Republican leadership pushes Democrat-approved budget deal

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Betrayal: Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) has finally released the language of the next short term continuing resolution that would fund the federal government through December 9, 2016, and it appears it was written by the Democratic leadership in the Senate.

As far as conservative priorities go, the bill is a failure. Among its many obvious flaws, it funds the government through Dec. 9—setting up a lame-duck session of Congress. In the lame-duck session, which occurs after the election but before new lawmakers are sworn in, unaccountable legislators are likely to pass a bevy of backroom deals, to the detriment of representative democracy (and, we can assume, to the wallets of the taxpayer).

Even though it only funds the government for a scant 69 days, the McConnell continuing resolution manages to do it at the bloated Boehner-Obama spending levels that were jammed down the throats of conservatives in 2015. In doing so, the continuing resolution sets up yet another spending cliff that will spawn a false panic in the lame-duck session, and lay the groundwork for more “must-pass” terrible deals. In other words, in December, lawmakers will once more have to pass yet another spending bill in order to ensure the government continues normal operations.

There’s more. Read it all. The bottom line is that McConnell has forged a deal that allows Democrats to gloat and Republican conservatives to tear their hair out in horror. No wonder outsiders like Trump and Cruz did so well in the primary season, and why Trump is now their Presidential candidate. The Republican leadership, which still doesn’t comprehend why this happened, also has no idea why the public gave them strong House and Senate majorities in 2010 and 2014. Maybe they don’t care and simply want to cash in quickly even if it destroys the country. Either way, they continue to betray the very people that voted them into power.



  • wayne

    Let us not forget that weasel Ryan, as well.
    – It takes concurrence (collusion) by both the House & Senate to present these bills to their best-friend Obama.
    Handfuls of Conservative Senators & House Members tried to work the rules to thwart all this, but in the end Mitch/Ryan came through 110% to support Obama and punish conservative’s.

    And we can’t forget that Tool, Boehner either. He just inked a 10-figure deal to be a “non-registered, strategic-advisor” for the lobbying group Squire-Patten-Boggs. (China is among their top clients.)
    Far from going home to sip-lemonade on his porch, Boehner fully intends to hang around D.C., and run his Crony deals. (And he doesn’t care who gets elected, as long as he has his new job.)

    “Mark Levin: John Boehner cashes out, joins corporate lobbying firm that represents China”

  • Joe

    The line between Democrats and Republicans gets thinner every day, to the point of, there is no longer any difference, only three that I know of that have conservative values would be Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. The current Republican Party enabled the ACA healthcare Bill and while they did not vote for it did nothing to stop it when you had the three above lawmakers try to fight it, the crony chamber of commerce has done wildly anti conservative things like support illegal immigration and H1b visas to undermine wages and US citizens, and the Republican Party allowed all of it!

  • Joe

    Agree with your entire post Wayne!

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