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Republican wins special election in black/Hispanic district in Texas

Is this significant? A Republican today won a special election for a Texas state senate seat in a predominately black and Hispanic district that was won by Hillary Clinton by 12% and hasn’t been held by a Republican for more than a hundred years.

It is dangerous to extrapolate the results from a single state legislative district to the wider nation. Nonetheless, for a Republican to win such a seat in a district whose two biggest demographics are Hispanic and black suggests we might yet see a historic shift this coming election. If the Democrats can no longer depend on these voters, they will find it difficult to win any national elections.

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  • Phill O

    Who would have thought that Ontario would have gone conservative but it happened big time. I am hearing of a revolt in Europe as well, against the liberal open border policies.

    I think this Texas vote may well be a signpost. However, complacency is what has got us into the situations we are in: not only in the USA but Canada and globally.

    This is also a wake-up call for the dems and I will bet the left will retaliate big time!

  • Cotour

    And then you have something like this allegedly going on in Florida.

    I think schizophrenic will be the word that best describes this more local mid term election cycle and the minority population will find themselves at the center of it all. Keeping in mind that we are really too far out from the election to know how things will lay out.

    What effect will the transplanted types from NY that can no longer stand the extreme taxation that they have run from have on this election? The Cubans, the transplanted Puerto Ricans, the Jews, the Blacks, the general White flight from high taxation. Florida will probably be the most interesting state to watch because of the population dynamics that exist.

    Gillum must be defeated as do all “Progressives” need to be defeated. Winning is the only answer.

  • wayne

    Considering how much time, money, and effort the democrat party has focused on Texas, for quite some time [see: I would characterize this win as a good sign. [but, I don’t know the make-up of the area or the specific issues.]

    Q: How many State Senators in Texas?

  • Jason Hillyer

    Awesome, let’s hope these people think for themselves this election…

  • Andrew_W

    Q: How many State Senators in Texas?


  • Cotour: What you cite is a poll. What I have posted about is the actual vote. The difference is very significant.

  • Cotour

    Your citing that vote verifies my contention of several weeks ago (Which you did not agree with and did not think significant at the time) (If you remember) that the Black / minority population will not be able to be counted on as solidly by the Democrats in the coming elections as they did in the past.

    This new trend is a direct result of the age of Trump and the real numbers related to the economy and minority unemployment being at the lowest point in history. The Democrats “owning” of the Black vote may well be over.

    I did not think that I had to point out that the recent poll regarding the Florida governors race was a poll since the election for governor will take place in November. That being said I am suspicious of the polls from Florida, it is counter intuitive and appears to be crafted IMO.

    It is highly unlikely that Gillum will prevail IMO.

  • Cotour: You are incorrect when you say I “did not agree and did not think significant” your position. My point was that I had not yet seen any reliable evidence that you might be right. Polls I do not consider reliable evidence. Anecdotal stories are equally unreliable.

    This vote however is significant and real. Whether it can be relied on however to indicate anything for the larger nation however is still in doubt.

  • Cotour

    Thank you for finding the potential real world indicator and support that may demonstrate that the Democrats may truly be on the road to ruin, which is exactly where they belong. Now let it play out further in the coming elections.

  • Dick Eagleson

    I couldn’t find any numbers about black population percentage in TX state senate district 19, but Wikipedia says the district’s population is 2/3 Hispanic so any possible shift toward Republicans of the black vote in this district is, at best, a second-order issue. The district is one of the poorer in TX, but appears to be majority lower middle class/blue collar. There are about half again as many people in the district with no high school diplomas as there are people with college degrees. The district also has what appears to be the longest single piece of the U.S.-Mexico border of any state senate district in TX. If one is going to speculate about minority attitudes, I’m guessing a lot of the Hispanic electorate in District 19 didn’t care too much for defeated former Congressman Gallego’s backing of Obama-style open borders immigration policy and the Dream Act. The ill effects of rampant illegal immigration, human trafficking, narcotics smuggling, cartel criminality, etc., would be felt first and most strongly by people in districts like this. That may explain all or most of this particular electoral upset.

    It’s interesting that Pres. Trump did pretty well among Hispanic voters in 2016 – far better than the Left expected. Could be the intervening 20+ months of economic revival and immigration tough talk have served to boost Republican credibility with Hispanic voters still further.

  • wayne

    great background factoids!

  • wayne

    thanks for that bit of info. (31 State senator’s in Texas.)

  • Dick Eagleson: The second link I provided gave some good numbers on the district’s demographics. About 73% are either black or Hispanic, with two thirds of the entire district’s population Hispanic. From this we can extrapolate that the black percentage is about 25%

  • Cotour

    There are only two groups of people who religiously support open borders and illegal immigration: 1. Illegal immigrants, for the obvious reasons and 2. The Democrat leadership and their Leftist adherents, for the obvious reasons.

    Not many legal Hispanic immigrants either first or second generation support illegal immigration, this also translates into the Black population who suffer the most economically when illegals are plentiful and flooding the country.

    Trump has purposefully focused on driving the broad economic benefits across the broadest spectrum of Americans resulting in the lowest recorded numbers in Black and Hispanic unemployment numbers. This is a result of him not being a professional politician but instead a practical and rational human being seeking positive results and moving positively into the future. This is by strategy.

    The professional politician has an entirely counter to rational thinking point of view and that point of view often trades away any concerns for real people in the interests of the retention of power in some manner or form. This clear distinction and choice that Trump offers the minority population of America has the potential to free them in so many ways and in the end further destroy their modern day Democrat slave masters of dependency.

    Given the choice people act in their own self interests when it is clearly presented to them. Its not rocket science.

  • Phill O

    It seems to me that the policies of Trump are a means to unifying the racial chasm caused by the previous administration.

    Hence, I can agree with Cotour’s analysis of “their modern day Democrat slave masters”

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