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Pushback: Teacher suspended for not submitting to queer agenda immediately reinstated when hundreds protest at board meeting

Total victory

Bring a gun to a knife fight: This story begins in late September when the South Side Area School District in Pennsylvania decided it and all its teachers must comply with the insane queer agenda. According to the new policy, outlined in a letter, all of its teachers were ordered to use the pronouns that any student demanded of them. To the district, it didn’t matter if the student was eight or eighteen, if any student on a whim wanted to identify as a boy, then a girl, or then maybe even a tiger, the teachers were required to comply.

Daren Cusato, a biology teacher in the district for 30 years, refused. He sent a letter back to the district, explaining this violated both his Christian beliefs and his first amendment rights.

“Love the sinner but hate the sin,” said RJ Cusato, Daren’s son. “We don’t support what they’re doing but still love the person. He doesn’t have any problem with the students. We have no problems with the kids at all, he just doesn’t want to support what they’re doing. He doesn’t want to give them a pat on the back if they’re doing something he doesn’t think is right.”

The district’s response was immediate.

The response was a letter of notice that he inappropriately communicated with district staff. He was placed on administrative leave and is not permitted to communicate with ANYONE in the district.

The public’s response to this action was just as immediate.

This morning, students gathered in front of the high school to protest his suspension and demand he returns to the classroom. “I don’t think he deserves this and I think that people should have the right to express themselves and have their beliefs and I don’t think he should be suspended because of that,” said Lillian Zakutney.

They made signs and wore the hoodies of a youth group that Cusato leads in support.

Nor was that all. When the school board met on October 5th to discuss the issue, more than four hundred people showed up, almost all of whom were in support of Cusato. Of the 40 who spoke, most demanded his reinstatement, to loud applause.

The result: The school board immediately voted to reinstate Cusato and to suspend its absurd pronoun policy.

This story illustrates the power that the general public has, if it chooses to act. For far too long Americans have meekly accepted the edicts imposed upon them by their elitist leaders, even when many of those edicts made no sense and were actually harmful. The newest edicts, forcing both adults and children to submit to the queer agenda in a manner that would do considerable harm to those children, appears to have finally gotten Americans to wake up and act. This story is no longer an exception to the rule, it is fast becoming the rule.

In fact, the speed in which the board backed down illustrates the change. For the past two years school boards when faced with loud public protest — either about masks or pornography in the schools or critical race theory or indoctrination of the queer agenda — have refused to listen, often calling in the police and even the Justice Department and the FBI in an effort to silent that public.

This story tells us that such resistance is beginning to evaporate. When the public showed up this time, the board did not resist. It folded immediately.

For these trends to continue however the pressure must be kept up. The school boards that try to impose such policies must lose more elections. More protests are necessary.

This is merely one small victory in what will be a very difficult and long war. We would be foolish to believe otherwise.

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  • just a thought

    Most normal people are…

    “… disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable,…”

    …and will push back when they realize it’s not just a mistake, but intentional.

    If we push back when the sociopathic micromanagers become insufferable, (unrestrained they ALWAYS become insufferable), we can win.

    Let’s hope this becomes a trend!

  • Typo alert: I believe that “more than 400 hundred people” (1st paragraph after the quotation) is too many for that meeting.

  • Michael McNeil: Thank you. Fixed.

  • GaryMike

    I know this is a privately owned space in which I don’t have an expectation of actual freedom of speech. I get that.

    But to bring a gun to a knife fight, I have to risk something less important than my voice.

    “…use the pronouns that any student demanded…”

    My self-identifying pronoun is: FU

  • GaryMike: Yes, you are right. This is my website, and I have my rules. Twice today you clearly were using obscenities, disguising them only mildly in a way that made it clear you were still cursing.

    You have always been free to express your opinions here, as a mature civilized adult. Yet, despite two clear warnings by me, you apparently cannot do so, and still want to flaunt the rules. It is almost as if you want me to ban you.

    So be it. I try to please. You are banned.

  • SDN

    Mr Zimmerman, I’ll hold my cheers until Mr Cusato survives a year without being fired for cause via selective enforcement of a myriad of rules, harassed into quitting, or even being arrested on various charges.

    The Left never stops.

  • MJS

    What I don’t understand is why everyone thinks that just having the teacher reinstated is such a big victory. Why not demand the names of those who instituted the policy and had the teacher suspended. Then have them terminated. They are the ones who should be forced to pay a price for their actions. Until that happens, nothing will change.

  • MikeN

    The instapanzy readers and its ilk grew a few follicles of hair on their balls and actually stood up. Miracles do happen. Never-the-less, Covid revealed all. The vast majority of conservatives are despicable cowards.

  • Cotour


    An AOC town hall meeting on October, 12th in the Bronx (Got a little hot to say the least):

    All of the “Progressives” are being dragged to reality: Reality about potential war / nukes, reality about the cost of food, reality about the cost of energy as winter approaches and dragged to reality about how their Socialist wackadoodle un and anti-American agenda prosecuted by hollow puppets Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the beards for the Globalist, Climate Change “Green New Deal”, Sorosian / Klause Schwabe agenda.

    Welcome to the reality that you have crafted.

    November 9th will be a cold and fearful morning for every Democrat politician and voter in this country.

    It will be massive.

    Trust them not, by any means necessary means just that. Will there be Marshall law declared November 1? Nuclear attack threat and the election cannot be held? The virus?


  • unkawill

    I guess garymike found out.

  • sippin_bourbon

    “Love the sinner but hate the sin,”

    Such a simple concept, and yet the left continues it’s attempt to subvert thousand of years of values to avoid that basic concept. They cannot stand to be told “no”.

    If you say no to anything they want, you are a hater, a (fillin the blank)-ist, a (fillin the blank)-phobe, and whatever else they can come up with to try to get you to abandon your principles so you look nicer.

    When you realize that this group cannot be pleased, and that they will continue to insult and condemn you, then you will discover that power they had never existed.

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