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Republicans offer two meaningless resolutions condemning UN-Israel resolution

Failure theater: Two resolutions, one in the House and the other in the Senate, are going to be offered by Republicans to condemn the UN resolution that declared Israel’s presence in parts of Jerusalem and Israel to be illegal.

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) was quoted by The Hill as having said on Friday he will introduce a measure on Tuesday expressing support for Israel and throwing the “sense of the Senate” behind disapproving the United Nations resolution. “Over the last eight years, the Obama administration has made a series of blatantly misguided choices when it comes to working with our strongest ally in the Middle East,” Moran said in a statement. He added the Trump administration will “have to work overtime to repair the damage President Obama has done.”

Separately, Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) said Friday he is offering a resolution condemning President Barack Obama and the United Nations “for their dangerous anti-Israel actions”, according to The Hill.

Neither resolution will have any teeth. Essentially, they will declare that the UN was mean for what it did, but the U.S. Congress ain’t going to do anything about it.

Obviously, Congressional action might not end with these resolutions, but do not be surprised if this is all these cowards do.

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  • Cotour

    The correction of this Israel issue that Obama in his last days in office, when he was politically non liable for will be driven and rectified by presidential initiative. Period. (I think Trump really would turn the U.N. into very expensive condos)

    Obama and his efforts have accomplished one monumental thing in my eyes, he has further acted to essentially destroy and condemn the Democrat party. Obama continues his ideology, he is going to rectify the actions of the white man (The U.S.A., CIA, the British empire etc) in the world. That really is what this comes down to, this is his counter action to the S.O.M. that those forces practice.

    In a way I have to admire his resolve, and in another way I understand that he is just a little political bitch throwing political bombs in the form of regulations and decrees. He is a lone man standing having a panic attack and tantrum.

    19 days to Trump, what ever that brings will be better than what we have been strapped with for the last 8 years. And for anyone who wants to comment that “you better be careful about what you wish for”. I say stuff it. Anything that was going to happen is going to happen because of Obama’s actions not in spite of them.

    The question remains, what else will Obama do in the coming 19 days to ensure the razing of America? And we count.

  • Cotour

    A rectification is required:

    “Anything that was going to happen is going to happen because of Obama’s actions not in spite of them”. That should read: Anything NEGATIVE that was going to happen is going to happen because of Obama’s actions not in spite of them.

    But Obama will in the long term serve a very important service to America and the Americans that inhabit it IMO. He will serve to reveal the vapid vacuum of validity and constant need to deceive and lie in ways that are sooo blatant and sooo childish of the leftist movement in the world. He will serve to further drive the Leftist movement into the ground where it belongs.

  • wayne

    Jerry Moran- liberty score of 67.
    Dennis Ross- liberty score of 65.

  • wodun

    Obama and his efforts have accomplished one monumental thing in my eyes, he has further acted to essentially destroy and condemn the Democrat party.

    The problem is that Democrats have been anti-semitic for a long time and it hasn’t seemed to bother them in the slightest. I don’t know how many Democrats will be upset by what Obama did but it isn’t likely to be very many. So while it gives people who don’t like Obama another thing to dislike about him, I am not sure it will have any impact on his supporters or the non-voting public at large.

  • cotour

    The Democrats are in a cycle, BUT what the rank and file have until now failed to understand is that while they themselves are Democrats / Liberal Democrats, an American political animal, their leadership has been usurped and is now Leftist / Globalist and they are unable for the moment to tell the difference.

    What has the Democrat leadership done as a response to losing big time all across the board? They have doubled down and reinstalled Nancy Pelosi as their leader and are possibly in the process to installing Leftist / Muslim Brootherhood sympathizer Keith Ellison as the leader of the Democrat party. I say let them continue, they are further destroying their party, at some point (20 years?, 50 years?) the people who vote in their party will be dragged to the reality of their un American folly. I see it all the time.

    The Democrat party is in a definite downward trajectory. I works for me, especially if Trump does have real definable / contrasting consequence built into his presidency.

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