Republican introduces bill to end California space tax

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A state Republican legislator has introduced a bill that would end the special taxes that California’s Franchise Tax Board imposed on space companies last year.

The bill would repeal the space tax formula and exempt space flight income from state taxes, which Lackey contends would give companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and United Launch Alliance an incentive to stay in the state. For example, Moon Express, a startup working to mine the moon for natural resources, moved from Mountain View to Florida in 2016, Lackey said.

In an email, Moon Express CEO and founder Bob Richard reiterated a statement he made last year that the decision to move was “in part due to the state of Florida’s progressive economic development incentives designed to attract commercial space companies.”

Since California has rigged its elections in a way that makes it impossible for Republicans to win, Republicans have little power in the state legislature. I therefore don’t expect this bill to pass.



  • Max

    I do not think that they will lower taxes, California has too many mouths to feed. (most of which live on beach front property)

    The Z man wrote, “Since California has rigged its elections in a way that makes it impossible for Republicans to win”

    The methods used to erase the Ronald Reagan legacy are now being employed in other states like Utah.
    Congressman Jason chaffetz recently quit just after being reelected and jump ship just as we needed him the most as chairman of house oversight and reform committee.
    A special election was held to replace him.

    John Curtis Failed to be elected in 2000 as a Democrat. He became the leader of the Democrat party in Utah County where he decided to run for mayor of Provo “as a Republican” in 2007. In the most conservative city, most conservative County, in the most conservative state in the United States. With the Democrats help he won. (And raised taxes of course)
    He decided to try this trick again in the special election to replace Jason. In the primaries, he came in ninth place.
    A controversial movement was started called “count my vote”. Where a person with enough signatures on a petition can be added to the election ballot. The people were directed to go to two websites to support or to be against this proposal. We didn’t learn till after the election that both sites were run by the same people from California.
    Only registered Republicans are eligible to vote in the race, but Utah County elections officials mistakenly sent congressional ballots to unaffiliated voters, as well. (In a prior election I was sent two ballots)
    John Curtis won the election, the Democrats are pleased. Especially as he told everyone in numerous public forums that he was “unable to support” Trump and chose to write in a candidate instead.

    Today I was listening to the governor and the establishment getting behind mitt Romney running for retiring oral hatches place in the Senate. He has already been chosen for a high responsibility not befitting a junior senator because he has “friends”. They are already rolling out the red carpet and he hasn’t even filed yet. He is still recovering from his prostate cancer. Everyone is wondering why Utah keep sending people that have never lived in Utah to represent them.
    That will be two government officials from Utah openly hostile to President Donald Trump.

  • Lee S

    Jesus H Christ on a bike….
    If even half of what you just described is true…
    Well, from Scandinavia I’m sitting and watching the [deleted] that seems to be the us government today…..

  • Cotour

    Your “Cluster PH33C” (I don’t dare go anywhere near that) I.E. political warfare is the proper way to conduct political warfare, don’t be confused.

    Its your Scandinavian system of “civility” and social welfare that you need to be worried about.

  • Lee S: I have made it clear I do not want obscenities on BtB. I have also stated that changing one letter in a curse word and making believe this hides the fact that you are writing a curse is also unacceptable.

    I have also made it clear that from now on I will suspend anyone who breaks these rules for a week the first time they do it, and ban them the second time. You are now on a week long suspension.

    I should have added that this rule applies to those who have commented previously and are clearly regular readers. I will give newbies a bit more slack.

  • Lee S: I have ended your suspension. I was a bit late in doing it, mostly because of other issues taking priority. Sorry about that. Either way, I hope you do continue to comment, but remember the rules: No crudeness. We are civilized adults here.

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