R.I.P.: Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell passes away

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Edgar Mitchell, 85, one of only twelve humans to ever walk on another planet, passed away today after a short illness.



  • And so another era passes. It seems likely that all of the original lunar explorers will have passed before another person puts boots on the lunar ground.

    BTW, there are in fact 13 people who have done a moon walk.

  • I am baffled. Six missions, two astronauts each, adds up to 12. Where do you get #13 (unless you are jokingly referring to Michael Jackson as #13 and he definitely doesn’t count).

  • JWing

    Amazing men, and historic era in US history and world history. I took my kids to meet Alan Bean at his home in Houston two years ago. We purchased one of his astounding paintings. My kids still talk about him, his contributions and his personal advice to them. I’m very hopeful, with the right leadership, this country will astound the world again…and soon.

  • Dick Eagleson

    Five of the 12 Apollo Moon walkers are now gone. Ed Mitchell’s death also marks Apollo 14 as the first Apollo mission to have no surviving crew, Alan Shepard and Stu Roosa having died previously. Not a pleasant milestone to have to note.

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