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Pushback: Doctor suspended for opposing mandates sues hospital

Dr. Mary Bowden, refusing to bow to the authorities
Dr. Mary Bowden, refusing to bow to the authorities

Pushback: Mary Bowden, a doctor who was suspended from working at Houston Methodist Hospital because she publicly opposed COVID shot mandates and used ivermectin in treating her Wuhan flu patients, has now sued the hospital to get data on the effects, pro and con, of those shots on its own patients.

The hospital had accused her of “spreading dangerous misinformation which is not based on science” because she had successfully treated about 2,000 COVID patients, none of which ever needed hospitalization, with both ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies.

Bowden apparently has publicly advocated choice by both doctors and patients, something the lords at Houston Methodist cannot tolerate.

Bowden added, “We all know that early COVID treatment works, it saves lives, and I’m not going to be silenced, intimidated, or bullied by Houston Methodist, Houston Chronicle, or anyone else who wants to target physicians that question the narrative.”

In November, [her Attorney Steve] Mitby said that Bowden had never peddled disinformation, as a Stanford University-trained physician who has had vast experience in treating coronavirus patients. “She is helping her patients, through a combination of monoclonal antibodies and other drugs, to recover from COVID. Dr. Bowden’s proactive treatment has saved lives and prevented hospitalizations,” he said at the time. “Dr. Bowden also is not anti-vaccine as she has been falsely portrayed. Dr. Bowden has opposed vaccine mandates, especially when required by the government. That is not the same as opposing vaccines.”

Hospitals nationwide have been blocking doctors from considering these other treatments, even though there is building evidence that they work. Bowden’s own success is an example of that evidence.

The lawsuit is not seeking damages. Instead, it wishes to obtain from the hospital its data on its own success at treating the Wuhan flu, as well as what it has gained financially by that treatment.

…the suit — which was filed in state district court on Monday — is requesting “financial documents detailing all revenue generated at the hospital throughout he COVID-19 vaccination program, including details about reimbursements or payments from government, insurance companies, and patients.” The suit is also requesting information about “any financial arrangements with pharmaceutical companies for COVID-19 treatments.”

Bowden’s suit also states that the hospital should make public the number of all recently admitted COVID-19 patients who were fully vaccinated and how many employees are experiencing breakthrough infections.

Bowden also pointed to the hospital’s 2019’s assets — which reportedly totaled approximately $4 billion — and said that the public is entitled to know how those assets have increased after 2019 and amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Since the start of the epidemic there has been a lot of evidence that suggests hospitals have been falsely assigning many deaths to COVID because the federal government gives them bonuses for such data. Bowden wants to see if these allegations have merit at Houston Methodist.

Furthermore, since the hospital opposes the use of ivermectin, which Bowden has used so successfully she never had to send any of her patients to Houston Methodist, Bowden wants to see the hospital’s own success rate with COVID patients, following what it calls “the science.”

We need more aggressive push back like Bowden’s. Doctors who are successful in treating their Wuhan flu patients must step forward like her and fight back when hospitals and government agencies attempt to slander them and prevent them from using their own judgment in treating patients.

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  • Bobby Hill

    Just a thought…Maybe the combo of ivermectin and monoclonals is effective because of the monoclonal and not the horse dewormer? I look forward to seeing where this lawsuit goes. Also find it funny that so many anti vaxxers believe in a conspiracy about money made by vaccine deployment when the antibody treatments cost about 100x and are made by the same or similar big pharma companies. People continue to amaze me, and not in a good way.

  • Lee S

    It saddens me that the current climate refuses to even consider other scientific opinions. That’s not the way science is supposed to work.

    Science is about data, making falsifiable predictions, having them proved correct. That’s it.

    To hound doctors who have data that is easily falsifiable, without even trying to do the work to collect data to prove the first data set wrong is not science.

    I know my train of logic sounds a little twisted here, but I’m pretty sure everyone here knows what I mean.

    There are surely all kinds of shills, crazies, and people who are just plain wrong out there, but there are also people thinking “outside the box” who have ideas, and indeed data that warrants a longer look, rather than being dismissed because it doesn’t fit current thinking.

    There are many ideas postulated on this forum that I radically disagree with, and I don’t mind arguing my corner. But without statistical evidence my, or your arguments are just that. Just arguments.

