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Pushback: Naming the names of the leftist haters supporting Hamas in America

Nazi brown shirts destroying Jewish businesses on Kristallnacht
Nazi brown shirts destroying Jewish businesses on Kristallnacht

Bring a gun to a knife fight: Even though there really is little difference between the tactics used by Hamas in Israel now versus the tactics used by Antifa/BLM in the U.S. in 2020, the difference in the way the public is reacting is significant and must be noted.

The tactics themselves are straightforward. Set up a gang of thugs to commit violence and mayhem against anyone you disagree with. The Nazis used this approach with great success in its effort to demonize and destroy its enemies and the Jews in Germany. Antifa and BLM repeated that Nazi success in 2020, rioting, looting, and burning whole neighborhoods. The response from the public then was either downright fear and submissiveness, or an eager endorsement of these groups in the vague hope that saying nice things about them while sending them money might encourage them to go away.

In other words, just like in 1930s Germany, the general reaction was to kow-tow to these bullies, which only inspired them to commit more bullying. My blacklist column since 2020 illustrates that sad history.

With Hamas today however the response has been far far different. Not only is the public expressing outrage against Hamas’s brutality and genocidal behavior, it is also expressing anger and outrage against those who are trying to pander to it. The push back has been glorious to see.

For example, when 31 leftist student groups at Harvard signed and released with great fanfare a pro-Hama letter blaming Israel entirely for Hamas’s terrorist attacks, they discovered this political action wasn’t going to produce the political result they imagined. Instead of support, they faced a firestorm of negative publicity. CEOs from across the country demanded their names so they could avoid hiring them. A conservative media group hired a truck to travel through Harvard plastered with the faces of the signers with the phrase “Harvard’s leading antisemites” above. And thousands of students, almumi, and faculty signed public letters of condemning the pro-Hamas letter and demanding its retraction.

Very quickly many of the students who signed the pro-Hamas letter had second thoughts, and began disavowing their participation in it.

Nor was this pushback only seen at Harvard. After the elected president of NYU’s student bar association, Ryna Workman, posted a statement supporting Hamas and putting all the blame on Israel, the university issued a statement condemning her position, and the law firm she interned with withdrew its post-graduation job offer to her.

There are many more examples, but these give a flavor of the public’s position. It is no longer willing to meekly accept the slander and lies coming from the left, all in the service of thugs and murderers. It is going to push back, and do it hard.

Now we have a detailed report from the David Horowitz Freedom Center: The Top Ten Campus Hate Groups in America, not only listing the leftist campus student organizations that have for years eagerly supported terrorist groups like Hamas, but describing the efforts of these clubs to silence debate, blacklist opposition, and intimidate anyone who expresses any dissent. Below is the list. Go to the link to read detailed information about each:

  • #1: Georgetown University, Black Law Student Association
  • #2: University of Buffalo, Young Democratic Socialists of America
  • #3: Boston University, Students for Justice in Palestine
  • #4: Florida State University, Students for a Democratic Society
  • #5: Louisiana State University, Cooperation Rouge and the Black Student Union
  • #6: University of New Mexico, Southwest Solidarity Network
  • #7: San Francisco State University, General Union of Palestinian Students
  • #8: University of Michigan, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality,
  • #9: University of Chicago, Students for Justice in Palestine
  • #10: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Young Democratic Socialists of America

Several common threads link all of these clubs. First, they all are aligned with the Democratic Party. Second, they are all Marxist in their ideology. Third, they all support the queer agenda. Fourth, they have all participated in aggressive blacklisting campaigns to silence opposition on their campuses.

They don’t debate. They bully and threaten and slander. And in doing so they act as the Democratic Party’s brownshirts, doing the violence that party wants done while allowing it deniability.

Now these groups (and the Democratic Party) are discovering that the public is maybe finally onto their game, and will not tolerate their bullying, their threats, and their slanders any longer. If so, there really is hope that our culture can climb out from the Orwellian hellhole it has fallen into since 2020.

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  • Cotour

    I am hopeful that the rooting out of these mentally ill sub-humans in the middle east will also continue to migrate and grow here in the U.S.

    The Democrat party leadership that is now dominated by these mentally ill minded people that are apparently committed to and in support of outright murder must all be revealed and dealt with. Talk about having the need for reprogramming.

    As the Democrats in leadership like Rham Emanuel says, “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

    This crisis whether it is genuine or contrived or something strategically in between most certainly must be utilized to exterminate the contagion that exists that condones and even encourages such depravity.

    I would have to propose here that this event would tend to be focused on destroying the “progressive” Globalist movement, and the “progressive” Globalist movement is without doubt in opposition to the continued existence of Israel and America as they currently exist.

    And so, this dirty filthy murderous business must be taken care of.

    As you might understand IMO none of this happens in a vacuum and is without design purpose at some level of leadership. Things at this level IMO don’t just happen. Maybe it’s just me?

  • Col Beausabre

    “Very quickly many of the students who signed the pro-Hamas letter had second thoughts, and began disavowing their participation in it.”

    A bunch of them claim they never read it before signing it. (Standard for the Left “We have to pass the bill to discover what’s in it”)

    What is especially telling and ludicrous is that many of those who attempting to use this defense are students at Harvard Law School. Think about it – future lawyers who don’t know to read the BOLD print, let alone the fine print. Someone should do America a service by publishing their names so the public can avoid having such ill-trained individuals represent them in a court of law.

  • Concerned

    Colonel–you are far too generous to these embedded Marxist revolutionaries posing as students. They knew exactly what they were signing: they eat, drink, and breathe this stuff. It is only because they got caught that they disavow all knowledge: its the classic cop out of a coward. I wonder how many “professors” at Harvard and elsewhere are in cahoots. These universities are the breeding grounds for every last one of the social contagions that is killing our culture and country. They need to be defunded, stat. For all the thousands of students with crushing debt looking for relief, I propose that relief be funded by an immediate graduated tax on these hedge funds with colleges attached (ie their endowments). Did you know Harvard’s endowment is almost $50 billion?

  • wayne

    The Godfather (1972)
    “Settling all family business…”

  • Several common threads link all of these clubs. First, they all are aligned with the Democratic Party. Second, they are all Marxist in their ideology. Third, they all support the queer agenda. Fourth, they have all participated in aggressive blacklisting campaigns to silence opposition on their campuses.

    Fifth, they share the line of thinking described below, in this recent exchange I had over at Instapundit.

    From a commenter over at Instapundit: Years ago, I had to explain to my left-wing office mate that public education was not enshrined in the Constitution as she claimed. Her response? “Well, it should be!” This is standard leftist thinking. Facts, truth, reality, none of them matter. Only the narrative and what they think should be.

    My response: Never do they consider the devils in the details that come with whatever “should be”, that amplifies and distorts it into what shouldn’t be by government and its monopoly on coercive force like a cheap guitar through a solid-state amp.

    They never consider that what actually “should be” is better pursued, in nearly all instances, outside of government and that monopoly, to prevent that distortion and assure that it can be quickly ended if/when it gets stuck on stupid. And they don’t want to, because that might lead to approaches that do not conform to their One True Way of approaching it … they want government to ENFORCE that One True Way as such, because they Know Better™.

    Education and health care are the poster children for the above.

  • James Street

    One of these gerbils declared a fatwa on the Judeo-Christian world for Friday 10/13 so everyone be extra swivel-headed situationally aware today.

    Stay Frosty: Hamas Leader Khalid Mashal Calls on Muslims Worldwide to Rise Up on Friday the 13th [VIDEO]

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