Redactions in Strzok/Page texts reveal FBI/Justice is hiding something

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Link here. Essentially, the author did a very careful review of the texts between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page during the week in July 2016 when the FBI investigation into Trump-Russian collusion began. What he found was that the many redactions in the texts serve only to hide what was really happening, as well as the extent of involvement in the Obama White House.

It would be interesting to know what is in the emails that apparently clarify how the Obama administration divided responsibility for running the Trump-Russia investigation. Just like it would be interesting to know what is behind all the many redactions in these texts about how and why the Trump-Russia investigation got started.

On what basis has the Justice Department concealed passages and references to government officials from these significant conversations? Are Justice and the Bureau claiming that the redactions are necessary because the information is classified — even though we’re talking about communications between highly trained intelligence officials?

And if that is the claim, are they telling us that Hillary Clinton was investigated — and given a pass — for the unauthorized transmission of classified information by FBI officials who were themselves actively engaged in the unauthorized transmission of classified information?

Based on past revelations, when we finally see what was redacted I expect we shall discover that the redactions had nothing to do with national security and everything to do with hiding malfeasance and the abuse of power by the FBI, the Justice Department, and the Obama administration.


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  • wodun

    This happened a lot during the Obama years. What we never find out is who is tasked with redactions and who ordered them to do it. That people in charge of and tasked with making redactions go along with this shows that what is taking place involves a number of actors in different departments and agencies.

  • Garry

    I assume that Horowicz, the Inspector General of the Justice Department has access to the unredacted versions. If so, and if Sessions, et al have the intestinal fortitude to do what must be done, the aftermath of his reports is going to be epic.

    They keep pushing back the release date; I hope it happens within a month from now.

  • Orion314

    None of this means jack-dung until one of the untouchables is behind bars. 18 months is coming up , and yet , all the bad guys are on book tours and jet setting world wide without inconvenience. Draining the swamp requires some dead alligators .

  • Rick

    The IG report keeps getting pushed back, how long before we hear, ( We can’t release the report because it might influence the election)?

  • Garry

    This afternoon the IG’s report went to the principals for their review. Here is a link to an article that explains what the IG report covers, what the review means, what the next steps are, where Huber fits in, etc.

    I’m very happy that things are moving along, but there’s still a long ways to go. Better to get it done right than done fast. I’l be very upset if it isn’t done right.

  • Garry

    To clarify, this is the IG’s report on the Clinton e-mail investigation. He’s still working on a report on the FISA Court abuse, which is separate.

  • Cotour


    You can begin to see it now, the Mueller investigation will deteriorate into a Water Gate type scenario where the government under the administration of one president illegally spied on its opposition because of the clear and present threat that it presented to their preferred political scenario end game. Knowing that Hillary would definitely be the next president the leadership of the FBI and the DOJ used and abused their powers to help facilitate what they all knew would be happening, the fifth horseman of the Globalist apocalypse, president Hillary Clinton. They did this “knowing” that there was no threat of legal repercussions afterwards.

    Then it will bleed into the long list of associated corruption’s of the legal system by the Democrat candidate and her personal foundation and pay to play operation while the Secretary Of State, then it will bleed into the illegal email communications system and the illegal destruction of evidence by those in the Hillary operation who have all conveniently been given immunity by the corrupt leadership of the FBI and the DOJ.

    And it will bleed into many, many areas of corruption and perversion that not all of the American people will have the ability to process and believe. But that is what lies in front of America and when its all over and those who have perpetrated these many anti American and even treasonous actions will serve jail sentences and will be pardoned for political reasons, it will be good.

  • Cotour

    Anthony Weiner indictment unsealed the other day?

    I.G. Horowitz report to come out maybe tomorrow?

    These two events will set off the cleansing firestorm.

  • Cotour

    And it begins?

    This will reveal all (?) that is on the Anthony / Huma Weiner PERSONAL computer that had the many Huma forwarded Hillary Clinton files on it marked: Insurance. (Read: Blackmail?)

    Also interesting, indictment ordered unsealed, filed in NYS where U.S. Prosecutor Preet Bharara and Attorney General Sneiderman coincidentally are no longer employed. One fired by Trump and the other resigned after being accused of sexual battery and abuse. Strategic? Coincidence?

  • Cotour

    I listened to the Strzock testimony today, I find the legal back and forth chess game between highly trained and experienced defense lawyers and prosecution lawyers very interesting.

    And there was one moment in the questioning that I am not hearing anyone reviewing. Jim Jordan who was grinding Strzock up a bit trying to get some answers about the “Dossier” asked Strzock about Bruce Ohr, #4 man at the DOJ who is married to Nelly Ohr who works for Fusion GPS.

    In his questioning Jordan asks ” Did Bruce Ohr contribute materially to the Steele Dossier, did he hand you any documents?”. And Strzock eventually replied in the affirmative that Ohr in some way contributed to the Steele dossier. This answer seemed to peak Jordan’s interest. Where might that go?

    In the end, Strzock, who was a very senior FBI deputy freely shared his very strong political preference in the negative related to Trump with at least his girl friend who I believe he was senior to and who essentially worked for him and was his subordinate. That alone is inappropriate to say the least. Another Congress woman brought out the irony that Strzock who was cheating on his wife is now working as in the Human Resources office of the FBI. The irony was not lost on the Congress woman.

    Strzock did well enough in the many hours of questioning and tried to reinforce the fact that he was allowed to have and even encouraged to have political views in the FBI but was able to become neutral when running investigations concerning a candidate that he preferred and one that he viscerally despised. That is a bit of a stretch to me. Imagine if none of this were discovered, it makes you wonder what it is that we in fact are not aware of at any point in time.

    The Democrats did well enough in their cross examining and brought up many things not germane to the subject at hand, Strzock and his very unambiguous emails and his position of great power in the leadership of the FBI. They constantly were bring up the fact that Trump had children ripped from the arms of their parents. So there are instances that the Democrats do have a problem when children are ripped from their parents, specifically their mothers? If you get my drift. Seems like a bit of a paradox to me.

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