Refusing TSA sex abuse

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Does this make you feel safer? The TSA last weekend tried to body search an individual after he had completed his flight. The man refused, and walked away.

Last Saturday, Kahler Nygard took a Spirit Airlines flight to Denver to visit with friends. When he departed from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Transportation Security Administration agents patted him down and allowed him to board his flight. When the plane landed, he was singled out and ordered to exit before the other passengers. After he exited the aircraft, TSA agents approached Nygard and demanded that he go through an additional pat-down and a screening of his luggage for explosive materials.

He had already arrived safely at his destination in Denver and simply wanted to leave the airport. After an argument, which can be seen in the above video [embedded below the fold], Nygard refused the pat-down, despite the fact that TSA agents claimed that he would be arrested if he did not comply, and exited the airport without incident. Nygard flew back to Minnesota yesterday without any complications.

Watch the video below the fold to see him successfully refuse to comply with these fascist thugs and leave the airport. They had no justification for detaining him, he had broken no laws, and so they could not force him to comply. He asks politely “Am I being detained? Is that an order or a request?” When it is clear that it is only a request he says he is leaving and walks away.

Had they tried to detain him at that point he would have easily won a court suit for false arrest and police abuse.

Note that this incident illustrates two things. First, TSA security is a joke. This man was on their so-called “no-fly” list (for no justifiable reason) but they still failed to screen him properly before his flight. Second, their attempt to screen him after his flight shows us that airport safety has nothing to do with the TSA’s reason for existing. The TSA serves as a tool of the government to destroy our freedoms and to establish the power of government over our lives. We should stop submitting to this abuse, and demand that it end.



  • ken anthony

    The time to refuse was when they came up with TSA. Everybody should have just refused to fly. See how long those planes would just sit on the tarmac. Instead, we all chose to sit on the back of the bus.

    This is a disgrace that demonstrate how far Americans have fallen.

  • Pzatchok

    I don’t have anything against a ‘do not fly’ list.
    It at least keeps someone from turning a plane into a weapon.

    But if a DNF list is not being checked against when the ticket is bought whats the good?
    I can also see it being added to by a wanted list to keep actual criminals from flying. It would give the cops a better chance of catching them.
    I would also like to see the hospital admissions lists to be checked against a wanted list. They do not refuse service but it does alert the cops that their felon is there. Or even that illegal alien. No ID the cops are alerted and come out to get your fingerprints to make a positive ID, They have to do it for unconscious, no ID, patients when they come in why not the ones who just refuse to provide an ID?

    But everything else about the TSA has been implemented wrong.

  • t-dub

    Your idea turns doctors and nurses into policemen or agents of the government. People will simply find treatment elsewhere or abstain to avoid your system and then you have a human tragedy on your hands. The world needs more healing and LESS incarceration.

  • joe

    With regard to the Do Not Fly list, the sales man who sold engine oil and various other lubricants (all automotive) to our fleet was a man named Richard Reid, same name as the shoe bomber, who is in prison, this salesman is in his late 70’s at the time, go figure!

  • joe

    Anyways, Richard Reid the oil salesman is on this do not fly list!

  • Pzatchok

    Its done that way all over Europe.

    Don’t we want to be more advanced like Europe(as the progs say)?

    And it does not turn them into policemen. It turns their computers into watchdogs.

    Service is not turned down, ever, but their stay might be guarded from then on out.
    Do you want to let a child rapist run free or do you want one more chance to catch them?

    Medical personnel are already required to report other things like suspected child abuse, rape and gun shot wounds.

    If illegals know before they get into the US that as soon as they try to get treatment in a hospital they will be deported they will have one more reason to NOT come here illegally.
    The same with enrolling their children in school or getting a drivers license. And yes they do have options for getting a license.
    Hell in some few locals they even have the right to vote in local elections with nothing more than a bill in their name as proof of residency and in place of an ID.

  • Even the TSA folks know that their positions are a joke.

    I was standing in the Starbucks line at Union Station in Washington DC with a TSA agent making small talk while waiting to have my order taken. He volunteered that TSA stood for Thousands Standing Around.

    Seems about right.

  • DK Williams

    TSA = The Stupid Agency

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