Read an english translation of Charlie Hebdo

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Link here.

I don’t agree with much of the material in Charlie Hebdo, nor have I ever found its humor that funny. Nonetheless, right now I want this magazine read by every single person in the universe in order to stick a finger in the eye of Islam’s intolerance.

Meanwhile, Iran officials have condemned the new issue of Charlie Hebdo, calling it an insult to Islam. Well, any religion that considers it more important to condemn a cartoon rather than Islamic terrorists using a 10-year-old to detonate a suicide bomb in the name of Islam deserves to be insulted, a lot!


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  • Sandra Warren

    And how about the 10 year old executing prisoners with a gun? It’s astonishing.

    Thank you for the link. I started out laughing and gasping at their audacity so soon after the violence, and ended by wiping away tears at the touching end. I wouldn’t have thought at the beginning of all this that I would think of the magazine staff as principled people — really I just thought they were a pain in the butt for causing all this fuss over cartoons– but they clearly were all that.

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