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Real pushback: Student walkout in September forces school board to rescind queer bathroom policy

A little child shall lead them, by James Johnson
“A little child shall lead them,” painting by James L. Johnson.

Bring a gun to a knife fight: It appears that the complaints of parents don’t work with leftist Democratic Party and its minions in the education community, who see those parents as extremists and potential terrorists. Instead, it took a student walkout in September in Pennsylvania to finally force the Perkiomen Valley School District board to rescind its queer bathroom policy, which allowed cross-dressing boys to use the girls’ bathroom.

This is a followup of a September blacklist story. When the school board voted 4 to 3 to reject a policy that would prevent such behavior, defying the crowds of parents attending the school board meeting to demand this change, the students then organized a walk out on September 22, 2023, for reasons they themselves made clear:

“Kids were upset. Girls… we wanted to protect them. They were upset. They didn’t want men in their bathroom,” John Ott, who organized the walkout, told FOX News on Monday. [emphasis mine]

It was very clear at the time that the kids had more common sense than the adults on the school board or the administrators and teachers running the schools. The board’s intransigence was also succeeding in making all these kids future Republicans.

This last fact might have finally have forced several board members to rethink their position. Earlier this week the board finally bowed to pressure, and voted 5 to 4 to ban boys from girls’ bathrooms, even if the boy likes to wear a dress.

Perkiomen school board

The change however was not as significant as this story makes it appear. In voting for this change in policy, four board members voted no. Thus, we know that this school board still has four members, one short of a majority, who are quite willing to allow teenage girls to be leered at in the toilet by cross-dressing teenage boys.

On the picture to the right I have circled in red the three board members who I have been able to identify who continue to support the queer agenda, even though the board had listened to hours of comments by parents objecting to it. Those circled in green voted to end the bad policy. Because the transcript and audio of the board meeting were both unclear, I was unable to identify the votes of the other two board members, and so I have left this blank.

Nonetheless, from this information we can identify three board members who believe it is all right for a teenage boy to enter a girls’ bathroom — as long as he puts on a dress. The graphic also tells us that all four votes for this queer policy must have come from women, a fact that is even more troubling, since these adult women apparently cannot grasp the discomfort felt by young girls having boys in their bathrooms.

None of those who opposed this policy change are fit to serve in any governing position — especially positions that involve children — and should be voted out of office as quickly as possible.

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  • ihatelibs

    The four look like queers.

  • “None are not fit to serve in any governing position . . . ”

    I’m sure you were in a hurry when you typed the above post.

    So, did you mean that None are not fit to serve, so, All of them Are fit to serve?

    Or, did you mean that All of them are not fit to serve, even the 5 who voted to ban the boys?

    “. . . finally have forced several board members to rethink their position. Earlier this week the board finally bowed to pressure, and voted 5 to 4 to ban boys from girls’ bathrooms, . . . “

  • My last comment was NOT spam !

    What do you mean, “None are not fit to serve in any governing position . . .”?

    “None are not fit”, so All Are fit?

    Or, None are fit, not even the 5 who banned the boys?

    I understand that you were probably in a hurry when you typed this post, so confused your thoughts.

  • Dennis: You are right on both counts. First, your first comment when to the spam filter by mistake. I have approved it. Second, my wordage was very unclear in that last line. I have now corrected it. Thank you for noting the unclear text.

  • Thomas Sills

    Dennis is wrong. Reading is fundamental as you said in the article “None of those who opposed this policy change are fit to serve in any governing position” and so on. Dennis left out that one point of those who opposed the policy.

  • Thomas Sills

    Dennis is wrong. As you said in the article “None of those who opposed this policy change are fit to serve in any governing position” and so on. Dennis left out that one point of those who opposed the policy.

  • David K

    I’m afraid it is going to come to students having to enforce social norms themselves dealing when actual rules don’t exist or are not enforced.

    I remember when you couldn’t be in a certain part of the locker room if you were not one of the cool kids, which generally meant on a sports team of cheerleading squad.

    This may come back.

  • drewtho

    …..quite telling that the board members in favour of allowing cross dressing boys in the girls toilets are women. WTF is wrong with them?

  • Dave

    drewtho asks a fine question.

    All of this is mighty peculiar to me, like a bad joke, doubled down. How do these people get elected in the first place? Policy objectives not revealed during the election process (subterfuge)? Or empty vessels looking to “serve” then getting coopted by forces behind the curtains once in office (coercion or a lack of spine)?

    It seems a slam dunk to say no to these absurdities. Yet they don’t. Parents push back, and then – can I observe? – advocates for this insanity must come forward and be revealed. Half a chance they get re-elected anyway.

  • Dick Eagleson


    They get elected because school board elections are usually low-turnout affairs with those running being mostly hand-picked stooges for the teachers’ unions – often running without opposition.

    The solution is two-fold. First, voters – especially parents of minor children – need to get, and stay, more politically aware and involved. Second, it needs to be made illegal, once again, for public employees to unionize as was the case prior to 1961.

  • pzatchok

    Has anyone noticed that teenagers are rules lawyers when they want to do something?

    Anyone with children would realize this.

    So they should realize that as soon as they took the stigma away from boys for wearing girls cloths and then said that boys in girls cloths could use the girls facilities they opened up the opportunity for them to argue they “feel like a woman” that day and should be allowed to go into girls private areas.

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