    One argument I am getting more and more on board with is that vaccinations of teenagers and younger is a bad idea… The links to data provided here, plus my own research is concerning. But should I bring the subject up with friends or coworkers I’m labeled an anti vaxer, which I am obviously not. ( I take the flu shot every year… My kids are fully vaccinated against those nasty childhood illnesses).
    I am trying to compile a body of evidence that the vaccination of children is actually harmful, and that some of the discredited prophylactic treatments, and indeed curative treatments may have merit. The surveys that suggest they do are obviously downplayed, but they are out there.
    For the record, I’m going for my covid booster next week .I’m in the “risk group” due to health conditions, but I’m also 50 not 15.
    It seems a sensible conversation regarding the above is impossible right now, ( and you can’t just blame “the left”)
    Similar to climate change, dissenting voices in science being shouted down without consideration is worrying.
    I believe, on balance, we should be worried about climate change, very worried… But I’m open to arguments against my position. The refusal to even entertain dissenting opinions is something we should all be worried about.

  • TGeorge

    Yeah… Texas is turning blue, we’ve seen this for some time now. They’ve got the cities.

  • Lee S

    And for the second time in I don’t know how many years, it seems I actually agree with our host, and no doubt the general consensus of my fellow posters! Worrying times indeed!

  • wayne

    Yeah, turning blue, cuz’ one thing the lefty’s do, is actually work for it.
    They’ve been working on this, for at least 8 years.

  • Phil Berardelli

    The authoritarian, tyrannical left cannot restrain itself. Pushbacks of this kind are inevitable, and they will spread and grow in intensity. I believe what we are seeing now is what history will eventually describe as the beginning of the Second American Revolution.

    Thank you, Bob, for your excellent reporting on the COVID catastrophe (something else I think history will define, in terms of the complete failure of public policy). I watch this topic daily, and your coverage is as good or better than anyone else’s.

  • Lee, the extent of the risks of the vaccines to younger people, like so much of our understanding about COVID and the ways to interdict it, is less than certain simply because WuFlu is still too “new” to actually determine those risks.

    But the question the vax-fans will not ask: is the risk of WuFlu for a particular person more significant than the risk of complications from the vax? The answer to that question differs greatly from person to person, as you rightly note.

    But these believers in social technocracy seek zero risk – and in the form of a simplistic “magic bullet” that they think will absolve ALL of the need to ever think about WuFlu again – without regard to the answer to that question.

    That desire for the magic bullet leads them to put all their eggs in the vax basket – thinking that the only thing we have to fear, is non-compliance with the Smart People™ … and that the acceptance of therapeutics provides an “out” for non-compliance that will not reduce the risk to zero and therefore demand them to keep paying attention.

    Cotour is right …. where there is risk, there must be choice.

  • Cotour

    Two points:

    1. ” (something else I think history will define, in terms of the complete failure of public policy). ”

    The events related to the SARS COV 2 virus in America and the world is not IMO a failure of public policy. These policies and these *NEW* technology mRNA drugs / gene therapies have been a focused and purposeful exercise in proving in real time the efficacy of these / this gene therapy in order to replace the *OLD* and proven drug / vaccine technology. That is clear to me given the refusal of the political powers that be and their coconspirators in media and big pharma in their not allowing other proven safe and efficacious *OLD* therapies being used to reign in the effects of Covid. Clearly.

    2. The mRNA “Vaccines” being offered and exclusively pushed by big government, big pharma and big media are not in fact vaccines, they are gene therapies. Again, clearly.

    Where there is risk there must be choice. And where there is fraud, double speak and censorship there must be truth. In the end we are all as individuals less than nothing, mere collateral damage as we relate to government and its agendas. As a group however we are strong and powerful and in time will and must be heard and listened to.

    This is political warfare of the first order and we as individuals as a group must be engaged at some level in order to keep the balance that must be so we do not fall under the ownership and oppression of those who seek such.

    This Covid / “Vaccine” event is but one prime example of Strategy Over Morality. Clearly.

  • Lee S

    @Cotour….. To be fair, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a good ol’ fashioned vaccine, made from deactivated virus…. Only saying because total transparency and truth are vital to this conversation.

  • Cotour

    That is not exactly so, the J&J vax too is a *NEW* technology:

    “The Johnson & Johnson vaccine delivers the virus’ DNA to your cells to make the spike protein. An adenovirus acts as a delivery vehicle used to carry the coronavirus genetic material (DNA). The adenovirus delivers the little piece of DNA to the cell that will then make the spike protein. After your cells produce the spike protein, your immune system creates antibodies toward the spike protein, protecting you from infection.

