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Link here. The article is written from a pro-Israeli perspective, but then, we do (or should) support the only democracy and free nation in the Middle East. The final paragraph summaries the events of the past week quite well:

This was a good week for Israel both militarily and politically. Israel continues to charter inroads on the African continent while at the same time, its military stands ready to check aggression emanating from nefarious elements to the north, south and east.

It appears that increasingly, moderate Muslim nations in the Middle East and Africa are realizing that it is in their interest to abandon their blind support of the Palestinian leadership, who has no interest in peace or even allowing any Jew to live. For these nations, the rational choice is Israel, who has steadfastly supported the idea that different peoples can live together in peace, and has demonstrated that position repeatedly. (I need only refer to Israel’s unilateral exit from Gaza to prove this statement, but if necessary I could also reference their peace treaty with Egypt, their exit from the Sinai peninsula, their willingness to supply electricity and other services to Gaza, etc).

I provide this information as a service to my readers, considering that every other mainstream media source seems too busy reading and sending out snarky slanders on Twitter about things that really have little significance.


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  • wodun

    considering that every other mainstream media source seems too busy reading and sending out snarky slanders on Twitter about things that really have little significance.

    It is actually of great significance. What happened over the weekend was a societal shaping moment and the media sided with Democrat bigots. Then this week, the media overwhelmingly sided with all of these overtly biased reporters that lost their jobs. Each tweet is a journalist speaking with their personal voice and it has been highly illustrative of their personal biases and how they shape their professional work.

    It has gotten so bad that even CNN’s Stelter thinks maybe reporters should get off twitter because they are tipping their hand.

    They can’t be honest in their reporting but they also can’t help being honest in their tweets. It is transparency. For some reason, they think everyone is too stupid to notice. Like twitter is their own private list serve. Better that at least some of this is out in the open.

    On the topic, we can see the vast majority of our media sides with Iran and Palestinian terrorists. They refuse to inform the public about current events much less the history of why the conflict exists and the repeated efforts to give Palestinians their own land. They wont even say where the Palestinian people came from. At home, they wont cover BDS protests or the politicians that support it. One need only read their tweets to see why.

    It is very telling that Israel is having greater success working with Muslim nations than they do with Europe, the UN, or the Western media.

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