Republicans in the House move to fund the government, excluding Obamacare.

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Republicans in the House move to fund the government, excluding Obamacare.

If the government shuts down because of this budget proposal it will be because the Democrats refused to sign it. It will be because the Democrats would rather keep Obamacare then keep the government operating.



  • JGL

    There must come a moment in time at which a person must make a stand and vote / act in a way that illustrates where they stand as it relates to what they truly believe, come what maY.

    This is that moment!

    The logic certainly exists for the congress, to at the minimum postpone this un Constitutional legislation based solely upon the exceptions that the administration has granted. At the minimum, ultimately it must be eliminated and replaced with a market based solution which includes health savings accounts with catastrophic policies. And PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

  • wodun

    It doesn’t matter, we all know how the media will spin this.

  • JGL

    That how you will know when the moment has arrived, when what the media says will not matter.

  • JGL

    I just read a story about truckers planning to shut down Washington on Oct. 13th for three days. This is an example of how the people need to begin to communicate with their tone deaf, Constitution defying and empowered politicians.

    And then in 2014 there will be more communications, and again in 2016. Some of the most chilling communications directed at the political class will come in the form of the removal of Marko Rubio, John McCain, Lyndsey Graham and many more. Another positive example would be the recent successful recall of two politicians in Colorado for their offenses to the second amendment of the Constitution.


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