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Real pushback: “We won’t hire your bigots!” say 42 law firms to top universities

A Nazi youth rally, little different than today's pro-Hamas demonstrations
A 1930s Nazi youth rally, little different than
today’s pro-Hamas demonstrations

Bring a gun to a knife fight: In a letter [pdf] sent out on November 1, 2023 to all the major law schools in the country, more than three dozen law firms made it very clear they will not hire students from those schools if action wasn’t taken against the rise of anti-Semitism on those college campuses.

Rather than summarize, I think it worthwhile to let the letter speak for itself:

Over the last several weeks, we have been alarmed at reports of anti-Semitic harassment,
vandalism and assaults on college campuses, including rallies calling for the death of Jews and the elimination of the State of Israel. Such anti-Semitic activities would not be tolerated at any of our firms. We also would not tolerate outside groups engaging in acts of harassment and threats of violence, as has also been occurring on many of your campuses.

As educators at institutions of higher learning, it is imperative that you provide your students with the tools and guidance to engage in the free exchange of ideas, even on emotionally charged issues, in a manner that affirms the values we all hold dear and rejects unreservedly that which is antithetical to those values. There is no room for anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism or any other form of violence, hatred or bigotry on your campuses, in our workplaces or our communities.

As employers who recruit from each of your law schools, we look to you to ensure your students who hope to join our firms after graduation are prepared to be an active part of workplace communities that have zero tolerance policies for any form of discrimination or harassment, much less the kind that has been taking place on some law school campuses.

Since the letter was made public the number of law firms that have signed on has grown to 42, with that number very likely to grow more until it includes every respectable law firm in the U.S.

According to a Bloomberg report, the letter went to more than 100 law schools, including Yale, Harvard, Columbia, the University of Virginia, Georgetown, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, the University of Michigan, New York University and Stanford.

The additional decision by major donors to stop writing checks has forced at least two universities, Columbia and Pennsylvania, to announce they are forming task forces to address the issue. Both plans, when looked at closely, appear to mostly be Potemkin village public relations announcements that will accomplish little. Neither said anything about closing down each school’s race-based ethnic studies programs, their “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs (here and here), or the pro-Palestinian student organizations where most of this bigotry has germinated.

Most of the other law schools that received the letter have made no response, even as protests, threats, and violence against Jews on their campuses continues. It is clear that these academic institutions really have no stomach for fighting this bigotry, because that bigotry is now so ingrained deeply within their bodily structure that excising it is almost impossible.

Unless something changes radically soon at these schools, the only real solution is to forego them entirely. Donors have to find other places to donate. Law students have to find law schools to attend that unequivocally oppose bigotry not just in word but in deed.

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  • Richard C. Moeur

    Small typos: “donars” should be “donors” (multiple occurrences).

    We’ll see if anything meaningful comes out of this. I’m not entirely optimistic.

  • Night Rider

    Maybe those leftist universities should also start offering courses in fast food service and toilet scrubbing to ensure that their bigoted woke “graduates”, who are hopefully not illiterate as well as violent and hateful, will at least be able to find some menial sort of employment more suitable to their seriously flawed characters once (or if) they ever graduate? Just a thought.

  • Richard C. Moeur: Typo fixed. Thank you.

  • I hope every fortune 500 company nails these haters with a black list. Any student on a student visa need to go back home. As multi cultured as America is we seem to have got along before we started importing socialists into our education system, or maybe i,m just blind.

  • Milt

    Marching Through the Institutions (While America Slept)

    As Robert observes (paraphrasing slightly), it is clear that these law schools have no stomach for fighting this bigotry because it is now so deeply ingrained that excising it is almost impossible.

    Exactly. The effective stealth takeover of this nation’s most prestigious law schools is perhaps the premier example of the left’s methodical, Gramscian march thorough America’s institutions, and it illustrates just how deeply infected our entire society has become with their toxic Marxist ideology. The question, of course, is whether we have the necessary will — and the time — to excise it. That some members of the donor class now seem to “get it” is indeed encouraging, but merely withholding private funding, while laudable enough, will not suffice to turn these institutions around. They have, as noted, *very* deep pockets, and they can go on carrying the torch of Marxism and racial discord for as long as their well ensconced clerisy might wish to.

    Instead — and, again, as Robert suggests — the best remedy is for law students to look elsewhere for their instruction and for private law firms to make it abundantly clear that graduates from these schools need not apply. Sadly, until there is a concomitantly thorough barn cleaning in our government, those students who continue to get their JDMs (Juris Doctors in Marxism) from such institutions as Yale, Harvard, and Columbia will continue to find happy homes in every branch of The Swamp. [In such cases, one thinks of Screwtape’s letters to his nephew Wormwood, instructing him in how best, as a fledgling government attorney, to further the demonic work of His Father Below.]

    On the other hand, if there were ever a teachable moment in recent American history, this ought to be it, and you have to wonder how many sleepers are finally beginning to wake up. And, more to the point, how much of their voting behavior will be changed.

  • Time for another nation; this one is beyond repair. Hey, we’re Americans: we’ve done this twice.

  • Jeff Wright

    The cache of Ivy League diplomas is what allowed weirdos to get in positions of power…where jobbers from small “podunk” schools never got a chance.

    Good to see the script flip.

  • Divia

    What about the fact that they have indoctrinated at least three generations into believing that whites should be discriminated against to say nothing about teaching their students that non-white violence against whites is not only acceptable but encouraged.

  • Wlliam Van Luchene

    So far I’ve seen efforts to NOT offer jobs to those specifically identified as radical Hamas supporters. This MAY keep a handful of the worst away from your companies. But other students will be in stealth mode. I have been suggesting a blunter position for a while. Specifcally that employers notify these schools that they will not even accept applcations of their graduates.

    Harsh? Maybe. Hurtng students not fully radicalized. Sorry, but yes. However this methods effectiveness would dwarf the handful of donors saying enough is enough.

  • LongTimeTexan

    Most college students have [deleted] for brains and by the time they graduate from these elite universities that has turned into a big blood clot.

  • LongTimeTexan: My rules are clear. I don’t allow obscenities, and that includes making believe it isn’t such by simply adding or taking one or two letters out.

    You are new here so this is only a warning. You will be suspended for a week the next time it happens.

    I expect the people who comment here to behave like civilized adults. Is that too much to ask?

  • Dawn in NC

    I will also refuse as a consumer to hire the legal services of any of the graduates of these universities and I am frightened about what their medical programs might be turning out.

  • don

    Cancel visas for students at these Universities. Stop accepting applications from graduates of these Universities. Halt Federal grants to students at these Universities. Indirectly, the government is funding this foolishness.

  • don: Everything you say sounds good, but until the voters put people in office who will do these things, you are simply spitting into the wind.

  • James Street

    This is a scary one minute video. I keep hearing “military aged single men illegally crossing America’s southern border”. This is an example.

    “Here’s a Group of Military-Aged Middle Eastern Men Heading to the U.S. Border”

  • Alton

    The current Total of Joe’$ Migrant Army is now over TEN Million with more than * Two million listed as Got-a-ways – who had zero contact with US Authorities…such as they are… today!

  • roger

    Marching through the institutions has been common practice since the Weather Underground bombings and the hiring of one William (Bill) Charles Ayers as a professor.

    The current culture is toxic and threatening to anyone who is remotely attentive.

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