R.I.P. Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013).

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R.I.P. Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013).

One of the giants of the 20th century. As she said in her final speech as Prime Minister in 1990,

In the past decade, we have given power back to the people on an unprecedented scale. We have given back control to people over their own lives and over their livelihood—over the decisions that matter most to them and their families. ….

Ten years ago, the eastern part of Europe lay under totalitarian rule, its people knowing neither rights nor liberties. Today, we have a Europe in which democracy, the rule of law and basic human rights are spreading ever more widely, where the threat to our security from the overwhelming conventional forces of the Warsaw pact has been removed: where the Berlin wall has been torn down and the cold war is at an end.

These immense changes did not come about by chance. They have been achieved by strength and resolution in defence, and by a refusal ever to be intimidated. No one in eastern Europe believes that their countries would be free had it not been for those western Governments who were prepared to defend liberty, and who kept alive their hope that one day east Europe too would enjoy freedom.

When she came into power, millions were not free. When she left, millions were free. If that isn’t the best legacy possible for a politician, I don’t know what is.



  • Chris Kirkendall

    She will be sorely missed – her witty repartee while engaging the Labour opposition is a thing of beauty ! ! The Iron Lady will live on in our memories as long as those of us who were around then remain alive – hopefully, much longer, if future generations are given a fair reading of her legacy…

  • Throbbin Yobbin

    Margaret Thatcher was Saurman to Ronald Reagan’s Sauron. She revived the forces of racism and greed in Europe that had been declining due to anti-colonialism and the introduction of compassionate social programs. She turned a hitherto compassionate welfare state where workers had a real say into a plutocracy almost as tyrannical and brutal as the United States by her slaughter of the miners who only peacefully protested disenfranchisement.

    In foreign policy she presided over the most brutal genocides in history in Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands. As far as Eastern Europe goes, when Thatcher cam to power those countries were free, not a single multinational corporation defiled their soil. Whatever faults the Eastern bloc had, workers had real influence. Whatever injustices CIA tools like Welsa imagined themselves to be opposing, there is no doubt there is nobody in Eastern Europe except the newly rich plutocrats who doesn’t long for how things used to be.

  • As Orwell said, “War is peace, freedom is slavery, truth is lies.” I wouldn’t have thought it possible for someone to get so many facts backwards in two short paragraphs, until I read your comment. With all due respect.

    To say that Eastern Europe was free before the fall of the Berlin Wall tells us everything we need to know about your politics and your knowledge. The millions of refugees who fled the communist bloc are the real proof of the oppressive nature of those states prior to 1989.

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