    Whole-Pathogen “19 century technology” Vaccines:

    “Traditional vaccines consist of entire pathogens that have been killed or weakened so that they cannot cause disease. Such whole-pathogen vaccines can elicit strong protective immune responses. Many of the vaccines in clinical use today fall into this category. However, not every disease-causing microbe can be effectively targeted with a whole-pathogen vaccine.”

    All of the “Vaccines” offered today to combat the SARS COV2 virus are *NEW* technology, just slight variations distinguish them from each other.

  • Lee S

    @Cotour, point taken. I guess I should have said the J&J vaccine is not a MRNA vaccine, and it has more in common with traditional vaccines.
    At this point, argument over the vector the vaccine takes, while important to note, is pretty much irrelevant. What is relevant is the statistics.
    I am thankful for your clarification

  • Cotour

    Ah, yes, the statistics.

    And it will come out in due time that all the statistics have been hidden, shaped and manipulated to reinforce the official narrative and the *NEW* technology. Those actually killed directly by Covid I am certain will be much lower than is claimed. And the number of those injured and or killed directly from the use of these *NEW* mRNA technologies?

    They will be at traditionally, normally, medically unacceptable rates and numbers. Bank on it. The truth is going to be a rabid female dog. And remember, the FDA wanted to hold all information on these “vaccines” for 75 years. What does that tell you?

    Mark Twain: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

  • Lee S

    “And remember, the FDA wanted to hold all information on these “vaccines” for 75 years”…..

    Well, no I don’t… But I don’t live in “the land of the free”

    I expect that the statistics to be released when they have been correlated because I live in a transparent democracy.

    There will no doubt be some subterfuge and attempts to spin whatever the numbers prove, but the truth will out.

    I am waiting for genuine figures before I make a judgement, and I hope my skepticism of the “status quo” opinion doesn’t effect my judgement, I’m just waiting for the numbers.
    Time will tell. If your good old US of A hides the numbers… There is a big old world out there that can supply statistical proof

  • Cotour

    Its all connected, and its all political.

    And if its all political then its about money and power.

    And you know what they say about such things.

  • Cotour

    In time we will see and understand exactly who is the enemy of freedom in America:

    (We already understand who they are, they are just being forced now to fully reveal themselves, no more hiding in the darkness)

    “Colorado District Forced to Cancel Classes After Nearly 1,500 Teachers Call In Sick to Protest Recently Elected Conservative School Board”

    You will teach and indoctrinate your children as they dictate, and you will do as they say, or they will protest you and hold your children hostage. And on top of that they insist you pay them handsomely for the privileged.

  • Edward

    Holy discovery, Batman! I bet the hospital does not want to give up the information that she is asking the court to authorize her to have. This is the kind of information that could seriously embarrass not only that hospital but all American hospitals, because up to now these allegations of financial gain have been plausibly attributable to conspiracy theories. This could be even better than a financial penalty for her unfair firing. I bet the hospital administrators needed clean underwear just after reading the lawsuit.

  • Thinkerpod

    I think Joe Rogan has balls. I hope he will use them and have this doctor on his show.

  • wayne

    In the Alternate Universe, 1,500 Colorado school teachers were rendered offshore, and there were no survivors.

  • wayne

    “Oh, Canada”
    Jordan Peterson & Dr. Julie Ponesse
    (February 5, 2022)

    “In the fall of 2021, Dr. Ponesse saw her academic career of 20 years fall apart after she refused to comply with a Canadian university’s COVID vaccine mandate.”

  • wayne noted: “, turning blue, cuz’ one thing the lefty’s do, is actually work for it.”

    Well, they have to. The default natural state is more or less what the Right acknowledges: water seeks it’s own level. To live otherwise defies Nature, and takes significant work, because you are working in opposition to the Universe.

  • wayne

    You are correct.
    But… while we’re waiting for gravity to be our friend, tyranny is off its meds, it stole our credit-cards, and has the keys to the car. We all know it doesn’t end well, but they insist on dragging us into their delusions.

