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Reality bites liberal Texas judge

The Texas judge who visited the infected apartment of America’s first ebola victim without protection has now had a complaint filed against him for endangering his own 9-year-old daughter.

The concerned citizen reached out to Breitbart Texas in a phone interview and provided information about his complaint to [Child Protective Services]. He told Brietbart Texas he wanted to remain anonymous because he is a business owner and is concerned about retaliation. He said he felt Jenkins’ conduct was inappropriate and unnecessarily exposed his child to potential danger. “I am doing this because I am concerned about the child,” the complainant said, “and I am concerned for the children in her school who might become exposed if the virus were to spread.”

Read the article at the link. The risks to the judge’s family and their acquaintances are real. Moreover, there is evidence that the judge has spent considerable time in contact with infected locations and individuals, without protection.

But he cares! That absolves him of any guilt should his actions causes others to die!

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  • Cotour

    The height of irony would be? The judge is ordered to be quarantined!

  • JWing

    As a health care professional, in my past, I have cared for patients in “full-blown” AIDS and I always wore protective garments: double glove, booties, gown, mask with eyeshield, etc.. Anything less and I would be negligent in the care of my other patients, myself and my wife and children.

    This judge is a politician where symbolism and his faux compassion trump reality and a deadly virus.

    Darwin Award nominee.

  • wodun

    He should have been.

  • Edward

    JWing said, “Darwin Award nominee.”

    Unfortunately, Judge Jenkins has already procreated, although the article suggests that his progeny may not get the opportunity. (Yeah, I feel sorry for the daughter. It is almost certain that she is smarter than her idiot father.)

    Indeed, if he and others who have been equally lax in contagion control are now “Typhoid Marys,” (does anyone know the proper plural?) then Dallas could soon be ground zero for an epidemic.

    There are some ironies that I see in this article and this situation.

    1) One Hazmat worker, Brad Smith, said in the video that they had trained for years to handle this type of situation, however the politicians failed to figure out in advance how to get permits for transporting these hazardous materials for disposal. So much for holistic planning or concurrent engineering.

    2) Also, here we have had a Center For Disease Control for several decades, specifically created to handle these kinds of situations. They seem to have gotten fairly good at controlling annual flu outbreaks, but here we have *one* patient, and the government’s reaction is so lax that scores of people have been exposed and potentially are now incubating this (uncontrolled?) disease.

    If the medical and prevention professionals can’t diagnose and handle a single patient and his contacts, how are we going to stop the spread when there are multiple, simultaneous patients? No wonder there is such fear spreading among Americans. The utter incompetence amazes us.

    Then we have idiot politicians, such as Judge Jenkins, casually expose themselves in an apparent attempt to convince us that this disease does not spread, at least not among Americans (does he think that we are somehow more immune than the rest of the world, from which we all come?). It has been caught by Americans (two doctors and a cameraman) in Liberia who were careful and took precautions. Which brings me to irony number 3) This disease spread to thousands in Africa because they were just as casual about it during the early part of their epidemic. Have we learned nothing from the mistakes of others?

    Oh, and 4) the video also reported that some people who merely lived in the same apartment building were not allowed, by their bosses, to go to work. Apparently the Judge’s attempt to calm the population’s fears has not worked, and 5) probably backfired, now that he has been reported to Child Protective Services.

    I am constantly reminded of the saying that the smartest people go into business, the mediocre go into science and engineering (imagine that, a PhD has only mediocre intelligence), and the idiots go into politics. Judge Jenkins is definite evidence of the last point.

    About 15 years ago, there was an outbreak of West Nile Virus, spread at random by mosquitoes. But that was handled completely differently, the US population did not panic, and despite the disease spreading across the continent, we still do not panic about it. The difference? We were better assured, through action, that the CDC and other health and safety agencies were properly handling the situation, and we were told specifically how to avoid contracting it.

    Instead, we now have “global warming” as a distraction for the CDC and virtually every other government agency (including the military). The politicians’ priorities are all fouled up and they distract our federal and local health and safety (and hazardous material transportation) agencies with tasks unrelated to their missions, so that they fail to accomplish their actual missions. This is yet another reality that bites.

    What a cluster.

  • JWing

    Edward, your point is so well stated and a hat tip to you on the correct meaning of a Darwin Award nominee.

    You are dead right when you stated these crisis are “distraction[s]” from the serious reality at hand. Every magic act relies on that bright shiny object to take our eyes off what is right under your nose with the result of possibly losing your head these days.

  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    The president shows where his loyalty, his philosophy and his sensibilities lie:

    You can not make this up. I wonder what message he sent to the victims family? There is something in Islam called Takir, look it up, it looks a lot like your president. This coming election cycle will be an interesting comment on our current president.

  • Edward

    Speaking of Darwin Award nominees, I wonder if governments count. Several countries around the world tried (but failed*) to model themselves after the US Constitution. Does that count as governmental procreation? And now that the US government is stupidly getting in our way to live and produce freely and creatively, is it now too stupid for nature to allow it to procreate? It isn’t just the individuals of government that are acting stupidly, such as Judge Jenkins, but the entire government, what with its distraction onto global warming from its actual responsibilities. And now the US government is overspending itself into oblivion. Our elected leaders are even trying to model the US after failed European governments (talk about being Euro-centric! How politically incorrect is that?).

    BTW: I tried magic as a kid, but I had (and still have) trouble with the distraction part.

    * e.g. the UN created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but wrote it so that it limits the rights to only those listed. Many other countries wrote their constitutions similarly limiting the rights of their people. The US Constitution did the reverse and gave all the rights to the people and limited the rights and responsibilities of the federal government to only those listed (See the Ninth and Tenth Amendments). Indeed, the rights that people think are given to us by the Bill of Rights are phrased that the government shall not infringe those rights, as though they were naturally-given rights, not government-given rights.

    The difference is profound and explains why Americans feel free to do things until they are forbidden by law but the peoples of other countries feel that they must wait for laws to be passed that allow them to do things. This is why so many people come to America for the freedom to implement their ideas. Elon Musk being one example.

  • JWing

    Your comment on the UN Declaration of Human Rights reminded me of the comment Obama made prior to his election in 2008 where he, speaking with the authority of a part-time adjunct constitutional law professor, stated emphatically that the US Constituion was a document of “negative rights.” Hence, his proclivity for legal positivism.

    He showed his hand and contempt of the founders’ genius of intentionally limiting and restricting the powers of the federal government by their explicit wording of the US Constitution. Any rights not specifically enumerated to federal power (“controling legal authority” ala Algore) automatically redound and reside with the states. To top that, the founders initially stated that our rights come from natural law, are unalienable and do not come from a King or the state as stated in our Declaration of Independence.

    Too bad Barry, it’s undenable and required a constututional amendment to change this reality.

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