Republican Senate committee restores all cuts to NASA climate budget

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Failure theater: The Senate Appropriations Committee today marked up NASA’s budget, restoring almost all of the proposed cuts, including cuts to the agency’s climate programs that both the Trump administration and the House had proposed.

The only program it appears the Senate cut was NASA’s planetary program, which they trimmed by almost 25%.

This only provides more evidence that the large number of the Republicans in the Senate are not really Republicans. They certainly aren’t conservative. And it sure appears that they aren’t very smart either, considering that NASA’s planetary program is one of its most successful endeavors.

We shall see how this budget shakes out in the coming months. Overall I am not hopeful. It appears to me that this Republican Congress wants to spend big bucks, and is hell bent on doing it.



  • diane wilson

    Nothing is final until the House and Senate agree on final text.

    That cut to planetary science is going to hurt, though. I could see the end of operations for LRO, Dawn, and Opportunity, for starters, but that won’t be the end of it. One or both of the recently approved Discovery missions could get axed. Forget replacing any communications relay capability at Mars; if MRO or Odyssey fails, we might have a 2020 rover landing with limited or no capability to send data back to Earth.

    The Planetary Society has been very self-congratulatory on their lobbying efforts and planetary science budget increases. Their next space policy podcast should be interesting.

  • Cotour

    Seems like a worth while place to cut:

    “Not only is the planet being zapped with record-breaking heat, according to NASA, warming oceans have already pushed sharks closer to the shorelines in California and elsewhere — potentially setting the scene for a mini-Sharknado, Levin warned.”

    Americans read these story’s and some of them believe them.

  • LocalFluff

    The chief liar, the scientifically disproven doomsday mongerer, keeps on lying about his imaginary deluge:

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