Recent results from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have found no evidence of dark matter, a result in some conflict with data obtained from several underground research detectors.

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The uncertainty of science: Recent results from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have found no evidence of dark matter, a result in some conflict with data obtained from several underground research detectors.

The mystery here is that there is no doubt that something causes the outer objects in galaxies to move faster than expected. Scientists have labeled this something as dark matter, guessing that some undetected and unknown mass exists in the outer reaches of galaxies, thereby increasing the gravity potential and hence the velocity in which objects move.

The problem is that they have yet to identify what that dark matter is.



  • jwing

    I propose a funding and grant system that rewards true scientific questioning and not vested interest in a scientist’s expertise and “belief in” dark matter. I am sure there are many dark matter proponents that are scrambeling to right grants that contiune funding their reseach into dark matter regardless of the emperical scientific data. It is sad that I used the word “proponents” instead of objective, unbiased, self-sacrificing scientists, but it is undeniable, science today is completely political and in order to advance in the academic research field one must be equal parts advocate, fund raiser and then scientist.
    I then propose a grant and fund awarding system that awards fair-minded, well intentioned scientists greater funding for DISPROVING the highly questionable reaseach and papers. Put the ability for a scientist to disprove a theory on at least equal funding levels as those doing advacocy science i.e. junk science. The rational is clear, this new funding mechanism will save billions of dollars and precious time going down what amount to proverbial rabbit holes.It will advance the known scientific truth.

  • jwing

    Mea culpa, I should have written “proverbial wormhole” as it is far more apropos.

  • Please, not another government “system” for solving our problems.

    On the subject of dark matter, the science is actually proceeding in a very healthy manner, unlike climate science. There are many different experiments trying to answer the question. Some are getting results. Others are contradicting those results. No one is trying to shut down any research because it disagrees with theory.

  • jwing

    I agree with your point. I don’t want any more government intervention, either. I suggest tweaking the current corrupt grant/funding process to balance out the research. While a new scientific theory is being explored and funded, it should not be “top-loaded” from the start to basically shut out any other metholodgical differing approach, other than the politically correct, pop-culture driven, celebrity endorsed and U.N. blessed theory.

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