    ST: Original Series
    The Omega Glory
    “I’ve found that Evil usually triumphs, unless Good is very, very careful”

  • Dyspeptic Curmudgeon

    There is a similar lawsuit underway in VA. Dr. Paul Marik (& other doctors of the FLCCC?) Have been dismissed from hospital privileges and are suing in Federal court IIRC.
    Check out ?
    Joe Rogan should have these doctors on his show.
    Meanwhile in other news as they say, the governing body for doctors in Ontario (CPSO) has banned treatment of covid w both HCQ and ivermectin. Doctors will be sanctioned. (They haven’t (yet) threatened psychiatric examinations like Maine.)

  • Pete

    None of the 3 available shots in the US are vaccines. They are, in fact, genetically modified mRNA which invade the shot recipient’s cells, take over cellular protein manufacturing organelles, and cause the cells to mass produce the Wuhan Coronavirus spike protein. The theory behind this technology is that once the cell dies and the Wu Flu spike proteins are released into the bloodstream, the recipient’s immune system will recognize these as foreign and begin producing antibodies. Normally, when a cell makes an mRNA, that genetic coding strand breaks down after being “read” by ribosomes after only a few times. The modification done to these Wu Flu mRNA strands significantly lengthen the number of times the strand can be “read” before it breaks down.

    This tech is not how classical vaccines work. How effective would the Measles vaccine be if one had to get multiple boosters every 4-6 months, as the war criminal Fauci is saying might be the case for these mRNA shots?

    Furthermore, despite media fanfare about both Pfizer and Moderna each being given “full” FDA approval for their WuFlu mRNA shots, one has to read the fine print to discover that with both companies these are different WuFlu mRNA shots than the ones currently available in the US under EUA from the FDA. If these mRNA shots are so safe, why are the pharmaceutical companies still protected with total legal immunity from lawsuits over negative effects from their shots? If they are so effective, why are the majority of new hospitalizations and deaths in the “fully vaccinated” population, and why are the so-called medical experts insisting on the need for boosters every 6 months?

    It is criminally evil to force an experimental medical treatment on those who do not want such treatment. That was determined after the egregious acts of Nazi and Imperial Japanese scientists against POWs and political prisoners came to light after WW II. The true tyrannical nature of the leftist mindset on display today shows who the intellectual descendants of the Nazis are today.

  • wayne

    Absurdistan The Music Video

  • Lee S

    @Pete…. I would be interested to see some proof of the claims you are making…. Do you have any links to reputable sources?

    When dissent to the status quo has been as demonised as much as questioning the covid vaccine has, it is VERY important to gather the facts, the sources, cross your tees and dot your eyes, otherwise your just another “crazy anti-vaccer” ( and probably republican, which while true, is irrelevant to the conversation )

    ( That is ironic English humour… You republicans think the folks pushing hard for the vaccine are probably democrats.. probably also true, and also irrelevant to the conversation!)

    You all know I’m a pinko commie socialist, but even I can smell something stinks around this whole covid/vaccine/lockdown scenario…. I’m not sure exactly what it is that stinks, but I’m sure it will eventually come out.

  • Cotour

    ” why are the pharmaceutical companies still protected with total legal immunity from lawsuits over negative effects from their shots? If they are so effective, why are the majority of new hospitalizations and deaths in the “fully vaccinated” population, ”

    Because by definition and the timeline that they have been in use without the proper efficacy and safety studies these drugs / gene therapies are experimental.

    Much of the population of the planet earth has been and is still technically being experimented on under a government / world declared health emergency.

    And that gives both the governments, and the drug companies a pass as to any injuries or deaths attributable to the *NEW* and improved drug / gene therapy experiment on going on planet earth.

    All Strategy and not much Morality? You tell me.

  • James Street

    Wayne, your linked “Oh, Canada” Jordan Peterson video is another good one. Some of my take aways:
    • Jordan Peterson’s advice to the truckers: They will be increasingly provoked. Don’t take the bait. Keep your head and maintain civility. Keep it light and playful. Feed the homeless. Dance. Don’t commit violence. Be careful.
    • “What’s your defense (when the mob accuses you of being privileged)? Live up to the responsibilities intrinsic to your privilege. Because it’s the only defense you have when the mob comes. And they will come. They’re coming.”
    • They’re desire for what they define as diversity does not trump the Constitution.

    I like Jordan Peterson’s newer videos better than his older ones, the dividing line being his 2019 brush with death. Before that he was a little too optimistic and comfortable in his belief system. His new videos he’s got a crazy glint in his eye and talks like he’ always on the border of coming unhinged.

