Republicans called Klan members by protesters at Amherst

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During its first meeting this year at Amherst College the local Republicans club was accused of being linked with the KKK (a former Democratic Party organization).

“The perverse equation of Republicanism with white supremacy is now de riguer on the left. And nowhere is the lunacy of leftism more visible than at Amherst College, where a diversity of viewpoint and freedom of expression have long been vanquished.” Maximos Nikitas, an alumni and former Vice President of ACR [Amherst College Republicans] told Campus Reform. “That a virulently racist act was perpetrated at the school should incense any decent human being, but to impute that act to those with whom you politically disagree is vilely dishonest.”

The “virulently racist act” mentioned above was the discovery of a rope on campus, tied in what looked like a noose. Since such recent incidents at colleges have almost all routinely turned out to be hoaxes perpetrated by leftist protesters, I would not be surprised if this turns out to be the case here. Either way, it appears to me that this is another college parents and high school students might consider rejecting.

More important, this illustrates the increasing blind hate coming from the left. Increasingly, anyone who merely disagrees with them is labeled a bigot, a white supremacist, a racist, a member of the KKK, and any number of other slanderous insults. Worse, that blind hate is increasingly turning violent. If something is not done to squelch it, I can see some very bad things happening in the near future.



  • Tom Billings

    Robert Z., what you say about something bad happening if something is not done to squelch this hatred of non-progressives is quite possible. The problem is that for non-progressives to act in doing so is equally likely to start an avalanche, because too many progressives seem to want one. Any acceptance, on college campuses, that are the core of the progressive movement, of non-progressive culture or politics as any kind of norm outside college, is shrinking with every passing month.

    The strategic time for active intervention on campus, from outside the campus, is long past. What is needed is for parents to remove their children from college, and work their legislatures to deny any money to those campuses. Only when their endowment balances crash, because their enrollment walks away, and they are spending their capital on payroll, will they take thought.

    Only when they must deal with the fact that the certification they sell is no longer worth what it once was, will they then search for new behaviors. Only when Trustees remove from control the administrators, Deans, tenured professors, and other hierarchs that have stoked the intolerance of academia, will we begin to see the heart cut from the progressive political community.

    After that happens, alongside much violence, we will see progressivism finally be sent to the dustbin of history, and academics will find that they are paid attention to only when they speak without disdain towards their fellow citizens.

  • The point has been made by many that for the Progressive, epithets have no meaning, unless it’s politically convenient. When the Left hurls insults, the only power in them is in the mind of the recipient. At the management level, Leftists don’t *believe* you are a racist; they just want you to think you are so they can leverage your guilt to gain power. The rank-and-file radicals *may* believe what thay’ve been programmed to say, but that has been the story for organizations since time began.

    Insults and epithets are the incantations the Left uses to gain power through psychological manipulation and the perversion of societal norms. Before being influenced by words, consider source and motivation.

  • Commodude

    When children have already been indoctrinated into hatred for the US by the Zinn history teaching which holds sway in public schools, the bent toward progressive extremism is understandable. I don’t agree with it, but as I deal with two children being “taught” the evils of Western Civilization I can understand how this retains its hold on campuses.

    My daughter and I had a somewhat epic discussion one night about Kipling, her “history” teacher was using one snippet from “White Man’s Burden” as PROOF that Kipling was a racist.

    The outcome of the discussion was light dawning in her mind that educators are full of BS at times. That particular seed had already been planted, but the discussion about Kipling and racism brought it from a seedling to full growth.

  • Mitch S.

    Totally agree with Tom that the universities can only change if they are shunned and starved.
    Totally agree with Blair that the charge of racism has nothing to do with a desire for equal rights, but is simply a club the left is wielding to smash opposition.

    But Commodude brings up something vital that is key to us overcoming the left’s advantage in the schools and media.
    The philosophy the left is pounding into students heads is inherently flawed.
    Some students (those with a chip on their shoulder or who enjoy violence) will be taken into the fold.
    But many (hopefully most) have the sense to detect the fraud if they are given some positive guidance.
    We must provide good examples and be willing to engage in friendly discussion without loosing our cool when they echo some nonsense that was drilled into their head by some professor.
    And we must be PATIENT – plant the seed of doubt and nurture it until it blossoms into full blown common sense.
    It can sometimes take years but we can succeed!

  • Commodude

    Zinn should be purged from the education system. Instead of being treated for PTSD as he would be now, he was heralded by those opposed to freedom and democracy and given enormous amounts of money to push his sophistry.

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