Republicans make criminal referrals for Clinton, Comey, Lynch, and others

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In a sane world this would be big news: Eleven Congressional Republicans have made a criminal recommendation to the Justice Department against Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Lynch, and others in connection with a number of different scandals, including the misuse of the FISA court and the Uranium One scandal.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee member Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Florida, along with nine other colleagues sent the letter Wednesday to Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray criminally referring former FBI Director James Comey, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for their involvement in the investigations into President Trump and alleged violations of federal law. FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his paramour FBI lawyer Lisa Page, whose anti-Trump text messages obtained by the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, were also included in the referral.

“We write to refer the following individuals for investigation of potential violation(s) of federal statutes,” states the letter obtained by this reporter. “In doing so, we are especially mindful of the dissimilar degrees of zealousness that has marked the investigations into Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, respectively. Because we believe that those in positions of high authority should be treated the same as every other American, we want to be sure that the potential violations of law outlined below are vetted appropriately.”

If you want to read the letter, go here.

I saw this story on these two sites about two hours ago, and have looked in vain for coverage elsewhere. This could mean that it is bogus, though I doubt it since both sites are generally very reliable. It could also mean that other news sources haven’t caught up. It could also mean that most mainstream media wants to ignore it, because (as operatives for the Democratic Party) they do not want the public to know about it.

Either way, it is very big news when a former Secretary of State and presidential candidate, the former Attorney General, and the former head of the FBI are suspected of crimes. I think we shall find out if this story is real by tomorrow.



  • Noah Peal

    If these individuals are convicted, I wonder if there will be a move to deprive them of their book revenues in so far as their books were involved in their criminal enterprises.

  • Cotour

    Its real.


  • Cotour

    The most important indicator addressee in this letter IMO?

    The Honorable John Huber
    United States Attorney For The District of Utah.

    And lets not forget that the FBI field office in Arkansas has an on going Clinton Foundation investigation.

    These wheels turn slowly but once your tattered clothes of corruption are caught up in their gears there is only one way out, and that is to be processed through them.

    Many will fall on both sides, and it will be good.

  • CC Reader

    As more people in high places get away with crimes, the little people like me start thinking of how they can save on taxes. I also think that two announcements should be made by Trump:
    1.If you are not a citizen and you vote in the next election you will be deported and NEVER be allowed to be a citizen.
    2. If you are a business person and hire an illegal immigrant, your business will be taken from you! I have paid taxes and social security all my working life. Why should a dishonest business person’s employees be allowed to compete with me?

  • Cotour

    In the middle of all of this political intrigue I find this story to be puzzling.

    Why would the pedestrians of Pittsburgh, PITTSBURGH, be so invested in the fate of Mr. Mueller that they would riot if he were to be removed? I can not wrap my brain around this, it makes absolutely no sense to me.


  • Bill

    “It could also mean that other news sources haven’t caught up. It could also mean that most mainstream media wants to ignore it, because (as operatives for the Democratic Party) they do not want the public to know about it.”

    Or it could mean they know the deep state will make sure nothing comes of it.

  • Cotour, let me take a swing at answering your question.

    If you do something and it causes a riot, then whatever you did must have been terribly wrong given the resulting consequences. So, knowing that, I could choose to riot as a tactical strategy to keep you from doing anything that I don’t like. The police are judging what events would activate this strategy and they correctly assess that liberals might choose to use the excuse of Comey’s firing to initiate a riot.

  • Cotour


    Sounds reasonable.

  • wayne

    I tend to agree with that thought. (I know we differ on some stuff, but when you’re right, you are right.)

    There is an excellent analysis of “riots in the United States,” written in the early 1980’s, that is very comprehensive as to cause/effect, prevention/incitement-to, underlying issues/similarity & differences, but I can’t readily remember the Title.

    going further afield….

    “The Zoot Suit Riots”
    (LA, 1942)
    PBS 2002 (so…it has an underlying agenda, but it’s interesting)

  • wayne

    holy cow… synchronicity.
    Cotour, Dougspace, and I, agree on somethin’ !

  • wayne

    Joe Walsh –
    Life in the Fast Lane

    …somebody call me a doctor, I think I’m gonna’ crash, (Dr. says he’s coming, but ya’ got to pay in cash…)

  • Cotour

    And this is where the rubber meets the road:

    The finger pointing, the threats, the lies, the indictments, the coming prosecutorial deals, its all down hill from here IMO.

