You stated that “reputable” people stay away, but wonder why it seems personal?
    -You declare you don’t care about politics, but specifically add that you do not care for his politics.

    You, sir, are being deliberately obtuse.
    You could not have been more clear.

    “Why are you driving a political agenda?” you asked.
    Because he can. Why do you need a reason?

  • sippin_bourbon

    “I can’t really think of a worse way of spending it by quibbling about politics..”

    There is a great post about the loss of Arecibo. Another on a great pic about Phobos.
    Why did you pic THIS thread to post? Comment about the Near Earth Objects.

  • Con: I didn’t take your comment personally. I’m just sick and tired of people telling me (and thousands of others) to shut up. I do my daily column to bring attention to this thuggish behavior.

    You don’t like some of my posts. Big deal. All you have to do is ignore them, or don’t come here anymore. Or make some really substantive contribution, instead of demanding silence. For example, do you think any of this blacklisting is justified? Such a comment might actually be interesting, and move the conversation forward.

  • Con, you may not be interested in political cancel culture, that that culture is interested in YOU …

    … and in humanity’s endeavors in space.

    It already spilled over and stained the accomplishments of Dr. Matt Taylor and the Rosetta mission, that landed a probe on a comet for the first time … because Dr. Taylor wore a shirt that “offended” feminists.. From what I see, politics is behind the roadblocks put up to impede SpaceX from launching Starship before the boondoggle known as the Senate Launch System. And there are the never-endiing complaints of “why are we going into space when there is (insert problem here) on earth?” that imply we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time … as they pay no heed to whether government intervention would actually solve the problem.,

    The same attitude of “We Know Better” and “Ours is The One True Way” that we see in articles like this, is what drives the above interference with legitimate endeavors above and near the Karman Line., holdiing good pepole back in their efforts to advance the state-of-the-art and bring benefit to all of us.

    Your passive-aggressive, above-it-all condescension is al;so noted.

    You want a world free of politics? Then use your voice and vote to elect leaders who actually respect our individual, uinalienable rights enough to secure them. If they would make respect for those rights their higesst priority, identity politics, radical environmentalism, and a lot of other political interference perpetrated in the name of someone’s definition of “the greater good” would be diminished.

  • Edward

    Some of your readers provide some of the best entertainment. Con tried to silence you, then came back to try some more. Most entertaining was the fabricated quote. It makes one wonder which is the deranged idiotic one. Then he threatened to take you up on one of your recommendations as though that would surprise or disappoint you.

    Ah, the fun responses we get when we talk politics and the other side has run out of arguments. Too bad Con ran out so quickly.

  • wayne


    Pink Floyd –
    “Another Brick in the Wall”

    “But in the town it was well known that when they got home at night,
    their fat and psychopathic wives,
    Would thrash them within inches of their lives!”

  • Milt,

    You make an excellent point that I myself have experienced my entire professional life as a journalist. Wherever I have gone or worked, lefty journalists have had complete freedom to spout their politics in public and even in print, often inserting political points in articles that have nothing to do with politics, with the full approval of their editors. I however have had to fight editors and publishers time after time, often causing my books to be delayed and even threatened with cancellation. It is for this reason that I now publish my own books, as I have gotten tired of that battle.

  • Jeff Wright

    Christians best sup with the Muslims with a long spoon. The secularists could be the least of our worries

  • Milt @ 7:25AM-

    I have to disagree with you. The latest copies that I have of Sky & Telescope did not seem to be filled with virtue-signaling editors at all.

    Issues are from Feb 1982 through Nov 1987. See – no virtue-signals.

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