  • wayne

    ref: “crazy glint in his eye and talks like he’ always on the border of coming unhinged.”
    HAR…. I wouldn’t put it exactly that way, but I understand your point.
    (worked with a lot of folks who got themselves in deep with benzodiazepines. I can’t prescribe meds, but if I was Petersons shrink, I would not have recommended Klonopin (Clonazepam), it’s very effective, has a low euphoria profile, but it has a long half-life.)

    Jordan Peterson / Akira the Don
    Rule #12: “Pet A Cat When You Encounter One”

  • Cotour


    (Copy and share with a friend)

    The beauty of America and what its Constitution structures? It forces all political players to reveal themselves, both Left and Right for the American people to assess and choose to politically empower or relive of that power. What do we see going on with the Left?

    1. Political prince, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), Trump vilifier and one time Democrat party presidential hopeful resigns from office in disgrace.

    2. CNN’s, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo (D) Trump vilifier, Democrat party “news” spinner suspended and fired.

    3. Jeff Zucker (D), Trump vilifier and destroyer of CNN and journalism in the world, fired.

    4. Whoopi “Goldberg” (D), suspended by the Leftist from her show The View for wrong think and being ignorant.

    5. 29 and counting Democrat Congress persons, Trump vilifiers all strategically decide to not run for office in 2022.

    6. Francis Collins, director, long time head of the National Institute of Health, (Fauci’s boss) decides to “retire” in light of the Wuhan / CCP lab virus and the release of FOIA communications between him, Fauci and others vilifying highly credentialed doctors who opposed them on COVID response and how to treat it.

    7. BLM executives, radicals and Trump vilifiers, one going to jail for at least 6 years for voter fraud, and the others are all in hiding after it is revealed that $60million dollars is unaccounted for.

    8. Jeffrey Tubin, Trump vilifier, zoom self-pleasurer, and legal pundit that has a perfect record of being wrong about just about every legal opinion he has expressed is suspended but then reinstated.

    9. Michael Avanati, Trump vilifier, lawyer, made famous by big tech anti Trump media darling in his defense of Stormy Daniels, who was going to challenge Trump and run for president is found criminally guilty several times and is going on a 20 plus year federal government paid for vacation.

    10. Rachel Maddow, Trump vilifier, $30 million dollar a year Liberal / Socialist conspiracy promoter take a sabbatical. Has an almost perfect 93 percent wrong on most all of what she reports and opinionates on.

    11. The media finally is forced to confront the fact that George Soros, radical “Progressive” Globalist billionaire is at the center of a scheme to install Leftist Attorney Generals and District Attorney’s in the major cities of America and that is causing chaos, crime and murder as he attempts to fulfill his dream of destroying America as founded and rewriting the American Constitution and “Fix” it. There is one thing that stands in the way of the “Progressive” / Globalist / worldwide Socialist agenda of control and population obedience and that is the American Constitution.

    12. Numerous states that were and are under suspicion of outright election fraud in the 2020 presidential election installing new election laws and rules that attempt to ensure fair and Democratic elections. Stay tuned on this as it continues to develop.

    13. Nancy Pelosi (Along with Joe and Hunter), business partner and unconditional supporter of the CCP is the new Tokyo rose.

  • Cotour

    They are all being forced to reveal themselves:

    From Rumble to Joe:

    “Dear Joe. We stand with you, your guests, and your legion of fans in desire for real conversation. So we’d like to offer you 100 million reasons to make the world a better place.”

    “How about you bring all your shows to Rumble, both old and new, with no censorship, for 100 million bucks over four years? This is our chance to save the world. And yes, this is totally legit.”

    It will take some time and doing but our system will in time right itself.

  • Cotour

    Correction: Has the potential to right itself.

    There are no guarantees.

  • Cotour

    Dr. Campbell gets into Facebook questioning the “Medical Blog” the British Medical Journal, established in 1840:

    And he begins sighting George Orwell and “News speak” of all people.

    For Dr. Campbell to go on this kind of a rant on this kind of a subject where the tech lords of “Information” and censorship dare to question this highly regarded medical journal everything is now off the hook. ITS BROKEN!

    The tech lords must be slapped down and “Reinstructed” as to the meaning of what, freedom, free speech and journalism actually mean in the real world. And if that does not happen at some point “News speak” and 1984 will be the rule and not a fiction.

  • Alton

    The largest drug sale ever in a year was $20 billion, now one company (Pfizer) has sold $36.8 billion in Covid Vax shipments.

    Total Vaxxed persons worldwide is now over two billion.

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