    Lets review: Comey, fired, McCabe, fired, Ohr, demoted, Strzock, demoted, Page, demoted, and several others in the FBI and DOJ leadership, government employees all, who attempted to “Do the right thing”, you know put Hillary into the presidency because thats what is going to happen anyway and take care of this big mess afterwards.

    And when I say “Take care of” I mean just sweep it all away as if nothing ever happened.

    Just one problem, either God, or fate, or Karma, or the universe itself and their agent, their vehicle, Comey himself made sure that that did not happen.

    The emerging real world trend does not support the political narrative that is presented in the media.

    Then came Trump.

  • Max

    Robert said;
    “I saw this story on these two sites about two hours ago, and have looked in vain for coverage elsewhere. This could mean that it is bogus”

    When my radio alarm clock went off at 3:30MT, to get ready for another 12 hour graveyard shift, Sean Hannity and Knute Gingrich we’re discussing this topic.

    The left is always on the attack with fake crimes in fake scenarios keeping Trump and others off balance.
    It’s time to use the law to prosecute real crimes that have been committed.
    The liberal crime family’s are meeting late into the night to come up with their next strategy because if they do not hang together, they will all hang separately.
    You can expect some terrible false flag events in the next few days. The Democrats have come too far to give up now without a fight, Q the riots, the fun is about to begin.

  • Cotour

    More of where the rubber meets the road.

    Comey on Colbert tells him that there exists documentation that serves up then Attorney General, “Make it a matter”, Loretta Lynch and the FBI has it. (?)

    This is the problem with what Comey is attempting to accomplish, what ever that is, IMO he is ensuring his indictment.

    McCabe will deal on Comey and Comey will deal on Lynch, this is where at least a big part of this thing is going, why?

    Because these are government employees who forgot that they were employees, and there will be consequences.

    Propaganda? Me thinks not.

  • Cotour

    The tip of the ice berg:

    Criminal recommendation from I.G. Horowitz, McCabe is but the first of the many.

    This no longer to be considered speculation or politics, this is now pedestrian.

    Many will fall on both sides, and it will be good.

  • Orion314

    The story has it that people who set themselves up as a corporation under maritime law, cannot be charged with any crime under regular land law that we sheep are stuck with unless it is destruction of private property or physical harm to a person, that is why none of these people like HRC will ever go to jail, so the story goes….

  • Cotour

    Thats quite a story.

    Makes no sense, but its quite a story.

    This entire situation is so complex and multilayered, both local and international and is probably designed for confusion and deflection, but in the end much of it must be sorted out and nailed down and the great reconciliation with the law must occur.

    And Hillary, while she must be forced to indictment and trial will more than likely not spend any time behind bars. She has well established her ill health and will immediately go there when it all lets loose. Maybe house arrest? With a nurse?

  • Edward

    Orion314 wrote: “The story has it that people who set themselves up as a corporation under maritime law, cannot be charged with any crime under regular land law

    It is a nice story, but the reality is not quite that way. Just ask the people who ran Enron.

  • Cotour

    The Democrat party, I will assume that is the DNC, sues, The Russians, The Trump campaign and Wikileaks for conspiracy.

    As the Mueller investigation winds down and comes up with nothing, the DNC, who literally sold itself and its control to the Hillary 2016 for president organization and denied Bernie Sanders his rightful place, talk about collusion, is suing out of desperation to somehow create and maintain a negative Trump / Russia narrative in the media to support their 2018 midterm aspirations.

    Mueller after a year long investigation comes up with nothing related to Trump and the Russians but the DNC must have something.

    This is the tell that its all over now for the Democrats. With the I.G. Horowitz report coming out soon and the DOJ Huber investigation into the FBI and the Hillary email and Uranium One investigations and the FBI field office investigating the Clinton Foundation, I understand well your need for such hollow and transparent actions.

  • Cotour

    Something interesting to consider:

    What if Obama using his presidential power while president has already pardoned Hillary and associates previous to his leaving office? pardoned, Hillary, Bill, Huma, Anthony, Chelsea, Lynch, Comey, etc, etc. and we are just not aware of it.

    Now I did not think of this but it has been proposed as a possible scenario and if that came to be true then that would just re scramble things in the minds of the public to a new and never before reached height.

    Just a proposed scenario, something interesting to consider, something to noodle with.

    In this game of 3D political chess are they already several moves ahead of everyone else?

    And remember, tomorrow, Tuesday is Bruce Ohr’s testimony under oath before the Congress. Will he claim his 5th amendment right not to incriminate himself or even his wife? Should be interesting.

  • Cotour

    And it begins:

    The legal realm overtakes the Political realm.

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