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Link here. The article is written from a pro-Israeli perspective, but then, we do (or should) support the only democracy and free nation in the Middle East. The final paragraph summaries the events of the past week quite well:

This was a good week for Israel both militarily and politically. Israel continues to charter inroads on the African continent while at the same time, its military stands ready to check aggression emanating from nefarious elements to the north, south and east.

It appears that increasingly, moderate Muslim nations in the Middle East and Africa are realizing that it is in their interest to abandon their blind support of the Palestinian leadership, who has no interest in peace or even allowing any Jew to live. For these nations, the rational choice is Israel, who has steadfastly supported the idea that different peoples can live together in peace, and has demonstrated that position repeatedly. (I need only refer to Israel’s unilateral exit from Gaza to prove this statement, but if necessary I could also reference their peace treaty with Egypt, their exit from the Sinai peninsula, their willingness to supply electricity and other services to Gaza, etc).

I provide this information as a service to my readers, considering that every other mainstream media source seems too busy reading and sending out snarky slanders on Twitter about things that really have little significance.


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  • wodun

    considering that every other mainstream media source seems too busy reading and sending out snarky slanders on Twitter about things that really have little significance.

    It is actually of great significance. What happened over the weekend was a societal shaping moment and the media sided with Democrat bigots. Then this week, the media overwhelmingly sided with all of these overtly biased reporters that lost their jobs. Each tweet is a journalist speaking with their personal voice and it has been highly illustrative of their personal biases and how they shape their professional work.

    It has gotten so bad that even CNN’s Stelter thinks maybe reporters should get off twitter because they are tipping their hand.

    They can’t be honest in their reporting but they also can’t help being honest in their tweets. It is transparency. For some reason, they think everyone is too stupid to notice. Like twitter is their own private list serve. Better that at least some of this is out in the open.

    On the topic, we can see the vast majority of our media sides with Iran and Palestinian terrorists. They refuse to inform the public about current events much less the history of why the conflict exists and the repeated efforts to give Palestinians their own land. They wont even say where the Palestinian people came from. At home, they wont cover BDS protests or the politicians that support it. One need only read their tweets to see why.

    It is very telling that Israel is having greater success working with Muslim nations than they do with Europe, the UN, or the Western media.

  • Cotour


    People recently have asked me about my opinion on the subject of president Trump removing our troops, as he said he planned to do, from Syria. And to be honest the place and the people there are an unknown quantity to me. So therefore I have to rely on other more informed people than I on the subject.

    I have to assume that Trump and some people that surround him have much more information and understanding than I do on the subject and has executed a strategy related to the situation and in the interests of America. Waiting a week to hear some informed opinions I find that this man, Col. Douglas Macgregor, being interviewed on the subject seems to have a reasonable take on the situation that I would tend to agree with.

    Besides this TV interview I heard him also interviewed on the radio and his point was that Trump has shaken up the status quo of the last 30 years of the mostly failed IMO U.S. foreign policy and has now forced the Russians into becoming involved with their allies the Syrians and the Kurds and face off with the Turks. Something that the Russians are really not prepared financially or militarily to do. And that IMO is a good thing for us. This appears to be a good strategy where the forces in the area will find some kind of new balance, and where we are not inserted into a situation where we might no really belong for the long term.

    I hired Trump to disrupt the status quo specifically in Washington D.C., and he has not disappointed me. Please sir, may I have some more? And Trumps ability to see beyond just the short term political consequences of what turn out to be neccessary moves in the interest of our country and actually take action and implement real military strategy to actually fundamentally change things instead of eternally having America bleeding both treasure and real blood of real Americans is also something that I want from my president.

    Time will tell where this all goes but I am optimistic that these moves will work out in the long term in OUR interests and will result in a more manageable and beneficial situation for all involved.

    As a side note: I observe that Trump is very gun shy and very reluctant to willy nilly militarily set things off and spill specifically our own American blood. He prefers diplomatic threats and financial and economic pressures and consequences as his power management tools. BUT, I also see, and I have to assume that our enemies / frenemies the Russians and the Chinese and all the rest of them also see, that if Trump is pushed as a leader and he determines that military force is absolutely neccessary that military force will be overwhelming, focused on being short, and would be deadly and devastating for whom ever is in his / our sights for cause. And knowledge like that IMO for our enemies to possess is a good and useful thing to be aware of.

    Please continue Mr. president, your doing just fine.

  • Cotour

    Nancy Pelosi plays the drama queen. (Because that is all she has)

    “Trump called me a name and so I am now unable to discuss the pulling out of our troops from Syria”.
    “This president is not acting like he is supposed to and therefore he must be impeached”.
    “If he does not play by rules in which the Democrats can win then he must go!”.

    All this coming from someone who is the third in line for the presidency.

    (I of course am interpreting what Pelosi transmitts by her words and actions)

    Like him or not, Sean Hannity lays it all out, and I agree with him.

    The Democrats have absolutely NOTHING, except their existential death spiral. Nothing in terms of any American centric agenda, and nothing in terms of a rational reason to impeach an American president. Someone tell me what American agenda the Democrat party stands for. Anyone? Any Democrat reading this please inform me of what the Democrat party stands for.

    I hired Trump to NOT act as all modern presidents have acted, not to do as we have done to all of our regrets for the last 30 years. Trump is leading, something that most in America are unfamiliar with and are unable to recognize. It makes them nervous.

    THIS IS LEADERSHIP, good, bad or otherwise.

    There are consequences to elections.

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